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お値段詳細などはDMにて。お問い合わせお待ちしております。#Mcdonalds #McdonaldsToys #Hamburglar #StoreDisplay #90s

Love this ring from Polly pocket that you could get in a happy meal from McDonald's. So simple and so sweet. .
#90memories #90sgirl #happymeal #mcdonaldstoys #polly #pollypocket #originalpollypocket #miniaturepollypocket #mevintagetoys #plasticjewellery #vintagetoys

สนุกสนานกันใหญ่ 😆 #snoopy #mcdonaldstoys #mcdonaldsthailand #toys

"The Dog is the eleventh of all zodiac animals. Learn why Dogs are honest and loyal, the truest friends and most reliable partner you'll ever find." #happynewyearofthedog

🎶 The toys are back in town 🎶
Halfway into this morning Harrison asked out of nowhere, "Mom, we've been cleaning EVERY DAY so why don't we have our toys back yet?!" ——————————————————
Almost 6 weeks ago the kids got their toys taken away because of their inability (and total refusal) to clean up after themselves. I felt that no matter how many different ways I had tried to teach them, and no matter what consequences I threatened, they wouldn't even try to clean up after themselves. It became easier to just give in to their tantrums and clean the mess myself than deal with crying and yelling. Playing maid obviously got old quick. The final straw though, was the day they decided to dump all their toys out of their toybox, take it apart, fill the bins with water and slosh that mess back to their rooms then play "pool," all the while splashing water all over the place. (For those wondering where their absent mother was while all this was going on-- I was downstairs and trusted them when they specifically said "we're not playing pool party." #MyBad #ShouldHaveKnownBetter) ——————————————————
#MeanMommy grabbed a big ol' @heftybrands trash bag and took (almost) all their toys away-- I left out @lego and @playdoh, took the opportunity to throw out all their junky #DollarTreeToys and #McDonaldsToys, and hid the rest down in the basement. Today —{[SIX WEEKS]} later— is the first time either kid has asked me for their toys back. Also worth mentioning is that when asked-- Harrison couldn't even name A.SINGLE.TOY he missed. Dad asked which one he wanted back and he couldn't think of anything he *wanted* or even needed in order to have fun, he just happened to remember that there was STUFF somewhere in the house that he must be missing out on. ——————————————————
We agreed that if he cleaned his room he could earn back a few toys. Apparently "a few" means 7. When he took his toys straight up to his toybox he discovered 2 extras that must've made their way in there from cleaning up around the house in the weeks since #TotalToyTakeover... He brought me the extras and said, "Uh-oh Mom, 9 is too many."
I think we all learned a few lessons from our experience #LivingWithLess

✨How cool are these McDonald’s toys?! Disney Masterpiece Collection - These were released in America with McDonald’s happy meal in the 90’s✨ they look like little videos (vhs) ✨ #Disney #disneyuk #ifinddisney #disneymasterpiececollection #masterpiece #disneycollectors #mcdonaldstoys #disneylove #disneyobsessed #disneylife #disneystyle #mcdonalds #disneygram #90s #disneymagic #vintage #retro #vintagedisney #happymeal #pocahontas #theswordandthestone #cinderella #snowwhite #robinhood #thearistocats

Как потерять два часа?

1) купить Хэппи Мил в Макдональдсе;
2) выбрать мальчиковую игрушку для девочки, думая, что она ее не сильно заинтересуете;
3) показать ребёнку игрушку и понять, что она может управлять ей только частично, то есть стрелять умеет, а вставлять стрелу - нет;
4) вставлять стрелу после каждого выстрела, пока ей не надоест, чтобы избежать дикой истерики;
5) посчитать, сколько на это ушло времени: 15 секунд от выстрела до выстрела помножить на 4 (1 минута) помножить на 120 (2 часа)= 480 раз
6) повторюсь, я вставила стрелу 480 раз. 480 раз, Карл!!! ➡️🗑 How to lose two hours of your life?

1) buy a Happy meal at McDonalds;
2) choose a boyish toy so my girl won't show much interest;
3) give her the toy and realize that she can fire off, but not load the gun at the back of the toy;
4) load the gun after each shot to avoid huge meltdown;
5) count the time wasted which is: 15 seconds shot to shot (4 shots make a minute), multiply by 120 which makes 2 hours of time and 480 gun loads;
6) I repeat , 480 shots!!! ➡️🗑 #mcdonaldstoys #toddler #facepalmmoment #wastingtime

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