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Been 3 years since we did a couple routine. Yes I miss it. A whole lot.
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HipHop foundation class every Tuesday only in @limkokwing .
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Check out this short video of MDC's class and training, made by @fahimabdullahh !
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It's with great pleasure to share with everyone that MDC Dance Crew won first place at the D'Dance Dance Showcase Competition Volume.4 at TARUC! Follow @mdclkw for upcoming dance projects and for the love of dance! #mdclkw #dance #ddance #ddamcevol4

23rd April 2017. My first competition with the crew - a day I'll never forget.
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It's all love when you learn how to share . Class on every Tuesday 630pm to 730pm .
follow @mdclkw
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Excited to share with everyone!! Strike #2 for MDC Dance Crew! We won the grand prize at the recent 'Just Dance 2017' Dance Competition in UKM!! Huge thank you shoutout to all those who had supported us! Hoping for more stuff to come! #mdclkw #dance


Our 2 month journey for Clash Of The Kingz 2017 has finally ended! Even though we did not get a top3 placing but it was all worth it. For us tp have gotten this far in such a short period of time is such an incredible thing! We would like to thank everyone for all your support and love! More to come from MDC in the future!! #mdclkw #cotk #clashofthekingz #dance #dancelife #passion #genesisiscoming

Would never wish to have journeyed through this with anyone else but you guys. Every drop of sweat and tears was worth it. And our bond only got stronger. Here's to leaving more footprints and inspiration wherever we go and I can't wait for what's ahead of us!
#mdclkw #genesisiscoming

23rd April 2017. My first competition with the crew - a day I'll never forget.
#cotk2017 #mdclkw

We completed our journey in #cotk2017 grand finals yesterday .
Thank you firstly to Dato @tiffaneemarielim , for always helping us and supporting us since the beginning . Much love .
Thank you to our supporters who came and shout their lungs out for us . Your support gave us the extra push when we were dancing on stage . Thank you to the rest of the mdc members , #limkokwing dance club students , the families who came , the friends who came and the talent office staff who came . Thank you !! Thank you to @seagog for mixing and editing the song for us . He is the man that helped us for the mix . Shout out and much love to you .
Thank you to @lkwfashionclub
For the dope clothing !! Thank you to @exodusdancecrew for constantly supporting us and giving guidance to us . Much love to yawll !
Thank you God above all ! We will come back stronger !! #potd #mdclkw

- The Will of Fire -
It's been almost a year I'm in @mdclkw . Thank God for actually giving me an opportunity to lead and guide this crew . Towards these whole time being with yawll , inspired me back in dancing . As time progress , i considered all of you as my family . We may not be born with the same blood but that doesnt matter at all . What truly matters is , we share the same love towards dancing . The joy of expressing ourselves . Most of you all , JUST started your journey in dancing less than a year . With no professional training at all , look at how far you have come . Don't be sad that you didnt get placing in the Grand Finals . You all have made it to the GRANF FINALS . Its already something . Standing on such huge stage with few of the country top crew crews is already an honor . I am very very proud of each and everyone you . Remember my words . Do it for God . THANK HIM for his blessings and guidance . Do it for your families and friends . Never do it for JUST you . No human can live a life worth living without love .
Cheers to more in the future . This is just a starting for you all . Much much love .
THANK YOU to all #mdclkw supporters . Battlers . Family members . LimKokWing staff and students . Thank you for the amazing cheers and screaming . Bows*
A big shout out to my crew . @exodusdancecrew for the advise and support that they gave to MDC . For my main crew Exodus . LET US CONTINUE TO WORK HARD ON OUR DREAMS AS WELL BROTHERS .
Thank you to @seagog for the amazing music . Without your dope shit editing skills , its really hard to pull a good mix through . MDC thank you brother .
Thank you to Dato @tiffaneemarielim and @lkwfashionclub . Dato , thank you for pushing us and supporting us so much . We will continue to represent and strive bigger . Bows*
Its time to hit back to the lab and study . Work harder than before . Signing out . Aaron Lee .
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Thank you to our very very big family for coming all the way to support us in finals!
💕 It's okay that we didn't get any placing, the chance itself was an award already.
In less than a year, we have jumped waaaayyyy higher than our minds could have ever imagined. Never in my life would I have thought I'd be a part of something so tight, so familia.
We trained hard, for 2 months we grinded. Just because we didn't hit TOP 3 doesn't mean it's a failure. We hit limits, limits we never thought we'd come close to. We've tightened our bond, and we've shown everyone what MDC is capable of.
Let this be the genesis of a force to be reckoned with. 😏
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Make sure to come support us as well as the event tomorrow!
We're very excited to show off what we've got. See you there!
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It's tomorrow ! :D
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Some of us from MDC performed at the Bangsar Shopping Centre Beauty and Fashion Week under Limkokwing Fashion Club!
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Today on the really really shaky catwalk with ma gurls 😂
Performing @royalfamilydancecrew Kiai's routine along with a few other routines of our own.
@mdclkw @alyssanicole1222 @sheensprout @annurhazeeqah
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@mdclkw and limkokwing dance club organize a mini dance battle during cultural festival and this was my little judge showcase . Had fun dancing . It felt good to be free with the music . Thank you to my amazing team which made the event a successful one . Much love <3
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THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!! MDC will be competing at the Grand Finals of Clash of The Kingz 2017 dance competition this coming 20th of May! Come one come all!!! It will be a night full of awesome dancing and great fun!

COTK 2017 Grand Finals :
20th May, 7pm, Mega Star Arena.

#dancelife #dance #passion #mdclkw #cotk #clashofthekingz #streetdance #dancecrew #malaysiandancecrew #mdc #genesisiscoming

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