#Cine : Otra película que siempre recomiendo por encontrarla entretenida es El Marciano (The Martian), dirigida por Ridley Scott el año 2015, escrita por Drew Goddard y basada en la novela homónima de Andy Weir del año 2011.

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#TeaVwatcherz - That’s how you celebrate half a century 🙌🏾 The Fresh Prince From Philly Will turns 50🙌🏾

Matt Damon going off on Entourage star @adriangrenier ✅ Follow us for more great content @museumofhighlights

Why would it be weird if your weirdness weirds people out? If I traded my authenticity in then who would be giving you guys weird yet informing, funny videos on a daily basis? I’ve had people tell me Matt I watch your videos on your story on the daily and I love them keep doing it but I can’t laugh at them because I showed some of my co workers it and they got offended!! Now where is the authenticity in that? Some people are actually scared to laugh at something because they feel threatened by someone else’s opinion... I use to be like that too. Till I realized who gives a shit. Serious people are in fact sick!!! Embrace who you are or soon you will lose it. So next time u feel like you offended someone repeat after me. TWO TEARS IN A BUCKET, FUCK IT! @awakenwithjp
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Bitch no other trio is iconic as these 3!🔥😍
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Geez If I only spoke Russian 🤦🏻‍♂️ Always a Classic #mattdamon

Marie deserved better 😭❤️
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They were cute
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"The Martian" [tl;dr] - I like this movie so I bought it.
It was probably near the start of my steelbook obsession when I picked up this movie. I think this was one of first ones where I did not hesitate in buying the steelbook. Usually the steelbooks I find are for movies that are just alright because all the good ones are all gone. But I really liked this movie and it was worthy of my collection. Personally I think this movie one that everyone can enjoy. It has a gripping story that will keep you invested in the drama, but it's also lighthearted enough so you won't be emotionally drained. I mean it did win the golden globe for best comedy/musical somehow. #themartian #ridleyscott #mattdamon #20thcenturyfox #steelbook #steelbooks #steelbookedition #steelbookcollector #steelbookstories

Aprovechando la temporada Libra♎️, aquí algunos de nuestros favoritos.
A los hombres Libra no les gusta el pleito, cero son de los que arman los golpes en el antro o en el tráfico; ellos prefieren arreglar conflictos con una plática civilizada y son hábiles negociando y poniéndose de acuerdo en buen plan. Como los rige el planeta Venus, los de este signo suelen ser unos dandys de pies a cabeza, tener rasgos delicados, o bien, son quienes en su apariencia expresan de una forma más refinada los genes de su familia. Hombres de una sola mujer (la mayoría), les encanta vivir en pareja y tener a alguien con quién comentar el punto y disfrutar aún más la vida.

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