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Did a thermos for a special little boy that’s showing cancer who is stronger!!!!!!#masonstrong

When you get pulled in the shop truck in the driveway an get a warning cause he liked the bitchin stitchin logo on the rear glass!!!!#nissan720 #g37 #staticdrop #masonstrong #shoptruck #bluelights #datsun

Walmart shenanigans with the Hub @brasosmason and dtr tahlia.. After celebrating alex's upcoming 18th bday.. @alexander.mason.71653 @little_e1116

The A-Team👀 🤼‍♂️#masonstrong#statebound

You are my Sunshine~ 🌞☉🌞

I prepared for sharing my bed with another man, but I didn’t anticipate sleeping with his toes in between my shoulder blades😩!! Sweet dreams boys. #masonstrong

He looks so BIG!☺🙃☺

In less than 2 months I will have an 8 year old!

#timesslowdown #bestillmyheart #homeschool #masonsvoice

Practices have started and we’re clangin and bangin out here! Are you?? 🤔😏
#patriot #pride #power #masonpowerlifting #mason #masonstrong #gmu #barbell #club #GeorgeMason #fitness #gym #nova #VAStrong #athletemotivation #fitspiration #fitfamily #powerlifting #olympiclifting #usapl #ipf #howmuchyabench
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First day of meet prep and hit 295 lbs for a heavy single. Can't wait to see what numbers I'll hit at the district open in 12 weeks. @masonpowerlifting

Brought Mase to the Caribbean with me! @fight.like.mason #fightlikemason #masonstrong

These tiny feet just stole my heart in Santa Barbara! My newest nephew Mason arrived a wee peanut and is getting stronger every day! Thanks to my beloved sister @kristinaprout for showing me her tremendous strength - I am so so proud of you, and you are already such a wonderful mother. I can’t wait to come back and play with the little man in the spring! #teammason #masonstrong #smallbutmighty #family #love #baby #footprints

Had to add one more decal for a special little boy#masonstrong

Mason / Copper update. Type one and preteen / adolescents has been hard. I can’t lie and say this is easy or Mason is doing amazing. We struggle daily to get him to check his blood sugars like he needs to, struggle to get him to put his carbs he’s eating into his pump. All this for those of you that aren’t familiar with Diabetes these are vital things that are basics mason needs to be compliant with. Unfortunately for us mason is very stubborn, his HbgAlc continues to increase every three months. His doctors have great plans for him and have given him all the necessary equipment and tools. Now is Masons time to show that he can take control. He’s struggling with anxiety about the dexacom ( a very helpful meter which would help him gain better glucose control ). Struggling with his loss of freedoms. Struggling with his loss of control. Struggling to gain a better balanced lifestyle. Please keep my Mason in your prayers as we continue to fight this nasty disease. Today I’m sad he’s still struggling so much, but thankful he is strong enough to keep fighting. Copper is still masons rock, they don’t do anything apart and have a bond I’ll never understand. He has been by Masons side, never leaving him. This is a picture of them together after Copper was alerting him for his blood sugar being over 350 at his drs appointment today, of course Copper was the star of the show. #typeonediabetes #diabeticalertdogsofamerica #diabeticalertdog #masonstrong

Thinking about my little buddy Mason today as he starts his first chemo treatment. It saddens me to think what his little body has to go through but he is so strong and he has an amazing family to help him in his fight. Please click the link in my bio.
#masonstrong #pediatriccancer #kidneycancer #wilmstumor #20months #linkinbio @ejhvcu🎗

How does it go by so fast? I swear I took a nap and bam! Here we are approaching TWO! #masonstrong #mommasgrin&;daddyseyes #futureclassclown🎭🎪 @cbowjones

#MasonStrong #Focus 👑👑👑

Wishing this amazingly strong, lovable, spirited, most helpful littlest man the Happiest 7th Birthday ever. You have been through so much in your seven short years here on earth. Who would’ve thought one little boy could teach me so much more about life and how to navigate through it’s challenges than the 31 years I was alive before he became mine. Keep on fighting and being the kind hearted spunky little boy you have become. We love you forever and always. #luckynumber7 #celebratethegoodtimes #grateful #masonstrong #keeponfighting

Thank you St. Charles for my shirt and for honoring my Mason.#masonstrong

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