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Who would like to see this as an #NFLDraft choice? I believe #AJ #McCarron’s got some talent, but will be picked up by another #QB-needy team. #Andy #Dalton is doing a pretty good job, but won’t last us forever. I think #Baker #Mayfield would be a good #Draft pick for an Andy Dalton backup, and possibly a starter.
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• Hoping the next few games will look like this! • 🔵⚪️🔴

Now do y’all believe me? A LINE IS NOT THE ANSWER FOR #ANDYDALTON I promise you. If you wanna talk run blocking with this group sure... go head (I actually think #westerman is the answer at center and move #bOLing to LT... and were top 15-10 easy... Fisher comes back also) But telling me that dude didn’t succeed because of a line you need to scroll back on all the clips I showed y’all. Dude is not lit. He’s a good QB with Shakey feet and an erratic arm. So with that said he’s still worth 2 first round picks. They won’t trade him but they should... #bills and #browns make that trade right now I promise you. They won’t but they should. You could draft the next QB then retain #mccarron and head into camp with a high first round draft pick (#connorwliams or #derwinjames) in addition to a first round QB and go into 2019 with 2 FIRST ROUND PICKS! A new coach would’ve moved em (Dalton traded). They would’ve cut the film on and say 🤬 2015 and they will see what I saw. A Qb who is gun shy and highly inaccurate. 30 Years old and at the perfect time to move him while his stock is still high. They play him 2018 and he’s trash again or he gets hurt all his value is gone. The history of the NFL says he’s worth 2 first round picks. #robertgriffiniii got 3 first rounders. #rickmier got 2! And there are 15 trades far worse. He’s a bum but he’s a proven starter for a team with playoff hopes... not #championship hopes. Period. (Thanks @andrew.cantrell13 )

Just found these tucked away in a random box. Pulled these back in 2014. #mccarron #freehim #cleveland #browns

For all the #mccarron questions... pending arbitration and other grievances going on there is a real chance #ajmccarron comes back. They will use a #second round tender as a #RESTRICTEDFREEAGENT on him I’m sure. They would retain him and if they didn’t a team would have to match the offer and if they didn’t the #bengals would get a 2nd round pick for him. Even if he stays and no team matches they still would have the ability to trade him before the season or before trade deadline. The new coach is a big big key in this ordeal. Cause I’m telling you now if it was me. I would trade #dalton instead get a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK (if you think that’s not real you have bumped your head. Unhealthy Bradford got a first and 4th. RGIII got 3 first round picks and think about it we got a 2nd and a high 3rd for #ajmccarron a non starter). I would then take that extra 1st and draft the lineman you all are crying about we need first round along with the new QB with our original 1st rd pick. (even though it’s very clear you need to go into free agency for O line this year for sure) and run with #mccarron and the new Qb into camp. It’s very easy to do. There are 6 teams that would give you a first round pick for #Dalton right now. Our new offense should look like the #Rams next year and you only need 200 yards passing a game maybe less on a #joemixon led team. This is the most attractive job in the #NFL to me .... #mccarron is key. We either get another second round pick or we roll with em like we should’ve all along.

Alright let’s forget what I said before about Kizer. Things need to change quickly. I know that some rookie quarterbacks struggle but some of them end up with a lot of success as well. I still like the idea of Baker Mayfield. Although remember when we tried to trade for Aj McCarron? Now let’s face it. As much as you guys want Dorsey to trade for Alex Smith that’s just not going to happen. We have a lot of draft picks and I trust John Dorsey to make the right decisions. If he doesn’t pick any quarterbacks then I definitely suggest Aj McCarron. Plus he’s still young he’s only 27. So to end the Kizer era I suggest two quarterbacks which are Baker Mayfield or Aj McCarron.
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Much better. 😈

Thanks Mom 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ #Christmas #mccarron

Unfortunately theres 2 games left to our season and all We are playing for is pride and evaluation. So why not put in some young guys/backUps To See what could Happen? But no. Marvin Lewis has already said that A.J. Mccarron will NOT start the final 2 games. -
To me this is BS. This is basically pre-season for us at this point. Mccarron deserves a chance to prove himself, we could be getting rid of the next great QB. Maybe he wont start but maybe get significant playing time if Dalton doesn't perform well? Whats your Opinion On This? - - - -
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No #Mccarron 😢

Y’all gotta come to these #livestreams I swear this the best part of my page now. #ajmccarron for #PRESIDENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #2020 😩😂😂😩 #DaltonLovers are like the CIA I swear if something goes bad they will take u out somehow and pin the loss on anybody but Andy. Those #daltonlovers are clever as 🤬 but I love them too! But hey here some exerts from a crucial part of the game (oh stfu zim 😩). The game was 0-34 and guess who had 9 mins left and was gonna will his team to victory ?!??? U damn well know who!!!! 😩😂😂😂😂He would’ve did it too but #MarvinLewis is a #daltonlover too...he was hating on #mccarron even as #ajmccarron gives off the most glorious handoff you will ever see.🙌🏿🙌🏿 #zimwhodey live streams will turn your anger into smiles. I kept the entire game on my page. You get some time check it out. #WHODEY!!! #THEHANDOFFHEARDAROUNDTHEWORLD 🤷🏿‍♂️🌍 (I had to add emojis and lol’s so #daltonlovers understand the satire & sarcasm of my post 😒😒😒 #whysoserious )

I was editing a video and stumbled across one #Instagram never let me post for some odd reason. I had to cut the intro and etc. I remember I was very optimistic about the season after seeing us manhandle the packers for 3 quarters.... but guess what happened? An #elite #qb came to the party with a bad offensive line and crashed the party. #rodgers is back this week. Watch him elevate. Anyways #HAPPY 500!!! To the #GOAT 🐐🐐🐐@ajgreen_18

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