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Please join me this week at Collective Design Fair for an exhibition about the Paris-based designer Mattia Bonetti, subject of this year's Collective Influence showcase. Presented in conjunction with David Gill Gallery. I'll be speaking about the show with Bonetti at 3pm this Wednesday May 3.
Mattia Bonetti, Bubblegum side table, 2014. Acrylic and glass.
#mattiabonetti #collectivedesignfair

@richardmishaan wrapped his Kips Bay Showhouse room in Syrian-inspired wallpaper from @iksel_decorative_arts and then had to restrain me from clawing off enough for my front hall 👮‍♀️Chair by #mattiabonetti from @davidgillgallery -- both showing at @collectivedf next week! #kipsbayshowhouse17 @kbshowhouse

Midas Touch. #elizabethgaeta the French designer, Elisabeth Garouste and Swiss photographer, Mattia Bonetti #mattiabonetti allied their talents, in 1980, to create innovative crafted design far from industrial production. Most of their creations are made of unusual materials such as terracotta, bronze and wrought iron, privileging sleek and curved lines.

Heading back to D.C. for the Saturday Night Record Party after enjoying this #mattiabonetti wallpaper in Arkansas

Fun and games with 🌹 at home #mattiabonetti #garousteandbonetti #judithbernstein #mattconnors

Green with envy of this #MattiaBonetti–designed dining room? You're not alone. Photo by @simonuptonphotos #ADLovesColor


"Boldness be my friend." - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE This table has been on my mind for years and will continue to be so for years to come.#inspiration #mattiabonetti #leighdyerdesign #beboldbebrazen

A refreshingly cool entrance by Francis Sultana interiors. Georgian staircase with . Furniture by #mattiabonetti #garousteandbonetti . #luxuryfurniture #artinteriors #beautifulhomes #divinedesign #luxuryhomes #interiorstyling #contemporaryinteriors #londonstyle #londonhomes

#Throwback to @masterpiecelondon last month at the beautifully curated @davidgillgallery booth. At first glance, one sees a chest of drawers and a mirror, but after closer examination do you notice the intricate detail of @barnabybarford's porcelain work and the use of shimmering rock crystal in Mattia Bonetti's chest. Gotta love Contemporary Design!

#TBT to Mattia Bonetti's 'Cut Out' sofa from his extraordinary #CollectiveInfluence installation this past May at #CollectiveDesign2017. The 'Cut Out' Sofa is inspired Henri Matisse's Cut-outs. ❤️ || #MattiaBonetti @davidgillgallery

Ball armchair, designed in 2012 by Mattia Bonetti. #MattiaBonetti #iconâ €
â €
In his words: “I try to situate myself and my designs into a gap where things do not exist, and it is the gap I always want to find, to explore all by myself, something in-between. I don’t know if you can call my work only “design” or only “art,” it is something in between, where there is a special space.”

Hide and seek under #mattiabonetti table @courtcsmith / @kasmingallery

#barnabybarford #davidgill #mayfair #mattiabonetti #style
Barnaby and David, two truly great visionaries.

#latergram When metallic colours and organic volumes blend seamlessly, as seen at David Gill Gallery during Masterpiece in London few weeks ago. Detail of the fantastic tables shown in my previous post, designed by the talented Mattia Bonetti. @davidgillgallery @callmedavidgill @masterpiecelondon #design #davidgillgallery #mattiabonetti

#latergram A bit delayed as fighting for democracy in Venezuela has kept me very busy, but still remembering these beautiful tables designed by the talented Mattia Bonetti, edited by the man who knows best, David Gill and presented last month at Masterpiece in London. @callmedavidgill @davidgillgallery @masterpiecelondon #mattiabonetti #davidgillgallery #design

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