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There are so many inspiring people we want to recognize this week! Tag your favorite entrepreneur and let’s shout out all the incredible business leaders who took the greatest leap of faith. #nationalentrepreneurshipweek #supportsmallbusiness #leadershipmaterial

Today, two of my worlds collide: my degree and my “job”. I’ve got all my top brain supporters on hand, because I am blessed to be speaking to a group of my fellow Young Living business owners on the topic of “Analyzing Stats for your Business”. 📈 Oh, how happy does that make this number nerd! 😍

Door decor for Dr. Seuss week is complete #mathnerd #drseuss #RESinAction

• LOVE LOVE LOVE @prodigy_math_game. I think this might be my favorite Math game EVER! Students begin their account by taking a placement test. When the students begin playing the game, the problems students receive are differentiated to their specific needs. (At any given time I will have some students at a 3rd grade level, while others challenging themselves with 8th grade math) I then can go in and assign specific Math skills (today’s assignment was dividing decimals). Students will play the game answering MY assignment first, then it will go back to their level afterwards. I take in-class Prodigy assignments as a grade! Another neat feature is the class code. Students can “battle” other students within our class by typing in our specific class code. I could go on and on. @prodigy_math_game truly is the BEST! (((And FREE))) #ilovemath

Getting messages like this from my kids parents literally make me cry. I love tutoring math especially little girls. Math is usually really hard for girls and when they start to get it and like it my heart gets all warm and fuzzy. #mathgeek #mathnerd #i❤️numbers #1+1=2 #accountantforlife #iluhdakids #wellsomeofthem #girlscanmathtwo #ilovetutoring #igetsoexcitedwhentheygetit #everettwontletmehelphimwithhismaththo

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This customer photo totally made my day! It’s exactly what I imagined for this canvas - proudly hanging on a kickass chemistry professor’s office wall among other cool stuff! 👩🏽‍🔬💡📇

SWIPE! Channeling his inner #ClarkKent even though we are #Batman fans! By hey ya'll, Nathan has been chosen to join an Advanced #Math group to prepare him for Algebra next year!!! I am extremely proud and he is actually excited. It is after school, 3 days a week!!! Most kids opted out because, seriously, who wants to stay after school to do math? My kid does! This will make his schedule even tighter but so glad he is pumped for this! #MathNerd #MiddleSchool
Serious SN: He must be growing up!! I think he is officially to the age where he gets more excited about new clothes than toys! Glad he loves this jacket I bought him!! He doesn't even care that it will be in the 70s today!! He even tried to dance in it at rehearsal last night! 🤣🤣 #MyLittleClarkKent #NathanOverload #CouldntChooseOne #boymom #curls #curlyhair #handsome #probiotics #BrunoNate #lovehim #son #myhaircrush 🔥 #love 🔥 #happy 🔥 #model 🔥 #fashion #style #cute #boy #portrait #hair #stylish #bruno #brunomars #littlebruno

3.14 years with my qt 3.14. WCW #mathnerd

Inaugural game of @simplyfun 's newest release, Owl Solve That!!! So AWESOME!!! Fun and fast paced as you race your opponents to use as many of the numbers on the number line (top row/purple square cards) to solve for a number card in your hand (you can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division)! Rated for ages 10+, this is easily modified down for about age 6-7 or so by taking out the higher numbered cards (Hello 280!) #New Release #OwlSolveThat #MathGame #Playtesting #MarchMathness #MathNerd #NeverTooOldToPlay #WhenKidsPlayWeAllWin #LearningThroughPlay #games #Boardgames #SimplyFun #FUN #math #STEM #addition #subtraction #multiplication #division

It’s Betty, bitch 💁🏼‍♂️👨🏻‍🍳😂😂

#BettyCrockerWho #FlourlessBrownies #ThatsWhatICallBrowniePoints

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