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✨THIS IS HOW I DO A SHADOW ROOT✨✨(results posted after)
I get so many questions on how to do a shadow root. This is my client in previous post. I'm using #igoraroyal 6-1+5-1 and painting on root about an inch out on towel dried hair.
Q's I get asked most⬇️⬇️⬇️
1.Do I dry hair then put on toner? Most times I put on towel dried hair because I am using permanent for toner if they want an ash base, and I want it to be more a pastel effect. The fade off will be easier to lighten next round also. By the time the shadow fades off their demarcation line has softened already. If you want a more permanent effect do on dry hair.
2.What developer do I use? I use 6 vol Vibrance because if I use 10 vol I might get a slight shift or warmth in the base if it's virgin. Coloured base I can use 10 vol.
3.How far out do I paint shadow? I usually go 1/4 " for client's just wanting tip of demarcation line gone for soft grow out to 1-2" for ones wanting an obvious rooty or ombre effect.
4. Processing time? At least 10-20 mins.
5.How do I determine the level I'm going to shadow with? I look at their base color and go 1/2 shade darker. If on damp hair the water dilutes the color a bit, it will not go as dark as on dry hair. So for this client I used 6-1+5-1 on a level 6 base. -1 being ash.
6. Be careful if using ash on prelightened hair in lighter levels can look greyish, so sometimes I mix a natural or -4(beige) if shadowing only to level 7,8.
Shoot if you have anymore questions! My hope is that this Q&A helped💋
*SIDENOTE➡️I'm not a formal educator just relating knowledge from my own experience 😊
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Dia de aprendizado em NYC com os mestres @ryan.weeden e @brandrice do Master of Balayage #masterofbalayage

🔥Hot 🍫chocolate color melt

We started with level 1 permanent color, it took 4 sessions to remove the all the black. Love this last session because I was finally able to hand paint her balayage! The results are seamless. #hairpainting

Balayage love ❤️

Happiest birthday to my #rockstar #hairqueen #masterofbalayage #beautiful #beautician @kelsiemahealani @hairbykels ❤🎂🎉😘 have your best one yet! We love you til forever! 🍾🥂🍷🍹🍻🍸🌺


Before and after// left, before (not done by me) client had a lot of regrowth and was previously very blonde with a lot of different colors// on the right, after (done by me) she wanted something natural so it’d be easier and more dimension . First session breaking up the band of color and dragging a root with balayaged pieces to blend everything in👍🏻💜 I will be posting more pictures of her hair color soon 🌟

Winter is coming 😏💕⚔️ Hair by @tamara_cerullo #gracehillsalon #gotfans

Haircut 👌👌👌

Fall Tones👌🏻🍁🍂💛

Давайте знакомиться ближе, друзья🙌
Я напишу 15 фактов о своей профессиональной деятельности📋, 3 из них неправда🚫 Попробуйте их найти😇
Комментировать может каждый)
Итак, поехали:
✔1. Я занимаюсь волосами всего около года
✔2. Я работала риелтором
✔3. Будучи колористом, я испортила качество волос всего 2-м клиентам.
✔4. Я занимаюсь раскруткой салонов красоты в качестве управляющего и арт- директора
✔5. Я работала переводчиком английского языка 4 года
✔6. Я работала финансистом
✔7. Я увлекаюсь психологией
✔8. Я занималась эстетической косметологией около года
✔9. Я занимаюсь педикюром и лечением вросших ногтей около 10 лет.
✔10. Я делаю все уходовые, мануальные и аппаратные процедуры по телу.
✔11. В индустрии красоты я всего 7 лет
✔12. Я люблю и ценю каждого своего клиента и вкладываюсь в работу на все 100%
✔13. Я боюсь режущих инструментов
✔14. Я педант до мозгов костей, и с таким же педантизмом отношусь к своему рабочему месту и к своим рабочим инструментам.
✔15. В данный момент я работаю в Москве и принимаю ежемесячно в Кабардино-Балкарии.

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#repost •• one of my fav COLOR CORRECTION💫 •• w/ @schwarzkopfpro

A little #fauxbalayage using our guests natural base colour 🔥

#Colorcorrection by me😌
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