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Pool Ready #MB2017

Legs day huh😎 #comingsoon #MB2017

Before joining Mr. Bachelor 2017, I had doubts and thought to myself "what if I can't do this?" but with the help of people who believe in me, that question of 'what if' turned into "I can do this"; a simple statement yet so powerful that I reached something I never thought I could achieve.
All this success can be credited to my friends who never gave up on convincing me to join because they believed more than I did, that I am built for this industry; of course, to my family thank you for standing by my side, watch me grow, and pushed me to reach my potentials, I love you all.
My manager, Madamme Cassandra, from playing in the court to strutting on the pageant stage, thank you for being patient with me, for being the mastermind, and simply for being a great friend. This is just the beginning, there's more to learn, let me thank you now in advance. 😁
And lastly to the @mbpiorganizationofficial and the judges, I am deeply grateful for paving my way towards a dream come true, for this experience and how this will open opportunities for me. Maraming Salamat.

One thing I learned from all of this is don't ever doubt yourself. You will be suprised with what you can do when you start believing in what you can achieve. Grazie ancora e Dio benedica tutti.

Mr. Bachelor 2017 - Mister Friendship, Mister Social Media
Mr. Bachelor 2017 2nd runner up
Mister Tourism World - Italy 2017

Bom demais 👯🍻💥

Indonesia dikenal sebagai negara bahari dan kepulauan terbesar di dunia.

Potensi ekonomi dari lautan Indonesia inilah yang kemudian mendorong Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan untuk melakukan berbagai upaya dan cara untuk meningkatkan pengelolaan di sektor perikanan, sebab tak hanya menguntungkan para nelayan dan petani ikan di Indonesia, namun juga menciptakan peluang bisnis baru di bidang kelautan dan perikanan.

Beruntung saya dapat menjadi bagian dalam masyarakat yang akan mewujudkan cita cita Indonesia sebagai poros maritim dunia.
I'm Salsa Tara Aska ready to be part of maritime bussiness PPNS 2017
#Vivatbisnis #wearetheassets #mb2017 #ppns #success
cc : @mbppns


Yellow tangs for days and days! I don't think I could ever get tired of snorkeling 🌊🐠🌴 #MB2017 #hawaiihoneymoon

Another great vacay 💯‼️
#sushi #sun #sharks #vodka #bffs #mb2017

O Grande dia é amanhã, estamos todos muitos ansiosos e sabemos da sua capacidade e do seu brilho, pois então te digo que não deixe ninguém apagar ele. @jumueller fique tranquila, dê o seu melhor, acredite e tenha fé, que tudo irá sair como você planejou!
Nesse mundo existe muitas pessoas maldosas, afim de fazer algum mal ou te prejudicar de alguma forma, isso é super natural para quem tem brilho próprio.
O #teamjumueller te parabeniza desde já por sua força de vontade, pelo seu desejo, pelo seu desempenho, por sua beleza, pelo seu carisma, humildade e todos os atributos que você possui e que nos conquistou e que nos conquista cada dia mais!
Saiba que estaremos sempre aqui contigo, estaremos te apoiando do começo ao fim, você é foda garota ❤❤❤👑👑 #teamjumueller #mb2017

Obs: (@missbrasilbeemotion será transmitido ao vivo as 22:30 na BAND. )

Also on the ones and twos we'll have the @blkidtwins 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 So nice had to do it twice!

Little under a month away from event date, get your ticket now! Limited quantities available!
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Pool Ready #MB2017

Beautiful this morning!

Mikey exploring a lava tube 🔦🌋 #MB2017 #hawaiihoneymoon

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