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Explore alternate masculinities with Matt Lambert and several other artists at the launch of HE. The exhibition opens tonight at LA’s Last Projects and runs until May 12th, 2017.  Link to full event details in bio.

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Lucas Satherley by Matt Lambert and Trevor Stones. SSAW Autumn Winter 2015-2016 #outtake #ssawmagazine #ssaw #mattlambert #trevorstones

Omformulerte forekomster is This year's summer exhibition @kunstnerforbundet #tassle #talisman #neckpiece by #mattlambert

<<No es algo progresista, pero al menos es sincero, personal y divertido. Es una pequeña parte de nuestro mundo y eso incluye la intimidad y no solo la sexualidad. Se trata de captar los momentos honestos y fotografiar a sujetos en lugar de objetos.>> << ...tipos que carecen de toda substancia; casi parece como si los chicos jóvenes estuvieran intentando substituir su sexualidad con fetiches de marca y marketing, evitando llegar a conocerse ellos mismos.>>
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Define beauty: His sweat by our friend Matt Lambert @dielamb @iconoclast.tv @nowness
Full video on www.boycott-magazine.com
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We spent two days hanging out with 6 artists in their Parisian studios for L'UOMO Vogue July/August 2017, here
Raphael Barontini wears his work apron @raphael_barontini
Photographer - Matt Lambert @dielamb
Fashion Editor - Jonathan Ailwood @johnnyail
Words - Dan Thawley @danthawley
@luomovogue thanks to @mralanprada and @francoise.guittard
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BUTT MUSCLE #mattlambert

Interview with me in the first issue of Phile magazine, by Matt Lambert. #phile #mattlambert


Enchanted forest warrior queen. #mykkiblanco #throwback costume design by me photo by #mattlambert

KEIM by #MattLambert.

Lacking weekend plans? Have no fear. Share your creative work with us by tweeting us or gramming by tagging @the_dots_uk so that we can admire your visual, editorial or project jewels on Monday morning. We may even give you some love back, what a start to the week! (This striking still is from filmmaker @dielamb, search Matt Lambert on The Dots).

Simplicity > everything this is ... hangi potato (potato cooked in the earth similar to Peruvian earth oven, a method of cookery used by the Maori in New Zealand.) with a confit egg yolk and @kaviari_paris Caviar. For me this is a good yin yang. Rich/poor. Bogan / not. West Auckland / NYC. #flavoroveratory #musketroom #mattlambert #inspiration #motivation #stillpushing #simpleisassimpledoes #nolita #nyc #workingclass #workingclassonestar #sorrysatonestarwasntcopyrighted #yourtheman

Heirloom tomato peeled and unpeeled | whipped tofu | basils | trout roe. #mattlambert #musketroom #mateolamberto #michelin

Last month, we invited creative icons from across the globe to put forward individuals from the LGBT+ community that they thought are set to shake up the industry. The result was a colourful pool of creatives, which for the past 3 weeks have taken over our Instagram. We'd like to say a huge thank you to all involved in Championing Diversity project in collaboration with @wetransfer, it's been a pleasure to showcase your vibrancy and perspective in this ripple of inspiration!

Matt Lambert's final nomination @stepheniw is a rising South-East London star. Starting his career on the BBC’s coveted graduate trainee scheme, Stephen interlinks journalism skills with an eye for emotional narration and a knowledge of LGBT+ British youth culture. Stephen is part of Tate’s Queer British Art 1861-1967 exhibition and has directed for @i_D, @victoriamirogallery and the @Tate. Having worked with musicians; Klein, Jay Boogie and Mykki Blanco, Isaac-Wilson has a strong start to the industry, to say the least.

Pigs head terrine with boiled garlic and peas only used the cooking liquid with no added gelatin so she's soft and delicious! With spices mustard greens and chow chow. For the bar @musketroom simple. Tasty. 😍😘#musketroom #mateolamberto #mattlambert #chefmattlambert #goodtimes #winsandloses #hendersonlovesmewithaheavyheart #borntobleedtryingtosucceed #onelifeonechance #pma

Missing the shrimp head jus. Pork jowl | shrimp | coal roasted pineapple also gonna change the peppers. But a good start will be on soon. #musketroom #mattlambert #mateolamberto #borntobleedtryingtosucceed #Michelin #nyc #nolita #newzealand #dinner #tasted good.

Nominated from our 'Championing Diversity' icon @dielamb, @campbelladdy uses his richly diverse cultural background to inform his agency "Nii", his printed publication "Niijournal" and his complex portrait photography. His bold direction recently appeared on the cover of @creativereview and with work like 'Black Dolls' (pictured) Campbell is not going anywhere but the top. Visit his exhibition at @proteinstudios @protein this weekend  29/7 - 30/7

Filmmaker and Photographer @dielamb Matt Lambert is an industry firework. An LA Baby but a London-Berlin convert, Matt’s red-hot work is setting the creative world aflame. It’s no surprise that Tribeca Film Festival named Matt as one of the ten filmmakers of the future. Lambert’s sensual work dances with ideas and narratives of gay youth culture, lgbt+ love, intimacy, fantasy and more. Find his nominations in the 'Championing Diversity' project on The Dots.

TheDots teamed with WeTransfer to highlight fresh talents championing diversity, inclusivity, and equality in the LGBT sphere.  Matt Lambert — along with seven other creative icons — were chosen to nominate these lesser-known activists in an effort to broadcast them to the world. 👉Link in bio
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"In the morning it was morning and I was still alive.." A photograph by Dielamb, artist and filmmaker Matt Lambert #dielamb #mattlambert

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