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Hoje com elas😚😍👌👌

Hoje nosso Impacto Fire acontece na Praça da Estação para declarar que Fortaleza é de Jesus. #redefire #ibnamontese #mda

Some unused #drugbarz: “Ok, dont wanna spill the beans, but, the baggy's bloated,
Dolce Gabana pills are clean
‘Nough to have me floatin’,
Yup, these tabs we dosin’,
This stuff is madly potent,
Disrupt this happy moment
And get struck and badly choken,
Just huff this magic potion:
Vicks, plus this tablet broken,
Split, crushed to fragments,
Sniff dust, imagine oceans,
Stagnant motion,
Sit frozen
get stuck in traffic,
This rush is lavish,
Disgustin’, yet such an average discussion...” Back when whiteout was whiteout. Heavy into #MDMA and #MDA. Greatest drug there is if you ask me. Changed my life. But, anyway. There’s more and there’ll be more.
#workinprogress #whiteout #whiteoutgotu #haightboredp #dawksuice
#pillsburyflowboy #angelpagantheoxymoron
#makaveliescapeplan #whiteoutresurrection #whiteoutresresuscitation #lyrics #bars #hiphop #rap #plur #peace #love #unity #respect #peaceloveunityrespect

“I came home from work today to this lovely shirt that I love oh so much! I feel like Love Your Genes is a brand that will work for everybody & that's why I'm so happy to be supporting & cheering people on for their differences. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I'm a outcast. Like I'm always the last resort just because of my appearance of being in a wheelchair. Well, let me tell you something...... we are all different & unique in our own way & that's what is going to create a difference & change in this world. We are all in this together. If you want a shirt like mine or a beanie, check out @wheelchairrapunzel.co & click on the link in their bio. I love supporting a brand that spreads continuous positivity & love. ❤️💕” -Ashley

"Gli amici sono quelli che ti aiutano a rialzarti, quando le altre persone neanche sapevano che eri caduto"
#friends #music #band #today #mda #like4like #instalove #l4l #friendship #divertimento #fun

Porquê Deus fez isso?

Deus queria libertar o seu povo da escravidão que sofriam dos Egípcios, mas endureceu o coração de Faraó para não deixar o povo Dele sair. Hãn? Como assim?

Talvez Deus não queria mostrar para Faraó que Ele era o único Deus, mas também queria mostrar para o seu povo.
As pragas não foram somente uma forma de mostrar o seu poder à Faraó, mas foram para refrescar a memória do seu povo que o tinha esquecido.
Talvez levar ao deserto por três dias faria o povo se lembrar?
Talvez abrir o mar seria suficiente?
Talvez brotar água fresca das rocha para saciar a sede?
Talvez uma coluna de fogo a noite para aquecê-los?
Quem sabe uma nuvem durante o dia para refrescá-los?
Talvez as codornas quando eles ja estavam fartos de maná caindo do céu?

Não, nada disso foi suficiente. Em um breve momento de ausência de seu líder o povo vai lá e faz um bezerro de ouro para adorá-lo.

Sabe o que foi suficiente?
A morte de uma geração inteira, para que somente a proxima geração, aquela de Josué e Kalebe conseguissem obter o tão sonhado título, o tão sonhado lugar que mana Leite e mel.


The opportunity is waiting on you and you are waiting on the opportunity. What’s it gonna be? 🤷🏾‍♂️ #invest #mda #mackdelfino #turnup #music #rnb #marketing #consultation #lead #guide #knowledge #teach #promote #hardwork #results #feedingtime #olympic #startup #local

Our Own Jasmin is going to jail BUT got a good cause! ⠀
You can donate to MDA on her behalf at:⠀
#goodcause #charitywork #mda

Don't be afraid to fail if it means learning something from it.

Wence is wearing her Love your Genes beanie today 💛 She’s rocking it 😍 We can’t wait to see more faces rocking LYG. Don’t forget to send us a pic of you rocking your LYG gear & use our hashtag #lygmovement Happy Saturday! 💗link in bio ✨

@westcovinafire supporting MDA! Come out and visit us today and tomorrow! At the Eastland shopping center and Westfield Mall! #mda #fire #firefighters

We are now selling shamrocks to raise money for the MDA!
JoAnna is the daughter of our stylist Celia Campbell. JoAnna was diagnosed with Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive disease that will cause her muscles to progressively waste away. JoAnna cannot jump, run, or climb stairs. She sees many specialists for treatment. The MDA helps cover all the costs of these visits and helps her get much needed medical equipment. Please consider donating $1 to help support a member of our Blue Duck Family. Thank you!
#MDA #mdashamrocks #evansvillesalon #evansvillesfinest #eisforeveryone

SEXTA FEIRA tem cine 💙 com as duas células juntas 😍
#mda #celula

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