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LA Art Show Booth # 136. Opening night gala Wednesday Jan 11th 7-11pm.
Painting by Kim Wiggins @_wiggins_
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart @laartshow

We are adding new works to the website weekly, view the "New Arrivals" tab for a quick overview. (Link in bio). Shown here is one we just added by Serge Marshennikov @sergemarshen
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

2016 Year in review.
June 2016: Small Works Group Exhibit
Painting by Joshua LaRock @joshualarock (sold)

#thenewbreedoffineart #maxwellalexandergallery

Sneak peek 👀 @todorovitch
LA Art Show Booth # 136. Jan 11-15, LA Convention Center.
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart @laartshow

One year ago I announced my first showing with @maxwellalexandergallery
It's been a fantastic year by every measure. Thanks so much, to Beau, and to all the collectors who've given so much support.
Cheers to the next one!
#oilpainting #maxwellalexandergallery #westernart #artshow

Annie Oakley by Andy Warhol
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

The Black Friday Under $1,000 exhibit will be sold online only through our webstore: maxwellalexandergallery.com/shop

11/25 11am PT. No pre sale. First come first serve. All original artwork priced under $1,000.
Painting by @katiegwhipple

#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

Congratulations to David Kassan (@davidkassan) on his Draper Grand Prize Award at the 2017 Portrait Society of America conference. Painting: "Love and Resilience, Portrait of Louise and Lazar Farkas" "The goal of this series is to really represent truth and authenticity; not just a pretty picture, but one that is a historical document, a testament to the experiences and full lives of Survivors of the Shoah. To make something meaningful outside of myself. to disappear as the artist so as to not get in the way of the Survivors themselves." #maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart


Another one for my show at Maxwell Alexander Gallery opening August 19th. "Back Country" (16x20 cropped but SOLD) #maxwellalexandergallery #ericbowmanartist #backcountry #westernart

A reproduction of MANN's studio on display in the gallery now. Open til 6pm DTLA: 421 Colyton St. Los Angeles.
Installation by @blacklotusclothing and Jeremy Mann @redrabbit7
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

We are a proud owner of a sweet Jeremy Mann. Painting that is. The piece above his head. Couldn't be more thrilled. Jeremy is such an awesome talented artist and just as awesome and interesting as a person. So passionate and knowledgeable. Check out his solo show @maxwellalexandergallery and his badass work @redrabbit7 #jeremymann #artshow #maxwellalexandergallery #fineart

On display Wed-Sat 12-6pm through Aug 12th.
Jeremy Mann @redrabbit7 OPUS 27 in collaboration with @blacklotusclothing
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

Jeremy Mann OPUS 27, on display through Aug 12th. Open Wed-Sat 12-6pm.
421 Colyton St. Los Angeles CA 90013.
@redrabbit7 @blacklotusclothing
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

OPUS 27 on display Wed - Sat 12-6pm through August 12th.
@blacklotusclothing @redrabbit7 #maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

421 Colyton St.
Los Angeles CA 90013

International collectors now welcome to the 6"x6" oils available by Jeremy Mann. Check them out in our webstore. maxwellalexandergallery.com/shop

#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

Available now in the shop link on our website. 6"x6" pieces by Jeremy Man. www.maxwellalexandergallery.com

#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart @redrabbit7

Did a bit of gallery hopping this past Saturday with my wolfman, and was so happy to run into so many lovely friends in the art community (especially being such a hermit all the time...) 😍🎨 We both truly enjoyed taking in both the gorgeous @redrabbit7 solo show at the @maxwellalexandergallery, as well as the amazing @coprogallery Heavy Metal show- so much good artwork to be seen! (PS- thank you to my Boo @altamakeupart for giving me that Becca glow! ✨✨✨) #art #artist #saturday #latergram #gallery #datenight #couple #fashion #redhead #makeup #coprogallery #maxwellalexandergallery #love #instagood #musician #becca #lightchaser

The Jeremy Mann 6"x6" oil paintings are now available for purchase in our webstore. www.maxwellalexandergallery.com/shop

#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

Available today at 12pm pt on our webstore. Six, 6"x6" oils by Jeremy Mann.
@redrabbit7 costumes by @blacklotusclothing
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

These six 6"x6" oil paintings by Jeremy Mann will be released for sale TODAY at 12 noon Pacific time. To purchase, visit our website (link in bio) and click the SHOP button at the top of the page.
Only buyers with a USA shipping address can purchase. Sorry for any inconvenience to our international clients.
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart @blacklotusclothing @redrabbit7

So much to experience in Jeremy Mann's solo show. See it wed-sat 12-6pm through August 12th.
#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

Funny how I see @peachmomoko60 and Yo more now that I live in LA and they live in Japan than I did when we were all in Portland. Amazing night full of art and friends with @henrylewis77 #peachmomoko #heavymetal #laart #dtla #santamonica #alwayslearning #oldfriends #newfriends #jeremymann #oilpainting #newperspective #maxwellalexandergallery #opus27

Last night's show was awesome! @redrabbit7 and @blacklotusclothing KILLED it! 🖤They used sets and live models wearing the gowns and accessories that were used for the paintings, which were stunning! Congratulations to the artists, gallery, and staff who put on an amazing show. Special thank you to Beau Alexander for your graciousness. 🙏🏻 #redrabbit7 #jeremymann #blacklotusclothing #maxwellalexandergallery #dtlaartsdistrict #fineart #swipeleft @cynthiamcmillentracy 🤣

A special thank you to the hundreds of people that came out to last night's opening for Jeremy Mann's solo exhibition (in collaboration with Christina Molcillo). Thank you to all the crew that spent all week setting up the installations and helping to make this one of our most successful shows.
For those that didn't get a chance to attend, the show will be up through August 12th. We will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 12-6pm. 421 Colyton St. Los Angeles CA 90013

#maxwellalexandergallery #thenewbreedoffineart

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