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MY FIRST TASTING OF MY #Macallan SPECIAL EDITION WHISKY THAT I DESIGNED FOR#MastersOfPhotography @usmacallan @cellercanroca The Roca brothers are the Masters of the Culinary industry!!!
#macallan add the Masters of Whiskey.

Today would have been Mr. Penn's 100th birthday- taking a moment to celebrate the man who helped define portraiture in the 20th century. He is also the kind man I baked cookies for during the holidays (I was addressed as Miss Mary the Baker Person) and the artist who took the picture that hung next to my bed growing up. Every night I looked at the picture of a strong, beautiful ballerina and found comfort that she and her troop would look after me while I dreamt. I am forever grateful to have enjoyed the works of this complete master and gentleman. Happy Birthday!

Time is precious - I spend it doing what I like.
Follow my updates as I head to Hong Kong on Friday to attend the launch of The Macallan Masters of Photography: Steven Klein Edition 👌🏻 #TheMacallanSG #TimeCaptured #MastersofPhotography #StevenKlein #RareCask

@the_macallan campaign shot by Steven Klein @stevenkleinstudio. It was amazing being part of this job. Thank you @patti_wilson @gabrielreyinc @stevenkleinstudio @jasonsoul1 and the rest of the team on set. #macallan #whisky #Soul #MastersOfPhotography #shotbyklein

In due time: Swipe right to see the unique detail and incredible craftsmanship specifically designed for The Masters of Photography: Steven Klein Edition.
This limited edition is presented in a sleek black case containing this unique whisky, Steven Klein’s signed print, a horse’s head bottle stop and a range of bar tools created in collaboration with The Roca Brothers.
#MastersOfPhotography #TimeCaptured #StevenKlein #Macallan

Introducing The Masters of Photography: Steven Klein Edition by The Macallan. Limited to 1000 bottles, this rare whisky is boxed with a signed Steven Klein print, a horse head bottle stop and bar tools created in collaboration with the Roca brothers. #macallan #mastersofphotography #stevenklein #whisky @the_macallan @stevenkleinstudio


「麥卡倫攝影大師系列 Steven Klein 限定版」,
一張 Steven Klein 簽名攝影作品;
一瓶印有 Steven 簽名的限定版威士忌;
湛黑色馬頭瓶塞與一套 Roca 三兄弟獨創品酒器具,
「麥卡倫攝影大師系列 Steven Klein 限定版」,
#TheMacallan #MacallanTW #MastersOfPhotography
#TimeCaptured #StevenKlein #TimeCaptured1824

Broken Plate, Paris 1929 ©Estate of André Kertész 2017. This is a negative with history. Kertész described this image as an ordinary exposure made to test the depth of field of a new lens in 1929 - that he never gave a second thought about it after seeing the results. He left Paris for New York in 1936 - leaving his negatives in the hands of a colleague who heroically transported the delicate glass plates to a villa in the south of France during WWII where they were stored in a make shift bomb shelter - a drainage ditch between buildings. Kertész was not reunited with his treasure-trove of work until 1962. Over the years, many of the fragile glass plate negatives were ruined. However when Kertész printed this image in 1963, he realized that the damage to the negative looked like a bullet hole in a window. He said that this image came to represent what had happened to "his Paris" in the intervening years since his departure. Through the eyes of a genius, a damaged test negative had been transformed into deeply autobiographical narrative. Text © Robert Gurbo 2017 #blackandwhitephoto #historyofphotography #mastersofphotography #andrekertesz #stephenbulgergallery

“FRIDA IN VENICE, THE MEXICAN PAINTER SEEN BY MATIZ” source: http://www.fridakahlo.it/en/scheda-eventi.php?id=30 #leomatiz #fridakahlo #venice #italy #mastersofphotography #photography #photographylovers #blackandwhitephotography #art #artist #colombianphotographer

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