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Did you guys know that May is #masturbation month?? 💦🔞
What is there that's better than a little self love 😍😽 this little guy from the #tokidoki collection at @lionsdenadult is my current OBSESSION! 😇🙌So much power in such a tiny little devil😈 Be sure to use my discount code "wickeddwillow" for 15% off any online purchase and don't miss out on a month devoted to YOU.. And maybe your partner 😜👌
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Toy: @lionsdenadult
Model: @wickeddwillow

On set for shaysights.com and @spizoo having so much fun! Check out the footage on my Twitter! #pornset #dcup #masterbation #instasexys #instaxxx 💦🎥💋

Well I don't have to go to wauseon now.
Found exactly what I've been hunting for 15 minutes down the road 😁 #nfs #batesseat #masterbation

enjoy your life.

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みんなもcheck it out😊😊😊

Never thought I'd ever witness something like this. #monkey #masterbation lol


To you, and those in whom your love resonates.... I have been actively working to harness my sex magic and restoring my own strength and power through ambigious transition.
I have been feeling torn, uncertain, unclear.... and then hard on myself since I so value stability and commitment. I am actively working on calling in the "fuck yes"... I have been loving and appreciating the comfortable, the easy, the kind, the wonderful.... and I have so much gratitude for those wonderful elements. And now I am ready for full-fledged 100% fuck yes.... masturbating to my new mantra "mutual and integrative fuck yes..." Meaning the entirety of me is on board with my actions and decisions. My mind my heart my body and my soul.

Another thing that has been giving me so much fuel is hearing other people's stories and experiences... would you be willing to share yours with me? Of times when you triumphed, times when you fell short.... your stories of magic, your stories of hardship and confusion, your stories of empowerment, your stories of frailty. .... Through tribe we realize how much were in this together. And how we can support one another. And how we can learn from one another.

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Opposites Attract. Chapter 2. ●○●
James Downes the rest of his beer and stood up, making his way to the door. DON'T LEAVE you wanted to tell, but you knew you couldn't. He put his hand on the door handle and turned to you. "Are you coming to Monicas party tonight?" ONLY IF YOU ARE you wanted to tell but you held your tongue. "What do you think! So I can get wasted and end up with some randomer in my bed? I don't think so." You said harshly. You were surprised at how taken aback he looked. As if he really wanted you to come. He knew you were going to say no but he was still sjrprised at how sad he felt. "Okay... well don't be afraid to change your mind" he said sadly.
As soon as the door shut behind him you threw your book across the room and leant back into the couch. He only spoke to you because he was bored. There weren't any pretty tall blondes to give him attention so he had to settle with you. That is what you always told yourself - he only wants attention.
••• It was around 3AM when you heard the door shut and feet on the floor boards. Two sets of footsteps. You began to hear a girl moaning. Softly at first but growing more urgent as the bed began to creak and the pace began to quicken. There was one sound in it all that really got to you. The deep voice moaning and grunting. The voice was most definitely James. Without realising it, your hand was between your legs, trying to do anything possible to sooth the twitch you felt every time you heard him. You were already close to an orgasm. You waited and waited to push yourself to your climax but couldn't wait any longer when you heard James screaming in pleasure. You went over the edge in the same very moment, but yours lasted much longer. How was it possible that he brought you to your longest, most intense orgasm in years, without even being in the room? In the morning you could hardly look him in the eye. Last night was wrong you kept thinking. You were so embarrassed! ●●● #masterbation #orgasms #lust

When you have an all star sex session and babe needs a cigaret afterwards. 🍆🔦🚬😂😂😂😂 #memes #funny #lol #joke #killit #whateverittakes #fleshlight #cigarette #greatinbed #sex #masterbation

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