Enjoying my fam hol and loving the fact i can get onto inflatables! This is a non scale victory that never even crossed my mind but is amazing. I very rarely would have used inflatables before and if i did i would have had to get someone hold it whilst i awkwardly get on from outside the pool...and i wouldn't dare move once on it. Now i can get on it in the pool without any help and move about on it and have a carry on with my kids making precious memories 😍 #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #nonscalevictory #mawlife #familyfun

There Are Two Types Of People In This World.... People Who Bring Others Up By Puttin Work Into Themselves. People Who Feel The Need To Put Down Others To Feel Better Bout Themselves. This Is Something Moma Said And Will Stick For The Rest Of My Life 💯 🔻Legends Lead By Example🔻
This Picture Is a Day Out From My Last Show. What Has Changed From then? I quit smoking cigarettes quit smoking weed, more sleep, nutrition timing is even tighter. There always something you can do for yourself to change things for the better 💯
It Starts With You And Your Life!🐘
#mawlifestyle #mawlife #legendnation🔻 #nosmoke #workgrindhustle #startedfromthebottom

Beautiful Thing About Life Is You Can Become Who You Wanna Be 🦁
Invest In Yourself, Put In Work And Watch The Universe Give Back 🐘

Oh and Once In Awhile Say Thank You Universe, yes I’m on that spiritual shit 😆

#thankyouuniverse #spiritualawakening #workgrindhustle #godsplan #legendnation🔻 #mawlife

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Til your good is better and your better is best! #stayfocused #MAWLIFE

I’m left with the coats and seats while the boys get the beers.... #mawlife #wineisonitsway

Let’s Shine Some Light On This Young Mans Transformation 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. @nickbloos
My Man came to me looking for answers unsatisfied how life’s been treating him and Realizing he had to change to protect the things he loved most. This Man Stared Addiction And Failure Straight in the Face and Got What was His! Found balance when there was none and Pushed forward while knowing the work that he’s put in during the day is only gonna better himself for tomorrow!! Couldn’t Be Anymore Proud Of You Brutha Your A True Soldier And Role Model 💛!! Remember Legends Lead By Example!! 💯 Let’s Keep Bringing The Family Up Brother 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Freedoms What We’re Fighting For 🐘🌊 #legendnation🔻 #mawlife

SUCCESS, requires a longer journey then people anticipate or are willing to endure. There are days of passion and sleepless nights of worry. There is so much exhaustion, fear, temptation to quite at every turn. People laugh and judge and point. Still, honour the struggles in life. Know they will come. Greet them with awareness, knowing that they have been placed before you by a divine hand to challenge you to learn, to appreciate others, to transcend yourself, to RISE. #MAWLIFE

who are we somedays 🤷🏾‍♂️ #MAWLife

Go follow me on @spotify
#KiddDreadd #Mawlife

Excited for the bro @kwami_fit_life. As he is on his journey to the Toronto Natural Pro Qualifier on August 4th! Keep your head up, take in the positive energy! #forgettherest #everyonewantstobefamous #nobodywantstoputtheworkin #MAWLIFE #aintit?

Hit up @cloutonacloud website for tickets, use promo code: "Blssd" 🙏🏽Going to be lit #Mawlife #blssdboyz #toronto #velvetunderground #hiphop #yungtory #lococity #turnup

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now & finally saw it in Asda today. Sadly the baby daddy isn’t home till late tonight so it will have to wait till 2moro.. tonight’s tipple will be a cup of tea with half a packet of chocolate digestives.
Looking for some garnish/tonic suggestions to have with it? @tanqueraygb @tanqueraygin #tanqueray #tanqueraysevilla #gin #gincollection #gingin #mumsofinstagram #mawlife

Come see @mrthinkmuzik and I perform in Toronto at the @thevelvet_underground July 6th HMU for tickets $15 til Monday than they go up!! @1yungtory and @lococity Headling gunna be dope 😈#Mawlife #blssdboyz #Toronto #velvetunderground

Louie has broke me!! He’s just had the biggest meltdown of his tiny wee life and all cause I tried swapping his milk to the anti reflux milk... I say tried cause I got it and it was horrible. So thick the formula wouldn’t even dissolve properly resulting in at least 2 scoops of undissolved gloop clogging up his bottle.. how could I possibly get it so wrong?? Seriously any help/suggestions would be great! So after 3 bottles today, making the 4th I decided to swap back to the usual meaning he waited longer for a bottle resulting in a 20 minute screaming match where he turned purple and eventually cried himself to sleep! So we’re back to the same usual formula and I’ll probably have some rather lovely nappies in return. Happy Tuesday! #mumsofinstagram #mawlife #sendhelp #firsttimemum #mumfail

Tough week and it's only Tuesday (is it though?) Not that many ins and outs, no different from any other carer, mum, dad, working or no. When other peoples opinions start to impact how you are..CHUCK it in the FU** it bucket. #grafting #mawlife This face😍

If you don't take your wean for a pee in the bushes did ye even go to the park
#roukenglen #park #mawlife

Children for sale.... bogof! #weans 🙄 #driveyoutodrink #lovethemreally #mawlife #isitbeeroclockyet 😂😂

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