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Ok, I am here, so Prague Spring can begin 😜 #praguespring #wienerphilharmoniker #obecnidum #mavlast #smetana

Skoro jako u moře😅✌🏼🇨🇿🌲🌊
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próba druga
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작년쯤 본 cf 같은데 최근 생각나는 cf중에 가장 인상 깊었던것 같다.
전체 영상은 유튜브에 있다.
This is your life.
Nobody can stop you.
Listen to your heart. Move ahead.
Take your own path and conquer new ground.
There are no limits, if you don't accept them.
This is your life.
Keep this spirit.
Because life is a journey, your journey.
Never stop challenging.
Smetana : Ma vlast - no.2 Vltava(Moldau)

,,Moldava,,- omaggio a B.Smetana
acrilico su tela
©by Romana Romeo

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Classical Music Month #3
"Vltava (The Moldau)" is the most popular movement in Smetana's set of symphonic poems, "Ma Vlast", or "My Homeland". Vltava in particular evokes the image of a grand river (hence its namesake), at times roaring and turbulent, and at others serene and reflective.

One of the most powerful uses of the orchestra sound I've ever heard. From the opening to its triumphant finale, the composer seems to want to capture every surrounding, every motion, every feeling into is sound and it's truly something to behold. Nothing can quite top the sound of a full symphony ensemble firing on all cylinders with a piece as rich in color and motion as this. A single flute opens this piece with a rolling melody. It is soon joined by another, the duet slowly building into the entrance of the strings, as glorious and powerful as any grand river. It's an absolute masterpiece.

Interesting I hear people often drive up the tempo for this one, a musical choice I never really agreed with. It's not a race-- you have to feel the strength and majesty of the music, not use it to show off (technically impressive though it may be). Films:
It's Such a Beautiful Day
Tree of Life


[A subir el volumen]. Otra vez interrumpo la rotativa porque al mencionar a Smetana tengo que adelantar lo último que hice hoy, ir a escuchar un concierto de la Orquesta Sinfónica Bohemia de Praga en el Smetana Hall de la Casa Municipal, uno de los salones de música más respetados del país y el mejor ejemplo de art nouveau edilicio de Praga, con trabajos de los dos artistas que ya celebré, Mucha y Saloun. Como si fuera poco, hoy tocaban precisamente a Smetana y a Dvorak. Y aún hay más, ya afuera se está preparando todo para la carrera de mañana. Con que este lugar sintetiza la mayor parte de mi visita a Praga. Escuchen acá el fragmento más conocido de la obra más popular de Smetana, "Ma vlast", Mi Patria (que bien podría representar la mía o la de cualquier otro eslavo en el mundo). #mavlast #mycountry #myhomeland #themoldau #vltava #smetana #municipalhouse #bedrichsmetana #classicalmusic #patrioticmusic #czechmusic #greatcomposer #awesomemusic



A che cosa faccia appello la musica in noi è difficile sapere; è certo però che tocca una zona così profonda che la follia stessa non riesce a penetrarvi.

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Barenboim-Smetana-Má Vlast 🔝💯

Přípravy vrcholí! Už zbývá jen hodina :-) #danielbarenboim #bedrichsmetana #mavlast

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