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ไม่คิดเลยว่าเรียนป.โท แล้วจะยังได้เจอเพื่อนแท้💜 #BLmasterdegree #บลจบโทแล้วค่ะ #MCA17 #jaijai #นี่ยังไม่ครบนะเนี่ย cr: @ixnore

ลุคส์เด็กแนว ตามประสา เบลล่าแสบซนคนน่ารัก ได้ทุกลุคส์เลยสาวน้อย หน้าสดของนู๋ ใส่อะไรก้อน่าร๊ากก #bellacampen #jiranee_pantip #mca17 cr. noobible


Out of all of the emotions I could feel right now, this one is the one that I feel the most.
40 students, included myself, were selected to participate in a mission trip to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other cities in Israel for the next 12 days at no expense.
On the list of the multitudinous amount of experiences that I have been blessed with, this one jumps to number one.
There are no words that can come together to accurately express my gratitude... Anxious to learn. Excited to discover. Grateful to experience... this time, in the Holy Land. #MCA17

Celebrating one crazy good year at UEA:TV #ohuea #myfavepeople #mca17

วันสุดท้ายของการเรียน ที่เหลือก็สอบไฟนอล สอบประมวล วิทยานิพนธ์ #แค่นี้เอง #ปาดเหงื่อแพร๊บ #mca17 #jctu

Surrounded by love #MCA17 #jaijai #BLmasterdegree #บลจบโทแล้วค่ะ cr: color minds photography


Attending the Miss Earth catwalk show tonight #misscontinentsaustralia #MCA17 #missearth

Best way to end a not so nice week! #MCA17 #misscontinentsaustralia

Very excited to see a package waiting for me when I got home today! #misscontinentsaustralia #MCA17 #juniorfinalist

Funding your professional development can sometimes be a challenge. Many music teachers are considering their plans for the upcoming school year, specifically concerning budgets. Your budget should include a professional development activity, and the best one for music teachers is Music Conference Alberta. But how do you get that funding?
Read our guide on how best to do this. We also have many other resources for administrators and parent organizations that you can use to your advantage. #MCA17 http://ow.ly/jhLi30dVykY

We cannot assume that everyone in education knows why they should value #musiced. We need to educate not only our students but the community in which we work. #MCA17 presents Irene Nordheim, an administrator who is a Phys Ed graduate who learned to deeply value #musiced. She is currently the Assistant Superintendent in the Louis Riel School Division. Prior to that she was an administrator at many schools.
This session will focus on promoting music programs and how music teachers can avoid shooting themselves and their programs in the foot when it comes to dealing with administrators and colleagues.
Learn more and register at www.musicconferenceab.ca.

Double-Reeds are a class of their own, so #MCA17 has a session dedicated to them! Warrant Officer Benoit Parent and Sergeant Selina Kuo (pictured) of the Royal Canadian Artillery Band will present tips on hand placement, posture, embouchure, creating quality sounds, repertoire, troubleshooting issues that frequently arise with young players, and care and maintenance of double reed instruments. Delegates will also be treated to a performance by Sgt. Kuo and WO Parent.
To learn more, or to register, go to www.musicconferenceab.ca.

This year at #MCA17, Hussein Janmohamed, a Toronto-based collaborative choral perfomer, composer, speaker and music facilitator, hosts three sessions perfect for the issues of the day in the choral classroom. Hussein’s music explores the sonic intersections between faith, culture and community in a plural Canada.
"Canada 150 Choral Counterpoints: Beyond the Musical Buffet" addresses how we might re-imagine choral music through its inherent capacity to foster community, communal ethics, issues of exclusion and inclusion as a result of diversity, empathy and tolerance, to be an active bridge and pathway for addressing some of these issues beyond the 'international musical buffet.'
"Choral Repertoire of the Muslim World" discusses published and unpublished choral music of the Muslim World addressing definitions of choral music, music of the Muslim world, and ethical-musical issues that may arise when presenting the music.
"Composing Choral Identities: Collaborative Composition in the Choral Classroom" offers ideas for choral collaboration in the classroom as a way to develop repertoire, build composition skills, create soundscapes, cultivate cultural conversations and build bridges across difference.
Learn more and register at www.musicconferenceab.ca.

Edmonton pianist and Canadian contemporary music expert Sylvia Shadick-Taylor will be hosting both a masterclass as well as session "For the Love of Canadian Music". She will work with instrumentalists and singers during the masterclass, focusing on how to approach the interpretation of the work and how to understand the composer’s communicative ideas within it. The 2009 Ambassador of the Canadian Music Centre will also address ways that performers can develop partnerships with composers to their mutual benefit, and will share various resources to find Canadian repertoire.
For more about our sessions or to register, visit www.musicconferenceab.ca. #MCA17


ได้เจอกันแล้ว #fujisan #japan
#mca17 ได้มากับ #mca22 เฉย 😘😘

จบมาซักพักนึงเพิ่งจะได้ถ่ายด้วยกัน....น้องเบล😏😏 #mca17

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