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As far as radical maxillectomy is concerned the classical Weber Ferguson incision has been routinely used since age old times and still is being used widely due to its advantage of excellent exposure and minimal scarring as the incision . follows the natural skin lines (maxillectomy and early reconstruction with plate for resection of aggressive juvenile ossifying fibroma) . برداشت ماگزيلا در يك بيمار مبتلا به توموراسيفاينگ فيبروماي جوانان. @maxillofacialtips resection#JOF#maxillectomy#maxillectomy#platereconstruction

Baş asistanimiz @onurryilmazz , total maxillektomi yaptı, kendisini kutluyorum. #malignmelanoma #maxillectomy #ktu #maxillofacialsurgery #oralcancer

🤓A, A total palatectomy specimen following resection of an invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the right lateral hard palate (right side, inferior). B, Fibula (osteocutaneous) free flap with vein graft. C, The palate 6 months following completion of radiation therapy. It is closed, and osseointegrated implants have been placed in the fibula. D, Dental rehabilitation is complete, with implant-borne prosthesis in place. E and F, Postoperative results, showing good anterior arch and midface projection.
بيان ساده:
بيمار مبتلا به نوعي سرطان در فك بالا بوده به همين جهت فك بالا كلا قطع و خارج گرديده است(A). جهت بازسازي قطعه اي از استخوان نازك ني ساق پا با متعلقاتش (B)در محل قرار گرفته و ايمپلنت همزمان شده است، و بعد از شش ماه راديوتراپي در تصوير C مشاهده مي كنيد كه ايمپلنتها گرفته و نهايتا كاري دنداني برايشان انجام شده است.
💫فيلم نحوه برداشتن صرفا استخوان ساق پا يا فيبولا رو قبلا فرستادم ميتونيد ببينيد.
Arch Facial Plast Surg.
#scc #maxillectomy #implant #fibula

On my dentistry specialty and oral surgery rotation this month, I was able to assist with a maxillectomy surgery! #veterinarytechnician #vetmed #radiology #maxillectomy

Part of the maxilla removed because of a myxoma by @maxillofacialtips. A myxoma is an uncommon benign odontogenic tumor arising from embryonic connective tissue associated with tooth formation. This tumor consists mainly of spindle shaped cells and scattered collagen fibers distributed through a loose, mucoid gelatinous material. Patients affected with an odontogenic myxoma generally notice a painless, slowly enlarging expansion of the jaw with possible tooth loosening or displacement. As the tumor expands, it frequently infiltrates adjacent structures. Maxillary lesions frequently enter the sinuses and at times (though rarely) cross the midline to the opposing sinus, while mandibular tumors often extend into the ramus. Growth may be rapid and infiltration of neighboring soft tissue structure may occur. Both the buccal and the lingual cortical plates of the mandible may expand occasionally. Treatment of this lesion depends on locular involvement. Small unilocular lesions have been successfully treated with enucleation and curettage followed by chemical bone cautery. Multilocular tumors must be treated more aggressively due to their recurrence rate. When dealing witt a multilocular myxoma, resection of the tumor with a generous portion of surrounding bone is required. When associated with teeth, their removal is necessary. Because of the gelatinous nature of the tumor, it is crucial for the surgeon to remove the lesion intact. The patient has to be followed up regularly and no signs of recurrence should be observed for at least 4 months. #maxillectomy #mondays

Recovered my account for the nth time! Phewww gotta keep an eye out for autologouts next time 😉 im back yo.
#grosspathology #maxillectomy #scca

It's a "bone saw in dentistry" kind of day.
#workdogworkshard #maxillectomy #bloodfest


Feeling better and better each day🎈🐾 ... patiently waiting for pathology results 🙄

Squamous Cell Carcinoma. This is a patient with SCCa of anterior maxilla. We performed a wide local excision (partial maxillectomy) to remove cancer entirely. The defect was closed with buccal fat pad (pt will require definite reconstruction in a later time). Placement of an obturator (partial denture) was performed. #omfs #oralandmaxillofacialsurgery #oralmaxillofacialsurgery #facialsurgery #facialcosmetics #facialcosmeticsurgery #cosmeticsurgery #headandnecksurgery #reconstructivesurgery #northsidehospital #atlanta #squamouscellcarcinoma #cancer #oralcancer #headandneckcancer #headandneck #maxilla #maxillectomy #neckdissection

Yesterday I got teeth! In March I lost three teeth when I had the operation to remove the tumor from my palate. Yesterday I received my new obturator that has my new teeth on it.

It took me a while to share a picture with you of my obturator because it was too intimate at the time to expose this part of my journey with you.

Now I am at a place where I am able to share what it looks like with you. My obturator is the removable device I need to wear in order to speak articulately and eat/drink without things coming out of my nose. It is a gift to me and to all the others who have had similar surgeries.

I am sharing this picture with you as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving. On the outside people may appear well but on the inside people may have wounds invisible to the eye. It is these invisible wounds that may impact a person's heart and therefore impact the way they act.
This is why living out love and kindness is so important. Everyone is dealing with something, it may be visible, it may be invisible. We need to remember that our words can be fuel on the fire in people's hearts or can help defuse the fire in their soul.

My hope in sharing this is that we may... Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And when interacting with others, from family to strangers, may we honor each other's visible and invisible wounds.

Imagine the difference it would make in the hearts of others, and in the world, if we saw everyone as the wounded warriors we are and treated one another with love and kindness.

With love and hope,
Shawn "Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves." - Romans 12:10

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Up and about today 🙌🏼
My hoomans hid all my toys and I can’t find them 😒 #nochewingallowed

This little one lost a quarter of her jaw and 8 teeth today. She’s taught us strength and resiliency, nothing seems to get her down 💪🏻! Hugs, kisses and snuggles the rest of the week❣️ Thank you for your well wishes, love and support 😘💙🙏🏻 #FLAF

On my dentistry specialty and oral surgery rotation this month, I was able to assist with a maxillectomy surgery! #veterinarytechnician #vetmed #radiology #maxillectomy

Adenoid cystic carcinoma (AdCC) is the most common salivary-type carcinoma, and the second most common sinonasal malignancy overall after squamous cell carcinoma, and it represents 10–18 % of all sinonasal malignancies.
AdCC usually occurs in the maxillary sinus or the nasal cavity.
The treatment of AdCC is surgical resection varying from lateral rhinotomy and partial maxillectomy to total maxillectomy. Surgery may be combined with radiotherapy.
#adenoidcysticcarcinoma #surgery #sinus #sinussurgery #maxillectomy #tumor #sinonasal #malignancy #radiotherapy #oncology #headandneck #ent #cancersurgery #cancer #iums

Oldukça düşündüm bu resimler hakkında. Çünkü geçen gün @drguldenavci ile birlikte yaptığımız tümör ameliyatının resimleri var. Resmen yaşlandım ameliyatta.😊O resimler tıp profesyonelleri içindir. Bilateral maksillektomi sonrası vertikal rektus abdominus flebi ile onarım yapıldı. Allaha şükür ameliyat sonrasında da gülebildik. Daha erken ama şimdilik işler yolunda. Ellerine sağlık Gulden. #plastikcerrahi #rekonstrüktifcerrahi #estetikcerrahi #plasticsurgery #reconstructivesurgery #aestheticsurgery #maxillectomy #maxillatümörü #malignmixtümör #salivaryglandcancer

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