Truly beautiful group of women ❤ I am so thankful to be here.

I passed Level 5, upper strokes, in my microblading course 🙆🙏😁! I spent the entire weekend going over head strokes, before I went on to L6, which is lower strokes, because I needed to perfect that area, which I feel was a very hard area to perfect. I'm feeling accomplished today! 🔛🔝🖋🌎! My instructor, Master Kler Rosenberg, is amazing 🙌🙋! I couldn't have received a more attentive and knowledgeable instructor had I picked one out personally (wait, I did pick her, but ironically, I had already been assigned to Master Kler)... ❤💋 #feelingconfident

I passed Level 2, "Head Strokes"! I am so thankful!
I got stuck on this level for 2 weeks! I could not get the stroke direction correct, but I finally did it with lots of help from my instructor, Master Kler Rosenberg 🙏. I want to take a minute to share my story with you. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Master Kler Rosenberg @phibrowsmasterklerrosenberg Kler is the most beautiful, successful, hard-working, attentive, and capable woman I've ever met 🙌. Her beauty radiates outside as well as in. Kler makes me want to be my best🔝, and she does her best to get me there ❤. I came into this so excited having finally found a career I could not only succeed at, but actually retire from, happy! I found Kler on YouTube, during my extensive research. Kler is the co-owner of Microblading Academy USA @microbladingacademyusa Kler studied under the creator, Master Branko Babic @phiacademyofficial , of a highly acclaimed technique called Phibrows @phibrows , a accredited, realistic style of microblading (aka 3D Eyebrows, Feathering, Embroidery Eyebrows). I am covered from neck to ankles with beautiful tattood bodyart, but that has hindered me from obtaining a fulfilling career. So, after I got my eyebrows microbladed in March, by the very talented Kristen Schulz @kristensaesthetics , it dawned on me that I had found the answer to the big question, "What career could I possibly do until retirement, with as many tattoos as I have, that I actually love?" Since March 15, 2018, when I signed up for the course, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I've worried about how I was going to do to take care of my daughter being a widow, raising our child alone, having applied for so many jobs and turned away knowing it wasn't me, or my skills, but my tattoos. I was depressed and that has changed! 🐣🌅 I will graduate with confidence knowing I truly have the ability to perform a great, and gratifying service on happy clients 😀! That's what I want, and that's what I'm going to do!

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Before and post ten days microblading, brows will not be fully healed from the inside out until at least 4 weeks which then you will see the final results! #microblading #brankobabic #phibrowsacademy #masterklerrosenberg #3dbrows#hairstokes #sedona #northernarizona #realisticHairStrokes

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