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#vans #darkfantasy #mbdtf 👑🗡🐻

Can we get much higher? #mbdtf #mybeautifuldarktwistedfantasy

Hell of a life. 🥀#mbdtf

Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy United #kanyewest #mbdtf

Coming home to a Kanye themed bathroom >>>> @teamkanyedaily #yeezy #yeezyseasons #uhhuhhoney #mbdtf #marriagegoals


"Sick addiction.." #YeezyTaughtUs #Ye #teamkanyedaily #MBDTF thank you, thank you to Mrs. Z Gallerie herself @yvette_villa ❤️you!

Keeping the theme going with #MBDTF hand painted Yeezy Season boots by @breonm_

Baby, I got a plan. Run away fast as you can. [outro]
#MBDTF #runaway #onrepeat #masterpiece #kanyewest


My boy pretty like a girl

This quote is an interesting way of addressing modern day issues in racism. Kanye is using a "black name" to tell how black people are treated unfairly in the criminal justice system, and in this case, how they get more jail time than a white person. As for the second part, if you have ever been to an airport i'm sure you have seen people payed special attention to because of their race. I think this is a really genius lyric👏🏿👏🏿🙌🏿

Lost in the 🌎... #mBdTf

#vans #darkfantasy #mbdtf 👑🗡🐻

Y'all sleeping on ya boy had a good snooze?


Around this month 6 years ago I got into two artists that got me into hip hop, Kanye and Eminem.

Kanye West's College Dropout was so incredible to me. At the time I hadn't heard any hip hop albums like it with its sole beats and Kanye honestly speaking from his heart. He wasn't a thug, or sold crack, he was a college dropout. He was more relatable to me and rapped about subjects I didn't notice can be brought up in hip hop, such as religion. I swear when I first heard his song "Jesus Walks" I was amazed and had heavy replay. His music had a message throughout, talking about school, self esteem, and not being what society restricts you to be. No music prior to Kanye had taught me values like those. Kanye taught me to love myself and be myself. And the beats were some of the most unique beats I've ever heard.
Kanye made me realize there were no limits to hip hop. He taught me about song writing and structure and made me view hiphop songs not from just a rapping standpoint, but from the overall music standpoint, how the sonically the song feels and if it connects to you.

Back when kanye wore vans with "I wish I could talk to my dad" written on them...

⚠Favourite Kanye album?
Me personally, I love My beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I have only recently started getting into Kanye's music, and this helped me really see how talented he actually is. I love Graduation aswell, but this takes the cake, and to be honest, I believe that it's one of the best hip-hop albums of all time.
His flow and delivery on the album is great, but the range of emotions that the album expresses is something else. The album has victorious and cheerful songs such as "All Of The Lights", depressing and thoughtful songs such as "Runaway". All of the songs are atleast decent, with most being amazing. And yes, although it is the most popular song, and possible over-played, "POWER" is still my favourite of the album. What's yours?
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