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Feels great to be 21 and making my own hours 🙌🏻#businessowner#massageclinic#refinewellness#yeg#edmonton

$10 happy ending 4 u cheap cheap #massageclinic #physio4all #physiomassage

Do you suffer from restless leg syndrome when sleeping? Or have trouble sleeping in general? Stretching your legs before sleep can help out! It loosens up your muscles, relieves your body of stress, and allows you to go to sleep with less tension. Here's Scott taking us through a QUICK example of a before bedtime leg stretch. Slow yours down and adjust a routine to fit your needs. Read our full newsletter with more info in the link in bio! ⠀

#stretch #slowitdown #bettersleep #sflove #massageclinic

Nagmahal. Nasaktan , nagmassage ! #openingRemarks #massageclinic

Very happy with the new look
Book to enjoy! #massagetherapy #massage #massagetherapist #massageclinic

One of the promotions in our 130 Let's Celebrate booklet is a free massage for students!! Be sure to pick up your copy of the book and schedule your appointment - there are spots available on Thursday May 11th, 18th and 25th!
Head to https://my.powerdiary.com/book/264c6a50-a62c-429b-becd-017c21973c9c/home - to book online!

Saturday morning massage-ready! Busy day of treatments ahead, and can you spot the new addition to the therapy room?? A beautiful Meinl Flower of Life Gong - Its resonance is amazing, deep and powerful. Some lucky clients will get a one on one sound bath along with their remedial massage treatment...
My home practice is open on Friday mornings and Saturdays, contact me for details #remedialmassage #massageclinic #remedialbodywork #soundhealing #soundbath #massagetherapy


Jason Garcia. Psoas therapist for 11 years. Compassion, kindness, and massage skills oozing out of this guy’s pores. For those of you that don’t know, Jason is donating his kidney to his best friend in December. Some may not be aware of how big of a deal this is. Not only did he have to do tons of medical tests to just see if he is a match, which is extremely rare and incredible that he is, but he also needs to go into the surgery in his best health. Both for himself and for his friend. As his nurse said, "the less there is to cut, the easier it'll be for your body." He is starting to incorporate a 10-20 min workout a few mornings before his shift with bands and kettle bells. Here he is showing David a way of using the #monsterbands to eccentrically strengthen his core with hip extension while also “wringing” out the torso. Of course, not a bad exercise in general for a massage therapist maintenance program, and of course for the deskies, cyclists, dancers… um, everyone with a core.⠀

@roguefitness #monsterbands #onlyinsf #teamwork #psoasteamjason #strongandflexible #healthymuscles #kidneytransplant #massageclinic

F R I Y A Y • V I B E S || Thanks Jill! 💭💆Been thinking about coming in for a massage recently? We're here to help! 🙌

We have a range of different therapists, appointment types and treatment styles to cater for your needs, whatever they are!
Even better - we have appointments left for both SATURDAY & SUNDAY this weekend! Give our fabulous receptionists a call now to enquire or secure an appointment time! 📲(07) 3891 6555
#testimonial #friyayvibes #massagelife

Don't forget to stop by our studio tonight for our massage therapist clinic at 5pm #massageclinic #massagetherapist #ctmassagetherapy #getout #getfit#getwell#g2hp #sportsmassage #anytimefitness#anytimefitnessmadisonct

Still have 1 more week of our bike lovin' instagram fun and 10% off a Cycling Sports Massage. Pictured here is @jllights, with the help of @phillybee413, posing on her commuter bike in our weekly "Skillz" training. In this training, we discussed some basic bike body mechanics, muscles being used or tense when cycling, and how to create the most beneficial session for a cyclist depending on their type of cycling: commuting, speed, long distance, etc. So bring us your sore muscles, and your “Oh, my F-ing back!” and we will do our damned best to help you out. ⠀

**We love biking because it keeps us moving and lessens our carbon footprint. You too? Post a photo of yourself with your bike and let us know how Psoas has helped you keep cycling. Tag @psoasbodywork and use #psoasbikemonth to get $20 off your next session. We'll also enter you in a contest to win a FREE massage!⠀

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En god morgen her, er en stille morgen med lækker, nærende morgenmad og bagefter en dejlig hundetur med ham her ❤️ Nu på vej til klinikken til dagens kunder og bagefter afslutte dagen på hjemmekontoret inden den står på F E R I E, wuhuuu!!!!☀️☀️☀️ #yogalivitrekroner #yogaliv #yogalærer #yogalærerliv #yogateacher #massage #massageklinik #massageclinic #selvstændig #selvstændigvirksomhed #ferie #vacation #altergodt #alliswell #rareting #oldenglishsheepdog

Have something sweet when you're feeling blue. Stay motivated 💙

Gorgeous nail polish colours!!!

Prettiest combo!

I hope your week will be as beautiful and colorful as this view 😘

The hair and the make-up 😍

Gorgeous leggings that will motivate you to workout! 💃

Inspiration Board 😍


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