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Woot! DAY ONE of the #masseffect30daychallenge my favorite of the four Mass Effect games :3 I absolutely go with Mass Effect 2 (there was a reason why I played it first before the others) Mass Effect 2 showed me how in depth and creative video games can truly be. I also feel that this game showed the individuality of the characters a whole lot more, and made them seem more real. It had the best writing (script,game and character-wise) and the best moto speeches. I also liked how Shepard still stuck to their own morals and values despite working with Cereberus, no matter if they wereparwgon or renegade. This game is what bumped the Mass Effect series to the top of my favorite games list (sorry Elder Scrolls Series) and it was the first game that introduced me to a world that wasn’t fantasy or based on the medieval/renaissance days. It also taught me a new level of courage and confidence and Re-inspired me to follow a high school goal I had (and that was to join the Air Force) I also feel this game series is one the world needs to play #masseffect #masseffect2 #masseffect3 #videogame #gamergirl

In case yall didn't know how much I love Mass Effect... Thanks a bunch to @msaether for paint stabbing me and @madlyscribbling for holding my hand and showing me bird pictures! These are two of many more to come! ❤🙌 #masseffect #tattoos #bioware

🦇Hey bookwyrms! Happy Sunday. I spent the morning beta reading @blogherosix awesome story (she’s a monster 😉) and now hubby wants to run some errands. How are you spending your Sunday??
Our #tscchallenge for the day was to feature a monarch character and I’ve actually not read Red Queen but the cover felt appropriate. Have you read it? Thoughts?
Annnddd for #aprillitwrit we’re talking about writing buddies! I don’t have an officially designated writing buddy but I do have this tiny mass effect shrine on my desk (pic two) so that counts right? ;)
What’s your favorite funko?? Or do you not care for them? 😍
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I finished the mass effect trilogy couple of years ago and cried my eyes out in the ending part. I haven’t played the Citadel dlc bc I knew it’s going to be tough emotionally. Decided to give it a go today, thought that I’m over it. I WAS SO WRONG! I fcking cried again! And now I’m a wreck and will be in a mourning again for weeks. Obviously party with friends was sad but also the whole Garrus thing was very heartbreaking. I need to find me a turian too... 😆
Anyways, if it’s not clear, me trilogy is the best thing ever. And Garrus ❤️
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i love her #N7 #masseffect

I just couldnt not upload this here ❤
baby boy Dex belongs to Natsora, check her on tumblr and AO3 ;) #turian #masseffect #andromeda #fanart #dex #graphite #commission

Another #masseffect doodle !
I love those games a lot!!!!

Well Let's do this
Day 1: favorite game? Mass effect 3, even it was the game with more controversy, I like it because the balance between RPG and shooter game, the final evolution of the characters and the citadel dlc, I pretty much like the 2 too, but it lacks on RPG that if has, and the too much in the 1.

Hims do a sploot #masseffect #varren #sketch #doodle

Been doing the #MassEffect program by @ulissesworld for the past 6 weeks. Halfway through the whole 12 week program. Followed his workout and meal prep program (minus the steak and chicken bc all I eat is fish and veggies) and have seen pretty damn awesome results in strength, energy and body composition. Coupled with some brutal @9roundwaldorf workouts, this has been the most dedicated I’ve been to a program since wrestling season in college. Second half begins tomorrow. Shirt of season in effect!
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Moja obľúbená séria sci-fi hier😂👍 #masseffect

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