Presenting our new shirt dedicated to Mason Morris and his family. Show your support for Mason and his family with this new shirt. Mason Strong T-shirts will be on sale for $10 with money made from the shirts being donated to Mason and his family in this trying time. From all of us here at Gameday you are in our thoughts and prayers Mason.

I swear this lucky hat of mine is never this dirty when I put it on. But, so be it. At least it doesn’t smell, and it always puts in the work! #bb.com #masonstrong #alldaylong

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Mason! This sweet and charming boy who still loves dinosaurs, dancing, laughing (he has a sweet contagious laugh), video games, swimming, and watching baking shows. Mason got up this morning and I said, “Happy Birthday son, celebrating 8 years of life!” He replies, “Do I look taller?” Lol. Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” #masonstrong #thankyoujesus #godisgood #happybirthday #celebratinglife #miracle #faith #hope #love #grace #blessedmom #blessed

On Sunday I gave my lesson in relief society on Temple Work and Family History. We discussed the importance of temple work and the blessings it brings. We talked about those that have passed on and how they long for their work to be done.
When I would drive dad to and from his chemo appointments we would have good talks about the gospel. Dad had so many questions. I bore my testimony to him and would pray in my heart that he would one day understand. I pray for dad everyday that he is able to find the answers to his questions now that I can’t physically talk to him.
Yesterday was such a good day. I am so grateful we were able to do dads temple work and be together as a family in the Celestial room. So grateful for my family and the knowledge I have of eternal blessings!
I have had good heart to heart talks with my own kids as we have faced this battle. I am grateful for eternal families and that my kids know in their heart that they will see their loved ones again someday.
God is good! #chooseyorhard #johnsontough #masonstrong

So you want to be a construction worker lol. Do you still want to after watching this craziness? And they had to carry 4 to the 5th floor.
#positiveworkforce #hardwork #masonstrong #constructionworker #videooftheday #strong #builttuff #foreman #fitnessgoals #workflow #workout

Freedom, family, friends and sweet fellowship #neveradullmoment #themorethemerrier #happinessliveshere #masonstrong

Nothing like a little Ningxia Red break while packing on a hot day !!! ☀️🍋🍊🌱💧🍷 A great source of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients 🙌 Huge energy boost 👌Have you guys tried it? #naturalenergysource ••••
Il n’y a rien de mieux qu’un bon petit breuvage Ningxia Red pour me donner de l’énergie pour finir mes bagages ! L’avez-vous déjà essayé ? Ce petit trésor est remplie de vitamines, de nutriments et d’antioxydants 👌🍊🍋🍷🌱💧#energie

My Protection

The Moms of Masons Inlet. #masonstrong #lifeinthesac

This is one of the coolest bridles. #masons #masonstrong

Sorry for the late post! I was off on many trips and some relaxation post meet. Here’s all of our members and alumni lifts! Shout out to our secretary and camera man @Ryan_Deniega for taking videos 🤘🏽
@willyllama (missed the deadlift video, sorry!)
Current Members:
@slw_sti (President)
@acunamasquata (VP and Co-Founder)
Also S/O to the Iron Asylum for hosting an awesome meet and the Shop Gym for housing the JT and Myself for competition prep, as well as letting us represent them at this competition! You guys rock!
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I recently had the opportunity to travel to Park City and listen to these amazing friends of mine speak at girls camp! My whole life I have drawn strength from listening to inspiring stories from others. Growing up I would listen to Jon Bytheway on repeat when I would go to bed at night. I have always been inspired by the strength others receive through their trials.
20 years ago my life started crossing paths with the amazing women in this picture! Over the past 20 years we have shared some special times together. We have laughed and cried and held each other tight during some of our darkest hours! The faith of these women strengthens my faith daily. When we can look at others and focus only on the good, our lives will be blessed! We are all just trying to make it.... life is tough. Lend a hand and help others see their worth! We all have flaws.... we can find them in everyone.... let that go and focus on the good. Surround yourself with good people.
I am grateful for good friends that build me up daily! #chooseyorhard #johnsontough #masonstrong

Happy Anniversary! You bring so much joy in our lives #soproudofyou #youaretheawesomepants #masonstrong

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