Sucht ihr noch nach einem passenden Einsteigerscooter? Dann schaut bei uns im Shop rein! 👓 Unter der Kategorie "Einsteigerscooter" findet ihr hilfreiche Tipps und passende Modelle. Wie zum Beispiel der SHREDDER V2 von Maui and Sons.👌🏼😎 #stuntscooterde #stuntscooter #einsteigerscooter #mauiandsonsscooters #shredderv2 #germany

no words can describe how lucky I am to have such an amazing sponsor, always hooking me up with the goodness!❤️😍
If you guys are determined to have a sponsorship and receive free stuff, don't go out searching! Just go out ride and make videos with your friends and you enjoy yourself!
That's what I done💪🏼
Ride passionately and your dreams will come true!💫
That's a promise☝🏼 @mauiandsons
@muzzle_chris #carepackage #muchlove #mauiandsonsscooters #mauiandsons

bowl chills🤘🏻
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#local #bowl #chillers #mauiandsonsscooters

new video is now up! Make sure you go to the @mauiandsonsscooters channel on YouTube to check it out!
Chanel name is - MauiandSonsEU
Sam Chalklin | Summer Edit 4
You will not be disappointed! #mauiandsonsscooters #newvideo #bangers #summeredit4 #mauiandsons

gave a pair of my 110mm @mauiandsonsscooters wheels to @jackfrees17! 🤘🏻 #mauiandsonsscooters #giveaway #summer16

Mine and @sam.chalklin reaction to the potential banger of my edit and maybe even a worldie😬😬 #mauiandsonsscooters @bearingz

had a trip down to London with my team mates from @mauiandsonsscooters and we went to film scooter reviews and meet the people behind Maui! Had a awesome time! Can't thank them enough with these goodies they given me!😍 I am also ranked highest rider for my discount code to be used in our customers orders! So happy😆 So I was rewarded a new snap back for that too! Make sure you use SAMTR to receive 20% off your offers at mauiandsons.eu! #mauiandsonsscooters

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