My brohiems! 😍 reunited after 7 years. Thank you brothers for contributing to part of who I am today! And to @notonmywatchindia for sharing #frolaf 🙌🏼 #masonstrong #malefigures #bigeyebrows #greyhairdontcare

Looking a little rough, feeling a little better 💪🏻 There is no worse feeling in the world than seeing your child in pain, if I could take it all away for you baby, I would in a second. You are so strong and amazing. I love you so much 💙 #cleftstrong #masonstrong #bilateralcleftlip

I am home and on my way to recovery. Thank you for all of the love, concern, and prayers over these past couple of days. I am so grateful for modern medicine! All margins were clean and there were no signs of cancer!!! Yay!! There is so much power in prayer.... THANK YOU!! It feels good to be at this point in my journey. On a side note... Jon got stuck in the hospital elevator for 45 minutes!😂 ...one of my biggest fears ever!! I hate elevators!
It was good to get home and hug all of my kids yesterday. They told me that my hair had grown in just 2 days. Yay! My daughter told me that I am headed into some pretty awkward hair stages...🤔😂 I guess that there is some truth to that! Ha!
I am so grateful for all of you, and for your love and support through my journey of cancer. It means so much to me! I read every message, text, and letter that I receive.... you all inspire me to be a better person! Thank you!!😘 #chooseyorhard #johnsontough #masonstrong

My nephew Mason is having open heart surgery tomorrow. I know that he is going to do great bc he is such a warrior. Please keep him in your prayers. #MasonStrong

After #survivingcancer #esophagealcancer in 2017 today my papa started #radationtherapy for a second time..this time #spinalcancer
This man is #myhero he is the strongest man i know. Years ago he made a promise to my mother and to my siblings and i and he has never once looked back or faltered on his promises.

#mypapa is a #hardworkingdad a #unionlongshoreman he never worked an easy day of his life.

We know this time cancer will win, but we are creating a #livinglegacy and documenting his journey thru until his last breath.

For now its just day one and tommorow is day two and maybe just maybe 1 year wont come so soon.

#ilwustrong #longshoremanstrong #ilwu500strong #papastrong #fuckcancer #Masonstrong #documentinghisjourney #makingmemories #whencancerhitshometwice #celebratinglife #daddydaughterlove #grandpaandhisgrandboys #onlygrandpatheyknow #fuckyoucancer #honoringmydadswishesdocumentinghisstory #mymotherslove #parentallove #callyourpeople

I didn't see him as much as I would have liked. But I've never walked away from him without a smile on my face.
He shined so bright while here n last night his loved ones came together to bask that light one more time. I'm old so I couldn't hang lol but I know you were there with us.
I love you kiddo. #masonstrong

One if the biggest lessons I have learned through this journey is PATIENCE! My little sister asked me if I have whiplash yet from all the surgery dates getting changed on a daily basis!😉
Well, my blood came back good on Friday and so today is the day. Surgery is not my favorite, but I am so excited to be one step closer to my light at the end of the tunnel!! #chooseyorhard #johnsontough #masonstrong

Happy g day bro🖤🕊 we turnt tf out for your birthday , its crazy as soon as the party ended it started raining , ik ya dumb ass was probably up there geeked looking at us turning up for you , i miss ya dumb ass boy you hurt me with this one but you kno a G gonna get thru it , forever BG 🕊🖤 @bigguccimason #masonforeverstrong #masonstrong

It’s the BIG DAY. He is ready, I am not. My heart feels like it’s literally going to explode. Please send prayers and good vibes for my baby boys lip repair surgery this morning 💗 #cleftstrong #foreversmile #masonstrong

The difference 6 months can make... though in these pictures the change you can see is physical, I am most grateful for the spiritual and emotional growth I have experienced in the last 6 months! I don’t think of myself as being bald, so when I see these pictures it reminds me of what I have physically gone through. Life is so fragile and can change in a minute. It’s our choice how we decide to handle our changes good or bad.
Life is so good! #chooseyorhard #johnsontough #masonstrong

Today, our sweet MayMay turned 2 years old. I cannot believe how fast these times are going and I want you to stay my baby forever, Mase. We love you very much and admire your strength & adamance in life. #masonstrong #masonturnstwo #mamasboy #sweetbabymase #happybirthdaymase #masonmonroe #littlestbrother #cantstophim

Just look this direction. #itsabeautifulday #masonstrong #lifeinthesac