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My heart breaks for everyone in Syria, but especially for the innocent babies and children and their mothers who have to continue to care for them when their world is falling apart. If this is an issue that speaks to you, I encourage you to make a donation to @circleofhealth Their mission is to work with women and children and help provide access to maternal and newborn care in times of crisis and you can donate specifically to the Syria Relief fund. Even $10 dollars can make a difference! #aleppo #circleofhealth #syria #maternalcare #newborncare

It is my hope that the ground-breaking #tranexamicacid will mark a new era in #maternalcare around the globe.


Came across this stunning photo and message by @lynseyaddario and had to share:
Repost @icp, Lynsey: “I saw two women on the side of the mountain, in burkas - they were without a man. In Afghanistan, you almost never see an unaccompanied woman, especially in the countryside. I asked our driver to stop and had my interpreter ask what they were doing. It turned out Noor Nisa, who was about 18, was pregnant, and her water had just broken. Her husband’s first wife had died during childbirth, so he was determined to ge Noor Nisa to the hospital, a four-hour journey from their village in the remote Badakhshan Province. He borrowed a car, but it broke down, so he went to find another vehicle. I ended up taking Noor Nisa, her mother, and her husband to the hospital in Faizabad, where she delivered a baby girl. I was on a mission to photograph maternal health and mortality issues, only to find the entire story waiting for me along a dusty Afghan road.”

She waits patiently as her doctors explain how they will heal her of the prolapse she has developed from carrying from the time she was a young child heavy loads of firewood and water on her back.

Contributing to the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality rate in Nigeria is one of our core objective as an organization.
In Kaduna state, Governor Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai flagged off medical commodities and equipment to aid the successful implementation of Maternal and Neonatal Child Health 2 Project funded by @dfid_uk in the state.
@sfhnigeria partners with Palladium, Options and or other health development partners to implement this project in six northern states in Nigeria.
#Sfhnigeria #Creatingchange #Enhancinglives #dfidmnch2 #maternalcare #neonatalcare #kadunastate

New life. That's the heart of our Elsabet Initiative--that each mom and baby have every hope for life.
Learn more about this program and how you can be a part at link in bio.

#hawassahope #behope #elsabet #maternalcare #pregnancy

My favorite pictures to receive!! Sweet babies and moms with our #elsabet initiative! I plan on some major baby kissing in Oct!! Be sure to follow @hawassahope I have a lot more pictures coming!

#hawassahope #behope #maternalcare

#ThrowbackThursday. Our valentines day visit to a General hospital within the FCT (Feb 2016). We gave out cash, newborn essentials and lots of love😙 The joy and gratitude of the mothers was priceless. #beingourbrotherskeeper #beablessing #maternalcare #showinglove


Hey friends!
We are currently putting together our Giving Tuesday team to do a big social media blast on Giving Tuesday! Would you like to use your voice to advocate?

Our goal is to get the next 25 pregnant women funded for the Elsabet Initiative!
A perfect tie in to the beginning of the holidays that focus on the birth of Jesus....caring for and giving hope to women who are with child.
DM us to be on the email list to receive Giving Tuesday updates and graphics! This is a commitment only through November.
Join us and use your voice!

#hawassahope #behope #GivingTuesday2017 #maternalcare

"Each year in the United States, about 700 to 1,200 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications, and black women like Saba are about three to four times more likely to die of pregnancy or delivery complications than white women." " Women in the United States are more likely to die from childbirth- or pregnancy-related causes than other women in the developed world, and half of those deaths may be preventable, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." Education is the major key. Regardless of your income and care you get, if you educate yourself and get information from trusted sources, you can improve your situation. Don't just rely on the person you think knows best, ask questions. If you are a minority and you can afford a doula, please get one! If you know someone who can't read, teach them how...#birthworker #doula #doulaofcolour #minority #africanamericanwomen #childbirth #socialstatus #socialeconomy #injustice #holisticmuslimah #blackmidwife #silentactivism #maternalcare #stress #obesity

This week (13-19th November) is the WHO Antibiotic Awareness Week. There’s a rise in untreatable infections globally. One of the reasons is abuse and misuse of antibiotics in humans and agriculture ( while rearing poultry and other livestock which we consume). Antibiotics don’t cure viral infections such as cold and flu. Most of us in Nigeria can get antibiotics over the counter without a prescription and this contributes to the abuse. Can you imagine a world where we can no longer treat common bacterial infections? A pregnant woman or baby having a bacterial infection that’s resistant to all available antibiotics? That’s a scary thought! Always seek advice from a qualified health professional before taking them. There’s a great game from the WHO and it’s partners that you can play to learn more about antibiotics and how to use them responsibly. Copy and paste the link in our bio on your browser for the best experience . 😁 @WHO #antibioticawarenessweek #securingourfuture #maternalcare #maternalandchildhealth #stoptheabuse Image courtesy of WHO

New life. That's the heart of our Elsabet Initiative--that each mom and baby have every hope for life.
Learn more about this program and how you can be a part at link in bio.

#hawassahope #behope #elsabet #maternalcare #pregnancy

The United States has one of the largest economies in the world, has some of the highest per capita spending on healthcare in the world, and some of the worst health outcomes among wealthy nations. Why is that? What can we do to improve those outcomes? #health #healthcare #healthservices #socialservices #socialspending #government #governmentspending #aca #obamacare #strongertogether #research #school #infographic #healthcaresystem #infantmortality #infantloss #infantlossawareness #lifeexpectancy #maternalcare #mortality #policy #policychange #healthpolicy #arisingtideliftsallboats

~ SEVA~ SELFLESS SERVICE ~ This is my second year taking part in the #inhershoes challenge. ✨
Why am I doing this? To raise money for @circleofhealth who work tirelessly to provide food, health services and disaster relief for women and children living in difficult conditions across the globe. ✨
When do I start? For 3 days (staring Sunday, Nov 12th to Tuesday, Nov 14th) I will replicate the diet of an impoverished mamma living in Haiti to raise awareness of maternal malnutrition and fund programs that support women's health and security around the world. ✨
What can you do? By donating to my challenge, you will help improve women's health in the hardest places ❤
To donate, click on link in bio 👆🏼
Yes! Let's do this 🙌🏼
#maternalhealth #womenshealth #fightmalnutrition #support #healthyfood #community #women #babies #empower #localcommunity #chooselove #mamas #healthymama #food #cleanwater #healthservices #access #maternalcare #haiti #sierraleone #nepal #hurricaneharvey #syria #mothers #gratitude #cohintl #yoga #yogaoffthemat #bethechange

Sample box 📦 my baby loves it
#enfamil #torontomoms #sudocrem #diapercream #Ca #nany #meandthegirls #aleva #elevanaturals #maternalcare thanks enfamil from my family to yours

@oneheartworldwide is an amazing organization that helps implement health education programs to better manage the most common conditions of pregnancy, childbirth & newborns in rural Nepal. ----------------------------------------------------We are proud to partner with One Heart Worldwide and donate 10% of our sales on MarlosBakeshop.com to this inspiring cause. ----------------------------------------------------To find out more about this incredible organization and help out mommies all around the world, visit their website www.oneheartworld-wide.org

☺️This chick @brandialixandir is ALLLLLLLLLLL the things!
Last night, I got to witness her in her magical self once again discussing about the battle of Black women being 12x more likely to die giving birth (with educated Black women being 2x more likely to die versus a White female with no high school diploma) as well as the benefits of hiring a doula to save your life! This entire panel was everything because her energy of leading this topic that EVERYONE in the community needs to be aware of (whether you want to have kids or not). She is saving LIVES!

Her birth work is changing lives and soon the world (claiming that)! She is moving mountains when people say it can’t be done. She is educating the ignorant about being aware of ALL human rights. She is ground breaking (I’m speaking LIFE into you, love). I ❤️love her and I’m super proud of the work she’s doing. She inspires me.
Please believe that she WILL make all nonbelievers feel stupid for not being a part of this amazing movement. ✊🏽
#doula #doulalivesmatter #blackmomsmatter #doulalife #doulasrock #doulalove #maternalcarematters #maternalcare #blacklivesmatter

Introducing you to some of our babies born in the last Elsabet Initiative group!
These moms were so grateful to receive monthly support during their pregnancy. This support was by way of nutrition, financial, medical, spiritual and education!
Want to be involved? We have a new group of 25 women starting soon!

#hawassahope #behope #elsabet #maternalcare #ethiopia

@bbcnews : "How Solar-powered Suitcases Are Helping Babies in Nepal" is a wonderful article that mentions One Heart World-Wide and how we are taking steps to ensure every #mother feels #safe and #secure while delivering her baby. It is our goal to make sure the women and infants are safe through all stages of #pregnancy and those critical early days of life. Simple things like having power in the clinic in a rural area makes a life changing difference to these families. To read the full article check the link in our bio. #nepal #rural #bbc #healthcare #solarpower #maternalcare #prenatal #midwife #health #healthymom #healthykids #women #baby #healthworkers

Suubi Hospital is growing so quickly, it's difficult to keep up! Here, you can see the progress on the main building, but there's more where that came from. . .
Windows and doors are installed in the Antenatal Care ward now! They are working on flooring and they plan to make a theatre for minor surgeries in the building. Once finished, they will employ a doctor who can carry out C-Sections right there on Suubi grounds - a service otherwise only available 24km away. We know this will save lives and make a lot of Ugandan mamas happy. #HustleForHope

Capture your grief - Day 26: Universe Miraculous
The thing I haven’t talked a lot about here is how close I came to my own death when Nelson died. I talked about the fact that I had severe preeclampsia that was undiagnosed until it was in a very bad state. But the actual details I haven’t gone into. After Nelson was born one of the doctors told me that I was lucky I came to the hospital when I did. A few hours later and we both might have died.
It’s such a difficult thing, to mourn the death of your son and at the same time be thankful for your own life. I could have died too. I could have died on that Saturday after the last week of classes, leaving behind Arlo, my husband, my parents, my sister, and a trail of friends and acquaintances. I could have died with Nelson. We both could have died.
About a week after returning home from the hospital, around the time that I took this picture of Arlo’s and my legs up the wall, there was an investigative article published by NPR about maternal death in the US (“Focus on Infants During Childbirth Leaves U.S. Moms in Danger”). The particular case it covered was that of Lauren Bloomstein, who died in October 2011 shortly after the birth of her first daughter. Lauren died of severe preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome, which is a more severe version of preeclampsia. Her symptoms were brushed off by her doctors until it was too late. If they had been more vigilant, Lauren could have been saved. In my case, I was saved but my baby boy was not. If my midwives had been more vigilant prior to my hospital entry, Nelson most likely would have been saved too. In many other cases, both the mother and the baby die. Most of the time this is due to lack of quality maternal care. The same NPR article quotes research done in California around preeclampsia deaths: “Despite triggers that clearly indicated a serious deterioration in the patient's condition, health care providers failed to recognize and respond to these signs in a timely manner, leading to delays in diagnosis and treatment." (continued in comments, article linked in bio...)

It’s the little touches that make a good idea turn into a GREAT project. The team at @bicsuubi is making sure every detail of their new hospital construction contributes to long-term sustainability - including how rainwater gets directed! These pillars are the cornerstones of a facility that will provide quality maternal and childhood care to hundreds of thousands of people in Uganda. HUGE thanks to @frenchmontana for all of his support in helping this project turn from a dream into a reality.
#Repost @bicsuubi (@get_repost)
A cotton-made sack is tied on top of the pillars & help soak water into the concrete pillars instead of just flushing off the surface!
#siteengineerthings #qualitymatters #withlove #maternalhealthinfrastructure!

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