I posted the story behind Cliff’s rings a while back, but wanted to share again. “One day I was going to Music for Nations to meet some friend and I bumped into a guy that was coming out the door. I remember that day very well. The guy was skinny, wearing a denim jacket and strikingly very large flared pants. I noticed the Lynyrd Skynyrd tee he was wearing and that shirt is what started up our conversation. I told him I played guitar and he replied that he played bass. He said he was into Skynyrd and asked me if I knew any of the band members or had any contacts for them. Fortunately I had Ed King’s address at home and I said that I would send it to him. So I grabbed a piece of paper and pen and asked him for his name and address. He wrote CLIFF BURTON, followed by his address (This piece of paper I still have today). We carried on talking about music and about the basses he liked to play. He noticed that I was wearing many rings and he was really impressed when I said there were my designs. He immediately wanted to buy some from me. He wanted the Large Evil Skull and The Plague rings. These two rings that I made and sold to him became Cliff’s trademark SKULL rings. Between 1983 and 1986 every time Metallica were in London I hooked up with Cliff. The last time I spoke to Cliff was when the band were in London in 86 and as usual I met up with Cliff one afternoon. He had been wearing my Wolf ring for quite sometime and it started to look a little battle scarred. Cliff looked at a new skull ring that I was wearing and asked me if he could try it on. Cliff took his Wolf ring off and I handed my Lucifer skull ring as I was holding his Wolf ring in my hand he said: “can I trade you my Wolf for your Skull ring?” I just laughed, but he really wanted my ring and he again insisted “straight swap!” Again I was amused at his cheekiness, but to me he was no longer just a customer we had become friends. So finally I said OK, it’s yours! Sadly and only a few days later, I heard the terrible news that Cliff had passed. Cliff’s Wolf ring is still with me, exactly in the same condition as the day he took it off his finger.” Armand Serra of Crazy Pig Designs/The Great Frog London.

Happy 56th Birthday Kirk🤘🏻I’m sure Cliff is celebrating somewhere🍻📸Ross Halfin #cliffemall #cliffburton #metallica #masterofpuppets #ridethelightning #killemall #ripcliffburton #masteroforion #bassgod #GOAT #cliffburtonrules #majorrager #kirkhammett

Gonna see Metallica in Vegas in another week!!🤘🏻 Watching a recording of Metallica playing in Nîmes, France July 9, 2009 right now and I just can’t help think about Cliff and how amazing it would be to see him play. I always think about that guy every time I see Metallica play, especially any of the first 3 albums songs. Think of Cliff Burton every day👊🏻📷 Ross Halfin #cliffemall #cliffburton #metallica #masterofpuppets #ridethelightning #killemall #ripcliffburton #masteroforion #bassgod #GOAT #cliffburtonrules #majorrager #jameshetfield #kirkhammett #larsulrich #legendsneverdie

“Every once in a while I’ll wonder what the band would be like today if he were here. It’s sad that he had to go so early, but things happen for a reason and that’s the best way to kind of move on, just think that. But we do miss him in different ways.” James Hetfield interview in Cliff’s passing on the 10th year. #cliffemall #cliffburton #metallica #masterofpuppets #ridethelightning #killemall #ripcliffburton #masteroforion #bassgod #GOAT #cliffburtonrules #majorrager #jameshetfield #kusf

"If I saw him playing' up on stage somewhere, he'd always say, 'Whats up Tony? How ya doin'? He never forgot me man, thats cool. I saw him a lot of times in the backyard of somebody's house, or in garages. He was awesome back then. People in school kinda hassled him and stuff for having long hair and being kinda hippies-like. I never did that. I always thought, if thats who he wants to be, thats fine. He was an all around good guy. I never saw him throw fits or anything like that, or get pissed off. Maybe at his bass or something." Tony Aldridge childhood friend #cliffemall #cliffburton #metallica #masterofpuppets #ridethelightning #killemall #ripcliffburton #masteroforion #bassgod #GOAT #cliffburtonrules #majorrager #legend

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