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Ive always been the same person, increasing the positive values and ignoring the negative ones. 2 months vs 2 years and 2 months on T! 😋
Siempre he sido la misma persona, incrementando los valores positivos e ignorando los negativos. 2 meses vs 2 años y 2 meses en T! 😋

Today marks 5 weeks since my double mastectomy and lat flap reconstruction surgery. My range of motion has improved significantly and my incisions have begun to smooth out and heal over this past week leaving a formation of soft pink scars.
I've lost a lot of feeling around the circumference of my body but feel some twinges of pain here and there in my breasts and also in my back where the drains once were. The last few nights I've managed to sleep on my side though which has been a huge👍and given me some relief.
I still have a buildup of fluid in my back which my plastic surgeon said is quite common after a lat flap procedure and needs to be drained every 1-2 weeks. The area is frozen and then a syringe is used to extract the fluid. Once the fluid levels are low enough, my body will begin reabsorbing it on its own.
I've had more issues with stretching, healing and fluid buildup on my affected (right) side as I had 4 sentinel nodes removed last year and radiation back in December. Overall though, I am happy with the way everything is healing and with the type of reconstruction that my plastic surgeon and I decided on.
I will be sure to share a blog post very soon about the tissue expander fills and life with these new foobies😊

Good reason to have two thumbs up, you look fantastic!! And only one week later. 👍🏻👍🏻 another two thumbs up from us.👀---------------------------------------------------------
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And just like that a date hits you. 5 years ago I had my #mastectomy #stupiddumbbreastcancer cancer is such a loser. Just like that my emotions are on edge and the feelings all come back. The fear. The anger. Everything. 5 years doesn't mean you are free. Just NED until each appointment

O que você faria se o mundo parasse agora e só restasse esse instante para viver? Se não tivesse tempo de gastar todo o seu dinheiro e nem tivesse tempo para gozar de tudo que você já comprou? Se o tempo não fosse suficiente para você externar todo aquele sentimento que guardou para ser demonstrado quando a raiva passasse, quando a mágoa diminuísse ou quando a saudade apertasse? Se o mundo parasse agora e não desse tempo para realizar todos os seus planos futuros, como você estaria? Me diga também o que você faria nesse instante que resta, se estivesse imune aos julgamentos e preconceitos alheios? O que você faria se não importasse o quanto as pessoas te recriminam e te diminuem? O que você deixaria de fazer nesse instante se a opinião do outro não valesse de nada? Quantas coisas você faria nesse instante se estivesse livre dos seus próprios julgamentos, preconceitos e amarras?
O câncer de mama fez nosso mundo parar por alguns instantes e mesmo com todos os medos, inseguranças, tristezas, escolhas difíceis e cicatrizes, foi assim que a gente escolheu viver cada instante... como se nada no mundo fosse mais importante do que estar viva agora!
Obrigada por tudo @avidamedicina e @causanovicz!! #vaipormim #listadedesejos #wishlist #wishes #run #running #breastcancer #cancerdemama #mastectomy #mastectomia #chemo #chemoterapy #quimioterapia #alemdocabelo #blessed #life #instagood #instapic #superacao #euvenciocancer #positive #positivemind

I am RAW, this is my truth. Kalau saya bisa menerima ini, lalu mengapa ini mengganggu kamu? Who cares, I look damn sexy ☺️ and this way I can see who genuinely love me #oneboob #dontcare #pinkypromise #perempuantangguh #breastcancerawareness #kanker #mastektomi #mastectomy #cancerwarrior #sexyback

Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything will define who you are. Reconstruction is a long, frustrating process and we're at the mercy of our doctors' talent and timeline. I foolishly thought my entire reconstruction would take 4 months. (Hahaha) Try 26 months and counting. You're "under construction" for a while, maybe years, so be patient, you wouldn't want to build a house fast; your body is no different. My next step is a mastectomy cover-up tattoo. 🤗 #breastcancer #breastreconstruction #fuckcancer #mastectomy #lifeaftercancer #foobies #cancerblogger #fakeboobsandtattoos #betchesguidetocancer

Got to meet Jodi Schmidt in person today, we bonded over cancer and our lack of breasts. 🙌🏼👯 #flatisthenewblack #mastectomy #bc #mbc #dontignorestageiv #metavivor #advocate #friends #treatment #fallrisk #reality #fuckcancer


There is nothing I can't do...
This is only the beginning.. Self-Love 🌹🌙
📸: @larabellenewyork

So yesterday I had top surgery. Let me say the whole experience has been a little bit of a rollercoaster for me. I hyped myself up and got so anxious about going under the knife I almost backed out. But I am SO HAPPY I didn't. Honestly as I was waiting in the prep room I started to get more and more calm and as soon as Dr Hazen came in to initial me I felt a huge sense of relief. When I woke up I was just happy, I felt lighter, I felt euphoric. The whole thing has been surreal. I still have a lot of healing to do but I couldn't be more satisfied right now. Even my fiancé, friends and family noticed a change in my demeanor almost instantly. I literally had close to 10 pounds of weight taken off my chest and emotionally I can't even put a number on it. I feel like I'm headed to the man I was always meant to be. I don't have enough words to thank Dr Hazen and her whole team. She is awesome and all the staff at NYU is just awesome. Im so grateful for all of the support I have had especially from my fiancé @julzxjulz. I know this hasn't been an easy experience for her and she has been my rock through it all no matter what feelings she was having. I am so lucky and so thankful and I just can't say it enough. Dr Hazen is truly a life changer. I highly recommend her. I can't wait to see how everything heals. #ftm #femaletomale #topsurgery #mastectomy #trans #transgender #transisbeautiful #battlescars #nyulangone #drhazen #alexeshazen #surreal 😁💪🏻🤙🏻 feel free to DM me with any questions I'm more than happy to share my experience

Result pretty good, what do you think ? / log: july 2017 / 3 months after my last chemo. #breastcancerawareness #cancerwarrior #mastektomi #mastectomy #kanker #cancermarker #bloodcheck

I am RAW, this is my truth. Kalau saya bisa menerima ini, lalu mengapa ini mengganggu kamu? Who cares, I look damn sexy ☺️ and this way I can see who genuinely love me #oneboob #dontcare #pinkypromise #perempuantangguh #breastcancerawareness #kanker #mastektomi #mastectomy #cancerwarrior #sexyback

Today marks one year since my first #chemo treatment. What a year it has been. 16 chemo treatments, 25 days of #radiation and a couple surgeries. Never could have imagined this is how I would spend the first year of motherhood this way. Still a long way to go but looking forward to good health, long life and happiness.
Please make sure you all are doing your monthly #selfchecks and annual #mammograms
#breastcancer #stage3 #chemohair #mastectomy #fightlikeagirl #fbf

#mystory I've received a few messages about the size of my breast. Am I ok, after my friend Aimee Thorne-Thomsen posted this photo. So here's your answer. I've developed late Seroma.
A seroma is a collection of fluid that builds up under the surface of your skin. Seromas may develop after a surgical procedure, most often at the site of the surgical incision or where tissue was removed. The fluid, called serum, doesn’t always build up right away. The swelling and fluid may start collecting several weeks after surgery. It's a little painful but I'm good. I'm taking care of it on Monday. I'm so thankful about where I am and never ashamed to share my experience/journey. #ihadcancer #survivor #breastcancersurvivor #blackwomen #mastectomy #breastreconstruction #aftercancer #livingwithoutshame #iamme #noshame #iloveme

Literally twinning with this amazing woman! The Commit To Something add campaign by Equinox introduced me to Samantha Paige. Super powerful female, super powerful project @lastcutproject #mastectomy #committosomething #tattooedbabes #scarshappen

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