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Food donations are starting to come in! If you're coming to class take the opportunity to get entered into a draw to win your next month of yoga for FREE. All you need to do is bring in a non-perishable food item when you come to class tonight!
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Monday’s are for Kings!

#mealmonday! (My favorite day.) I'm literally hungry about every two hours, and whenever I'm hungry, I eat. I don't try to restrict the hunger to eat at certain times. I work out a lot and I'm busy ALL day long, so I'm exerting more energy than the average person. So, when I'm hungry, I don't worry about my caloric intake. I just try to make sure that about 90% of my meals are healthy and nutritious. For dinner, I made this white wine lemon garlic chicken on top of a bed of rice and a side salad. For salad dressing, I made an olive oil lemon dressing from scratch and threw some veggies on top. SUPER delicious and still a nutritious meal. Yep, it's possible; healthy foods can still taste amazing. Find your favorite unhealthy dish, and find a modified healthy version online! Treat your body to the nutrients it deserves. To top it off, eat a meal with a person you love, and add a glass of wine if your heart so desires. 🍷Happy eating 👅

😋Tonight #missO indulged in one of her favourites, duck neck, with pork chunks, beef heart, beef liver, egg, coconut oil, fish oil, and kefir.😝 #shelovedit #15seconds #mealmonday #secrettoshiny _______________________________________________ Interested in more? Follow @raw_black.white.fawn

Happy #MealMonday here is baked caprese chicken! This one is super simple! I hand cut the fat off boneless, skinless, chicken breast, then cut it into strips, I put it on a baking sheet and cut tomatoes into wedges and added fresh basil on top of the chicken,then sprinkled mozzarella cheese on top and popped it into the oven at 350 until the chicken was cooked all the way through, for us it took about 25 minutes. And your done! If you don't want the cheese as crispy, cook the chicken for roughly 15 minutes and add the cheese so it's melted instead of crispy.
I hope everyone used today to kick start their week, Mondays set the tone, make them count!

Do you have your dinner plans all lined up? Just because you may be going out does not mean you can't eat performance fuel. Get advice from @kinetic_fuel by subscribing to the #RabilExperience and tag us in what you're using to fuel the rest of your night to win a Rabil T! #MealMonday

Tacos aren't only for Tuesday! #MealMonday :
- 🌮 The tortillas are made with cassava flour
- 🍗Crockpot Chicken 🌱 Arugula 🥑 Guacamole
- ...and of course bacon 🥓

#mealmonday What’s on your plate this morning? Studies show that a nutritious breakfast can help boost learning/retention and can control cravings throughout the day. Trade cereal for whole grain/steel-cut oats, pastries and flavored yogurt for plain yogurt with fresh fruit, and breakfast sandwiches for turkey bacon/bacon and pasture raised/free-range eggs.

'Dance, ik heb geen idee wat ik nou op school moet eten.' 'Dance wat is nou een goed tussendoortje?' 'Dance hoe kom ik nou aan m'n vetten?' 👥
Al deze vragen zijn te beantwoorden met deze boterham met mayo en noorse gerookte zalm. 🐟
Je kan hem opspicen met een kruidenmixje en een beetje peper zoals ik heb gedaan of je kan er nog gekke bacislicum blaadjes overheen gooien, het is jouw feestje.
De macros voor deze versie zijn: E 28 🐟 | K 31 🍞 | V 25 🧀
Wat eet jij / raad jij aan om te eten in de pauze van je werk of school? 🤔
Let us know in the comments below!
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Monday’s are for Kings!

Each Monday we will be posting a meal/recipe idea that you can try at home. They will be quick and easy (if I can do it anyone can do It). There are so many great ways to incorporate great nutrient dense foods into your diet with out getting bored so here's hoping we inspire your inner chef!
This weeks recipe is banana pancakes! I've made these countless times and they always go down a treat. They are ridiculously easy to make and you only need 3 ingredients! You can experiment with various topping ideas if you're feeling creative. Let us know how they go!
If you've got any recipe or meal ideas you'd like to let us in on we'd love to share them, so send them through!

Recipe: http://eugeniekitchen.com/banana-pancakes/

Be sure to make sure you're following our Facebook page to stay up to date with posts!
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#MealMonday 🍽
I’m a simple man 😅
My lunch has been the same long before I even started tracking macros
Luckily it fits them 😉
6 slices of bread 🍞
100 - 150grams of meat 🍖
Total macros:
F: 7
P: 57
C: 92

Coming in at 550 calories and looking criminally delicious is this week's #MealMonday! Take 250 grams of chicken, spice things up (hmmm). Add 65 grams of rice and throw some vegetables on that b*tch as well. Et voilà! Give yourself a pad on the back.

Loco Burrito Wrap and Onion Rings #mealmonday #spudhut #bakedjustgotbetter

Dump your boring burger for this healthy bison burger. #mealmonday #fallsfitnation #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthyburger #healthyrecipes

Dinner tonight. Almost forgot to snap a pic before my steak was gone...it was so delicious😋
Tried a new recipe with zucchini and I don’t think that I’ll be making it again🤔
My zoodles turned out amazing though...a little crunch like noodles...no sogginess what so ever🙌🏼
I used a Parmesan type of sauce that was a little sour cream, some cream cheese, half and half and then 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese. The sauce wasn’t bad at all I just don’t think that I liked the combo very well. I’m kinda a veggie snob and when I try to imitate a “pasta” type of dish without the noodles I don’t want to be able to taste the veggie which I could a little too much for my liking🤷🏻‍♀️
All well...all trial and error right😉
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Sweet potato gratin and pork loin are on tonight’s dinner menu. Oh, and wine. 🍷😝 It’s been a bit of a rough Monday around here.
I’ll be sharing this easy recipe soon! It’s a perfect side dish for the upcoming holiday season. Easy + tasty = my favorite kinda recipe
#survivalmode #givemethewine #mondaymood #funwithfood

I love potatoes. I just really really do. I mean does anyone really not like potatoes? Show me a person who doesn't like fries or mashed potatoes? (Weirdos 😝) well, last year around the holidays I was so worried about all the food and sweets that would inevitably come with thanksgiving and Christmas that I started creating a list of foods I "shouldn't" eat. Potatoes was on that list. I told myself that potatoes were too full of carbs and off limits on thanksgiving. Have you EVER heard of a thanksgiving without potatoes?! But I was so obsessed with my weight and body image that I was blinding myself to what healthy truely was. Well this year I'm not swearing off and not obsessing over the upcoming holidays. Instead I'm taking all the classic thanksgiving favorites and creating healthy and easy recipes to enjoy! Are you worried about the holidays? Let's start enjoying and stop obsessing.
Now back to business--- if you love potatoes (and I KNOW you do) you have to try the WORLDS BEST Rosemary Garlic Potatoes. 😍 (link to recipe in bio)
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Yes, hello, YUM. Poke all daaaay. My #mealmonday today is going to be a restaurant suggestion. If you live in San Diego, try out Ki’s in Solana Beach! Such delicious food and oh so healthy. Yummy food AND an ocean view. What more could you ask for 🤷🏽‍♀️. Happy Eating! 😋

Today marks the second day of multicultural awareness week 2017! Tonight, there will be a special event featuring Narrative 4 which is sure to be unforgettable! Today is #mealmonday and we are featuring different meals from around the world. In the first picture you will see: Klippekrans from Norway, Swedish Meatballs from Sweden, meat Pies from Australia, and Chicken Parmo from Middlesbrough England. In the second picture you will see: paella from Spain, halloumi in Pitta from Cyprus, Pate from the U.S Virgin Islands, and Mofongo from Puerto Rico. Remember to register for the Intercultural food festival on Friday by following the link https://orgsync.com/160176/events/2126147/occurrences/5085031

Abs are made in the kitchen... and my kitchen is fullll of good healthy options!! Happy Monday and I️ hope everyone has a wonderful productive week💪
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#MealMonday 🍽
Had no actual protein source until I found this ham in the fridge 🍖
Decided to put it in the oven... best thing ever 👌🏻
Great alternative for bacon! 🥓
Currently bulking so you know I’ve got to add cheese 🧀😇
Total macros:
F: 22
P: 49
C: 68

Meal Monday 🍴

Day 1: Trying to get my body in shape for Summer.
Low GI seed bread (fuller for longer)
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Meal Monday!! Baked chicken with steamed broccoli and peppers!! 💚☀💚☀ #mealmonday #monday #empoweringppl #believeinyourself #beyou #shine #inspire #youngsexyindependent #fitnessfanatic

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