What are you doing posting pictures of yourself?
Well, the fact is: The larger your audience grows, the more opportunities you have to engage with other users and create unique experiences with them.
35% of People are continuing to use social media as their contact reference for brands.

I have made so many new & wonderful friendships, collaborations, and even given an amazing opportunity to be part of a world wide competition! ♡
I’ve always dreamed of being in a magazine @maximmag being one of them!
So when this opportunity came to me, I applied to the contest. After getting the good word that I made it through the preliminary judging panel naturally, I was ecstatic! I was so happy and excited that I just wanted to share this with EVERYONE! ◕‿◕

How are people going to vote for me unless I promote myself on all my social media?
By creating visibility and awareness it is the only way to get discovered. If I truly want to get more votes I have to let people know where to find me @talbakker ; ) ♡
So I’ve been working really hard at making sure my Instagram account is listed with the website and other social networks in order to find & vote for me. ✓✓✓ ♡
By posting pictures of myself is not only representing me to which I am trying to grow as a brand but that I’m trying to grow my @1blushingvixen as well. •Can you imagine someone comes across one of my platforms and sees that I am also an entrepreneur as well, and needs my service?! How great would that be?! ☆☆☆ A M A Z I N G ☆☆☆ ♡
Yes I have big goals & big dreams and yes I may be late to the game but that doesn’t need to stop me! 🏁

So I ask you if you’ve read this to the end, please give this a like, and encouraging comment or even a share (press the kite looking arrow) it would all help me out.♡♡♡
@talbakker | Photo: @photobyastral | Creative: @iam.phina | Mua: @mua.she | .
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Ослепительная anita__ross в моей новой футболке.

If a woman ask u something, be honest , cause she already knows the truth

Por fin la nueva edición de Maxim Colombia. Mayo. @lagaita en portada 🙌👌🙌 | #empoweredwoman #classy #style #editorial #magazine #viajes #travel #maxim #maximgirl #sexy #girl #editorslife #picoftheday #TB

Foto: @camilovillabona
Arte: @devorahgoldd
Maquillaje: @vanelope1_mkp
Video: @pinkflamingophoto

La bella @jeimmygarzonsa nos contó sobre sus gustos y tú podrás conócerlos en www.maximcolombia.co (link en la bio)

Ph: @archangelphotostudio

#MaximColombia #Magazine #ChicaScoop #MujerMaxim #MaximGirl

Bella y empresaria así definimos a @jeimmygarzonsa ¿tú cómo la defines?

Ph: @archangelphotostudio

#MaximColombia #Magazine #ChicaScoop #MujerMaxim #MaximGirl

Te presentamos a @jeimmygarzonsa nuestra #ChicaScoop del mes, conócela ingresando en www.maximcolombia.co (link en la bio)

Ph: @archangelphotostudio

#MaximColombia #Magazine #ChicaScoop #MujerMaxim #MaximGirl

Daddy’s girl 📸 @steaphoto85

Muchas gracias a @maximcolombia por hacernos parte del teaser de su edición de Mayo-Junio con un preview exclusivo de nuestro nuevo single #MODELIA.
Y en portada la bellísima y talentosa Carolina Gaitán @lagaita. ¡Esta brutal!
Pronto en todas las plataformas digitales.
Este mes déjate cautivar por nuestra #MujerMaxim @lagaita
Video: @pinkflamingophoto
Canción "Modelia" de @mercurymusica

#MaximColombia #Magazine #MujerMaxim

@camilovillabona - Aquello que todo lo abarca no puede tener opuestos 💥 @lagaita 💥@maximcolombia M&H @vanelope1_mkp Arte @devorahgoldd #maximgirl #blackandwhite

Aquello que todo lo abarca no puede tener opuestos 💥 @lagaita 💥@maximcolombia M&H @vanelope1_mkp Arte @devorahgoldd #maximgirl #blackandwhite

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