we’re the lightwood jewelers - and all these things we wear are weapons to kill demons 😀
qotd: do you like charlie?
aotd: yes i love him tbh i hope he doesn’t get hurt someone protect him :( 🤧

I absolutely loved Alec in the new episode💚
Matt‘s acting was fantastic
Q: What was your favorite part of the episode?
A: The Magnus/Clary team up and Drunk!Alec
#shadowhunters #malec #aleclightwood #magnusbane #matthewdaddario #harryshumjr

Magnus POV
FanArt Cover: @/noksindra •Chapter 23•

I suddenly woke up to my phone constantly ringing at 4:30 in the morning. Fluttering my eyes open, I noticed the person who was calling me was Lilith. “Hello?” I answered, huskily. “Magnus! You need to come down to the police department right now!” She shouts through the phone. I stood up quickly, in a sitting position. “What’s wrong?!” I questioned, nervous of the answer. “They found him...they found Vincent’s body” She says, causing my heart to stop. I didn’t get the chance to respond, but I’ve already ended the call, throwing on the first outfit I found. Just earlier I promised Alec I’d bring him home, but it’s exactly the opposite. Vincent is dead, and Alec is going down for it. I got into my car and sped my way to the police department. Running 65 mph on a 30 didn’t phase me...I needed to see for myself. I parked in front of the building, and once I opened the door Lilith was already waiting for me, her hand over her mouth, clearly as nervous as I am. “I called Alec’s family, and I told them about Vincent—“ She explains, but I cut her off. “—Where is the body?” “Downstairs with the medical examiner” She replies, and all I did was nod. I used the stairs going down and my mind ran a million miles a second. I couldn’t differentiate if it’s the lack of sleep, or it’s because I didn’t want to believe this can be happening. Finally, I got the the medical examiners office and before me is the white sheet above the body. “Are you the only person who can identify him at this time?” The lady asks. “Y-yes” I stuttered, already staring at the white sheet. She places her hand above it, and slowly starts taking it away from the face. It was him. Vincent Connor. “If I can a-ask, how did he die?” I asked, stepping away from the body. #meanttobemalecff ⬇️⬇️➰THE REST IN COMMENTS➰⬇️⬇️

Good morning 🤗
He is so cute 💕
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NEW~| #malec

Nuovo sneak peek dell'episodio #3x07 di #shadowhunters.

C'è profumo di riconciliazione per i nostri amati #magnusbane e #aleclightwood .

Ci provocano, è chiaro, fanno sempre così.
Ci ritroviamo ad assistere a litigi colmi di livore e amarezza e poi, come uno schiaffo in pieno volto, ci propinano uno sneak peek deviante e poco chiaro.
Si insomma, c'è un gran bell'abbraccio ed io ci spero nella loro riconciliazione, ormai però ho messo su una corazza fatta della stessa sostanza della diffidenza. 😂
Datemi altro materiale, SUBITO.
😓 -Lu

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