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omg who made this

im back??!! when I first made this account 3 years ago I honestly didn't think I would even reach 1k. I thought I would run this account until idk maybe college?? I'm gonna be a junior this year and with u guys being so inactive there's no point to me going on. But I also don't want to throw it away. So, if u guys are more active these few days that I post, I'll continue but if not, I'll simply sell this account or give to someone I know deserves it. -
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'Time flies🕓' cams honestly grown so so much as a person. In personality, looks, style, fame, etc. all of the above. I'm so incredibly proud of him, especially for hitting 20m on insta and 11m on twitter :') big things are coming. // gina liked :)

Ok I've never really thought ab it .. but people have told me my whole life I look like @matthewespinosa . What do y'all think #matthewespinosa

I found it❗ I didnt watch the full movie, i just skimmed through it
[MOVIE]: "48 hours to live" (2016)
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All of them go to my school and they were 10 min away from me and I should probably stop obsessing over this 🙂🙂

lotp is probably my favorite song just because it reminds of how I'm always the one holding myself back from having fun and that I should just let go for once too
yeah, sometimes I just wish someone like @shawnmendes existed as a 'best-friend' version and would just hold me tight and tell me things would be alright (ohhh a new song)
I'm so sorry for not being active, but I have a Math exam and today was / so I basically just took a 5 hour nap instead of studying well yeah three more weeks and I'm done with exams and tests
Hope you're all doing good, love you lots and thank you so so much for all your messages, they really do make me feel better 💕❤️

Remember when cam and Shawn USED TO look like each other?? Hahah Shawn glowed up and the other well.. you know😂 and awwwee "hi Tati"
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(Once again idk why it's so blurry) but happy birthday to @andrearussett (@morerussett )

DO THIS ON ALL MY PICS not just my recent. i only got like 5 pics so it shouldn't cost you that much trouble 😊😐 CWD for a spam and i'll be following

ιѕ тypιng.....
oғcoυrѕe jυѕт lιĸe any oтнer ғanpage yoυ woυld мoѕт lιĸely ѕee a pιc lιĸe тнιѕ. well нere'ѕ мιne тнaт ι нad creaтed вc ι coυldnт ғιnd one тo repoѕт 😩
ι нave 2 oтнer мeмe pageѕ @melainememes and @ariscuteass ☺️🍃 ғollow тнeм ғor мore ιnғo
ι ĸeep мaĸιng ғanpageѕ ѕo ιм only ĸeep тнeѕe 3 (ι мay вe lyιng ) and wιтн one oғ тнeѕe accoυnтѕ ι wιll мιх ιn тнe lιттle мιх jυѕт вecaυѕe ι love тнeм ѕo мυcн 💞
#qotd: wнaтѕ yoυr naмe

Maggie POV
I hated the thought of being in the car for more than I anticipated. It was human torture to just be sitting in one spot for more than an hour. Other than that I was hungry. "Let' take a break. It looks like you need it." Jordan chuckled as he got out the car to pump up gas. I checked my phone and saw Aaliyah had texted me. I smiled to myself. She wanted to come but I couldn't let her. I promised to bring back her brother, and that I will do. Before I could last anymore in the car I had to use the 'facility' as Willy would say. I ran down the car and made my way inside the store. I made my way to the backroom and did my business. If it wasn't for my fast thinking I would have peed inside Jordan's car. I chuckled. I fixed myself up a bit and walked back towards Jordan.
"Here, for your little needy ass."
He handed me a bag of lime chips, already feeling my mouth start to drool.
"I wasn't whinning about it, I was whinning about it to myself." He chucked and started driving.
He turned on the radio and "This Town" started playing. It reminded me of him. How much I wanted to dance with him, kiss him, or just one more hug. It was almost like I was wishing for those things on Christmas. Worst yet was that I missed him. I really missed him. And the hurt inside my heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It makes me angry to the point where I would rather take his place instead. I missed him.

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