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Day 31: Splash
Rob always thinks I'm mad but what's the point of a beach day if your not going to get in the water!? #splash #ocean #funwithmybabies #gettingintheshot

Day 31| splash #maytheforcebewithyoubandj for the last post for Maytheforcebewithyou I post baby Nancy being bathed by her brother. Our kids have always loved the water and bloody love swimming. Thank you for joining in and commenting on Maytheforcebewithyou I have loved seeing and reading your posts. Keep an eye out for a Junebugbandj if you got peace/enjoyment or creative stimulus from doing a daily post. I have done it since March and it's a really positive part of my day xxxx #booneyandjess

Day 30: Categories
My biggest pet peeve is putting people into boxes. Stick around long enough, listen hard enough and be open to challenge your own judgements and perceptions and the world and the people in it are much more exciting and complex then we first see and there is more that links us then separates us, with each of us endlessly fluid.

#categories #fluid #boxes #dontdefineme

Day 30| catergories#maytheforcebewithyoubandj the game Catergories - or what we Raws call Boys name girls name

This is an awesome big grp game- get the people you're with to pick a letter at random
Each person of the party can choose catergories e.g. Human Bone, river, chocolate bar, flower, insect,make of car, board game, food, animal, actor/actress, flower, cocktail, comedian, author etc any catergory, you can have really niche and obscure ones too!
You then give an agreed amount of time to everyone in the room to write down an answer to these catergories beginning with the random letter of the alphabet supplied. After time has run out points are given- 2 Pts for an answer no one else thought of and 1 pt for a shared answer.

Day 28 | in your blood. #maytheforcebewithyoubandj All these things run deep x x x x #booneyandjess

Day 28: In My Blood
Was going to skip today as my first thoughts for today's topic were very negative but moments ago there was a huge downpour and Bella jumped in the air and screamed 'I'm going outside in the rain!' I'm watching her jump around looking so very happy. Her love of rain she gets from me. It's in our blood :) #dancingintherain #downpour #rain #wellies #brolly #inthegenes

Yesterday's Day 27: Free Wheel
This is basically something I need to do alot more of. I'm generally tense, over anxious and like to over plan, over prepare, over complicate and over think every scenario and if I havn't I panic.
#freewheel #relax #wingit

Day 27| free wheel #maytheforcebewithyoubandj came camping completely unprepared for the turn in weather! We have been free wheeling it and it's working...so far...let's see how tonight goes 😬#booneyandjess #brassmonkeys #packingproblems

Day 26| campfire 🔥#maytheforcebewithyoubandj it's my brother Jake's birthday today he has inherited my dads skills as fire starter and both are certified pyromaniacs! Fires tune me into the warmth the light the people around it, I love the way peoples faces look around the fire how the light is orange and shakey! The sounds of cracking and popping, the smell of a camp fire is incredible. It's a communal cuddle a group healing. Last jesstival we stayed up until the early hours chatting singing and laughing then eventually rolled into our tents with the smell of smoke thick in our hair. Fires are and have been a big part of our family - love love love a fire. #campfire #booneyandjess

Day 25: Desire
Everyday what I desire is more time to do these. #takeabreak #relax #alonetime #desire #slowdown #embracethebeauty

Day 25| desire #maytheforcebewithyoubandj devouring a full English every morning and a full Scottish highlander every night! I've just made myself laugh out loud typing this 🤣😳🥓🍳🥃🏔 #desires #outlander #greasyfryup

Day 24: Ice-cream van
I don't know anyone that loves shoes like ickle gorgeous Ivy. She even has the perfect pair to chase the ice-cream van down 👟🍦 #ice-cream #pinkjellies

Day 24| ice cream van #maytheforcebewithyoubandj I love this sculpture so much 'Melting Ice Cream truck' by Orest Keywan

Day 23 | Ginger #maytheforcebewithyoubandj a watercolour I can't finish...😔

Day 23: Ginger
One of the funniest things ever ... if you havnt heard it check it out:
Prejudice https://g.co/kgs/
#prejudice #timminchin #ginger

Day 22| Song #maytheforcebewithyoubandj a song for summer

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