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What if Cam had a twin👯‍♂️ Who’s ur fave, left or right? Click on tagged to see my favorite! // this was v hard

been asked whether I still stan Shawn or not and I had to laugh ‘cause you know a) he’s recording his third album at the moment so he’s kinda not in the public eye as of now, b) year 11 in Germany is really really really important and I have two tests this upcoming week so I’m kinda busy and c) my anxiety and OCD are back (I’ve had my first severe panic attack in a year the other day) so the only thing I’m doing next to my extra-curricular activities is hoping I’ll make it through this year without breaking apart so I’m just asking for a little break. If I’m really only a real fan to some when I post regularly then I’m sorry, I’m the fakest bish around.
Anyway, I don’t really know what else to say because this feels like talking to a brick wall but let me tell you if any of you have a crush on anyone go talk to them and don’t just sit there like me please do something I’m rooting for all of you to be happy all the love❤️ @shawnmendes just making clear that pineapple on pizza is gross af

I want this magazine. Do you have any magazine covers of Cam? If so, which ones. I have a 5, the 6th one is in the mail rn on its way to my house. Excitinggg

i love caaron so much, they look so good together, my mans did that . idec what anyone else say :’) 💖💗💘💓❤️💛✨💜❣️💙 #camerondallas #aaroncarpenter #caaron #camdallas

ayeee it's my birthday, like the recent on @yikesnoor

Its my birthdayyy😊❤
Halloween edit
Freddy - Shawn

Guys i‘m about to cry my acne came back worse then ever like wtf do i need to do to get this bitch out of my life forever? I tried everything i event went to the doctors for it HAHAHAH and still nothing my skin looks so fuckingd disgusting i wanna hide in my room forever😩
#jackjohnson #jackandjack #matthewespinosa #deejayrupp #dillonrupp

n; #qotd should I start doing covers because I’m not sure? I might film some and then think about posting lol who knows? :)
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Pinhead - Cameron
Im not really happy with the results of this edit, should I do another one for cam or is this one not thay bad?

is this thing about ethan and the chickens real if it is im going to be on the fucking floor crying

I wanna buy lipsticks so bad:(

[ 💞 ]
• feels ... reposting an old edit but who cares?
• feedback?
• song: go flex - post malone • old magcon stans 😭
• hashtag squad be like:
#oldmagcon #magcon #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #shawnmendes #taylorcaniff #nashgrier #hayesgrier #matthewespinosa #camerondallas #carterreynolds #aaroncarpenter #mahoganylox #omgpage

You meet so many people and none of them really matter, then you meet that one person and your life is changed forever.
@matthewespinosa #matthewespinosa

This is for matthew and zara on the night party !

#manips #matthew #matthewespinosa #zara #zaralarrson #nightparty

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