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Chi parla tanto nn vale niente..🖤👀#mc17 #nero #occhi #tatuaggio #napoli #sempre #molto #coperto

A body with infinite amount of options require open, complex tools with infinite amount of potential. This or that trendy stretch, technique, exercise will never hit the mark that studying movement will. Just a small glimpse of exploration from this morning at one of the classes in Movement Camp 2017. For info on our upcoming events in China, Brazil and Europe, check out the link in bio. #movementculture #movementcamp #idoportal #mc17

✨The most magical night of my life ✨ 👑Crowned Miss Cork 2017👑 thank you to @orlaclancy92 #MC16👸🏼 Firstly I would like to congratulate each and every girl single girl in #MC17 they are the loveliest bunch of girls I could have ever wished to share my experience with. Congrats to @rachelpunchx @zoesohun and @laurhourican for runners up ❤️ I would like to thank @mrdavidkelleher for the most wonderful opportunity and everything yet to come! The two role models @bailey_christinaolliffe and @_foodie_fit for absolutely everything ! I can't thank the judges @brendasbitontheside @eims03 @rachidzaouia and Michael Mulcahy enough for choosing me to be Miss Cork 2017 . Thanks so much to my sponsor @emfitnessnutrition , @loveversofashion and @silkpeaches for my stunning dresses , @sohobarcork for hosting the after party and launch night , @insanitytan for my flawless spray tan @thesaloncork for those bouncy curls and @essence_cosmetics for the generous goody bag .I also Sincerely thank @kearysmini @solo_hair_design and @bodyfuelz .Lastly I couldn't have done it without the warmth and support from my dearest friends and family , looking forward to the year that awaits me ✨ #MC17

MC 17.18 logging in... 💫 #AIESECforSerbia #MC17.18 #NatCo109

14 of 23 👸🏼 #MC17 @misscarlow

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Some beautiful moments that appeared in last year's camp through the practice.... * Isolation as a tool to attack weak links in the chain - great, but the other side of the coin: we are now fragmented in our attempt to MOVE. Our body, intention, voice, breath, input and output should be thrown back into the crucible of a unified body in motion. * We often think of certain postures as tangible cause we codified them but forget that all snapshots of a moving body can be explored and treated similarly. Don't just let tradition dictate your focus and interest. You make your own Asanas. * Creating cultural context for study, practice, evolution and... being is no less important than the movement practice itself. Movement cannot be separated from this context.
Application for this year's camp-> link in bio. #movementculture #movementcamp #mc17 #idoportal

先日開催されたWIRED MUSIC FESTIVALでのMUSIC CIRCUSブースにて‼️Abema FRESH!で放送中の番組「AWA Music」の取材で、IMALUさん ( @imalu_0919 )、JOY(@joy.official )さん、ZiNEZ(@zinez_kamikaze )さんが来てくれました♪
#madeinjapan #osaka #dancemusic #beach #festival

Congrats to my man Doc here on finally graduating! Took long enough #mc17


Congrats to my man Doc here on finally graduating! Took long enough #mc17

Chi parla tanto nn vale niente..🖤👀#mc17 #nero #occhi #tatuaggio #napoli #sempre #molto #coperto

Éste fin de semana tenemos faena. Nos movemos hasta Antigüedad (Pa) para ir dando comienzo a la temporada tras el pistoletazo de salida.
#MC17 #musicalcompass #verbena #orquesta #giradisfru10

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