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I may have a .10¢ squat and deadlift, but I have a $1M bench press, ha ha ha! I am ranked #3 in the country behind ONLY the great Beau Moore and Brad Gillingham! That is pretty good company to be associated with! I am also the #1 ranked Master 2 bench presser in Georgia!! @apemanstrong #masonstrong #masonpowerlifting #oldmanstrong #usapl #usaplga #benchking #benchpress #430 #452 #flexpowerhouse #flexpowerlifting #Ifuckinglovepowerlifting

I am so proud of my son @kylemason48 for carrying on in my powerlifting footsteps!! He deadlifted 402 lbs., squatted 314 lbs., and bench pressed 237 lbs. this past Saturday at the #SavageOpen2017 in only his second meet, and at 17 years old and a bodyweight of 150 lbs.! #flexpowerhouse #flexpowerlifting #masonstrong #masonpowerlifting #prouddad #SavageOpen2017

Y’all, that shitzu boy has a special place in my heart💙 #masonstrong #dallascowboy #shitzuofinstagram

My big-little helper. #staylittle #twentymonths #masonstrong

Bub woke with a slight fever, dry cough, watery eyes, sneezing and diarrhea. Praying it's not the start of something worse to come 🙏 #masonstrong

5 months old! 11 lbs and 63.2cm long. It's insane to think of everything this little guy has been through and accomplished in 5 months. He is learning to move side to side, chews relentlessly on his fingers, farts as his defense mechanism 😂, smiles all the time, hates tummy time (who could blame him after OHS), discovered his tongue and how to push out his medications, and knows how to fight sleep like he's in a war. He may not being completely there with others his age but that's okay, we do things on our time anyways. "I thought I would teach my son about the world, turns out I have to teach the world about him" #masonstrong #cctga #masonmyhero #heartwarrior #chdwarrior #chdsucks #chd #1in100 #chdlife #transpositionofthegreatarteries

Today was yet another appointment. Every 2 weeks we are back at our doctor visiting, checking numbers and seeing if there's been progress.
Today's appointment was more of a "wash" appointment. Nothing big did or didn't happen. No ekgs, echos, or bloodwork. Just a basic look over and weight check. Which by the way, Mason hit 11lbs yesterday!!!. Masons weight gain definitely looks like more of true weight gain and not just fluid which was the best part of today! The doctor said he wanted to see gains, we gave him some gains.
We are still messing with his medications so our next appointment in 2 weeks or so will be stopping one medication to replace it with another.
We did get the clear to not have to report every input and output which relieves me big time! We do have to continue daily weight checks. So still our focus is to keep him GAINING weight and keep him as HEALTHY as we can so his heart function can improve.
Today there wasn't anything to be too overly excited about but it also wasn't a heart crushing appointment. This whole journey is a waiting game and we just are waiting and watching to make sure we continue to Path A and AVOID Path B.
Thank you everyone who follows this journey. We read each and every single message and comment and are so blessed for the people who stand behind our fighter. ♥️ #masonstrong
#chd #chdlife #heartwarrior #ltga #cctga #chdsucks #masonmyhero #chdwarrior

Stacking and helping to raise money at a benefit for a 14yr old young man fighting #cancer. #MasonStrong #TeamMason #cancersucks #fuckcancer

Some of our Houston Misfits raising money to help Mason and his family through this difficult time. #MasonStrong #CancerSucks #misfitfamily #misfit4life

This guy, he hit 11 pounds today! 11 freaking pounds!!! Almost 5 months old and still weighs as much as some newborns, but guess what, it's a GAIN! ♥️ I pray that each and every one of you never have to endure the path we have endured. That you never have to feel how excited a small weight gain makes you. That you never have to fear if your child will not survive. To never have to see that pain, scars and anguish that we all, especially Mason has felt. I hope that while you wake up tomorrow morning you remember to be thankful your feet hit the floor. Be happy that you have another day. Some have to fight HARD EVERY SINGLE DAY to live! #masonstrong

Patriot Kendal smashing a squat PR 🤘🏽
#patriot #pride #power #masonpowerlifting #mason #masonstrong #gmu #barbell #club #GeorgeMason #fitness #gym #nova #VAStrong #athletemotivation #fitspiration #fitfamily #powerlifting #olympiclifting #usapl #ipf #howmuchyabench #girlswhopowerlift .
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Less than a month ago I struggled to squat 175 lbs. Today I box squatted 205lbs as a max. That’s more than I’ve ever done and so happy to have finally reached 200!!! Here’s to hoping I can squat 225 in a month. @masonpowerlifting

Today's been a long rough day. Masons had as many diarrhea diapers as pee. Sweating. Pink cheeks. Honoree. Barely eating. My assumption would be he's teething. He's gnawing his hands relentlessly and doesn't want much in his mouth. I really hope it's just teething and he gets better faster than expected. #masonstrong

As much as I want to shield him from the world, the world need to know this sweet guy. First outing since surgery and he was held close and away from everyone as much as possible. #cantgetsick #immunesystemsucks #masonstrong #masonmyhero #chd #heartsurgery #chdsucks #heartwarrior

Mason momma’s update!!!!! Let me first remind you if this sweet child does not gain he will need a heart transplant. “He's been good. We were sent home with a weight scale and iPad linked to our cardiologist to put his intake and output and daily weight in. Yesterday he was 4.82kg today 4.84. So that's a small gain.”
WE NEED BIG GAINS! So let’s pray BIG prayers! #masonstrong lift this sweet boy up! #chd #chdawareness #heartwarrior

Baby talk #masonstrong

‪Our guy Mason is ready to cheer on the Terps! Wears those colors well. ‪#MasonStrong

Ever gone into a test and thought "I'm going to nail this!" and you get the results and you completely failed?! That is how we felt today.
We walked in with the thoughts that today would be pretty good news but what we got was a hit in the gut. Unfortunately Masons systemic ventricle is just not pumping well. Which we knew but if it does not improve (which it hasn't) then we are in a world of hurt. If Mason continues to stay flatlined on the growth chart then the Doctor frankly told us that he won't live. That will not be an option! And if all we are doing doesn't help improve and we reach our maximum even by being on IV medications in the hospital, then it becomes a heart transplant ordeal.
Right now our main goal is lane A; getting him better with medications and gaining weight in hopes that ventricle does what it needs to do. But sadly we cannot rule out a heart transplant.
My heart is breaking and all I can do is pray and have faith that it's in Gods plan to get us all through this without loosing him or him needing a transplant. But at then end of the day if the only option we have is a transplant, we take what we can to keep our sweet boy here. #masonstrong #chd #heartsurgery #chdsucks #heartwarrior

Times like these make one stop and wonder how anyone could not believe!
. (Mason 2nd rainbow identification!🙌🙌)

This sweet baby ripped out his NG tube today and got 2 shots 😔 we've been only bottle feeding and nursing anyways and he shows weight gain, so hoping it doesn't have to be replaced tomorrow 🤞#masonstrong #masonmyhero #chdlife #ohs #chdsucks #heartwarrior #heartsurgery #transpositionofthegreatarteries #ltga #chd #ngtube

Last week, Mason Baker, a player in our program was involved in an ATV accident. This accident resulted in a fractured back, broken shoulder blade, fractured ribs, fractured wrist, and a punctured lung. Mason, according to the latest reports, is laughing and resting with family and also beginning to walk around. This accident also resulted in tremendous love and support for the family. #BakerFamily #MasonStrong #TeamFocusBasketball

Tonya named her dolls “Suzy” #mydestinywasset” #Godhasaplan# #masonstrong#

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・・・/G\ #masonman #masonstrong
#HGK do you have your brothers / sisters back? Are you your brothers / sisters keeper??

Mason loves this mask! Lol #silly #cute #masonstrong

That moment when you step on the field for the first time as a Terp. #MasonStrong

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