From a shoot I never got paid for...

Who's the star of the night!
You know it 😂

Photo by @tobi_dop

Latino Evropa. For this hard working gentleman @reljarelja.
Shot on @reddigitalcinema Helium in 8K with @arri Master Anamorphics.

Set was built in PFI Studios.
For first scene set designer built 9m tall 6m wide steel construction with holes in it to pass light through shafts.
Main scene was lit by 4x Arri m40 through construction and Arri Skypanel s360 as fill. Our Master 1st AC allowed us to work almost wide open on whole production. Glimmerglass was used an all shots. 35mm and 100mm Anamorphics were used for whole production.
Scene with “gangsta” girls was lit overhead using butterfly 12ft x 12ft with DoP Choce grid fitted. Skypanel S360 was blasted through it. Fill was achieved via two s60 Skypanels that were slightly dimmed.
Cocaine rain scene was a challenge to get it done. It was lit overhead straight down. Weapon of choice was Joker Bug 800 with projection attachment and we fired up one Dedolight DLed 9 just as backlight to emphasize more the “rain”. There was over 2000kgs of limestone dust for “cocaine” scene alone. Lighting choice was 2x Arri M40 with opal frost diffusion as backllight slightly overhead, only bounce cards were used as fill.

Directed by: @ivanstoji
DoP: @lcfmedia
Editing: Matija Novakovic
Color Grade: @jovan_grcic
MuA: @naillab_majaboda
Styling: @stefanorlic
1AC: @baneciric1970
CamOp: @armthehomeless_
Set Design: Rajko Bakic
Lighting: @sapalights_rental
Grip: Sead Bihorac
Camera rental: @artcorestudiorental
#lcfmedia #redcamera #redhelium #masteranamorphics #cinematography #doplife #dopchoice #glimmerglass #red #arri

@rigwheels Monorail with MōVI Pro !! Monorail out in the wild with @christophergill and @prestigeaerials for NatGeo.

Super ✅

Grape time great time 🍇👑👩‍✈️🧠


Regrann from @camera_setup_club - MoVI-Segway combo making the shot happen.

Video by @ironsidesmotion

@freeflysystems MōVI Carbon + Kuberg electric bike.
• • •

G-force training for our #MoviPro on the back of the Miata. @controlfreakfpv doing donuts and @philthyl with the bts 📹

Video by @andrewagcaoili - @shibbystylee @freeflysystems @reddigitalcinema @rigwheels @ignitedigiaustralia

Lentes bonitos hoy 🎥 Master Anamorphic. #Zeiss #masteranamorphics #2x #Arri #onlocation #lens

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