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Today was a good day. Masons gained 2 ounces since Thursday and his liver felt the same size so we are almost sure it was good weight gain and not fluid 👍 NG tube still has to be in and we increased feeds by a little but for once it felt like a good outcome.
Today was our last visit with his cardiologist until after surgery. It only felt fitting to photograph the two together. This man has been wonderful with us and Mason and has been our advocate through it all. This photo means a lot because I feel him looking at his doctor knowing how great he's been to us and reassuring us that he's got this 💪 #masonstrong

This kid. My sunshine. He's not an 'angel baby' or a 'rainbow baby' but he's for sure MY 'sunshine baby.' He truly makes me happy when I'm gray, almost like the lord sent me my very own little comedian to keep me smiling and making fun of myself. ☀️☀️🌦I was laying on the couch snuggling him while he napped and just started falling a part remembering the Sunday that our world came crashing down. The dr told caleb that we had a 50/50 chance of him making it the next 24 hours, and I feel so much guilt because I called mom and daddy to come take my place so I could leave.... i panicked. I needed to get out of that place after eleven days. Then, thiskid sits up and sees me crying and starts belly laughing at me. I've never heard him laugh like this. I've been told that my crying face is ridiculous but cmon now! I just couldn't resist sharing. Hope it makes someone else smile. #masonstrong #nicugraduate #iveseenmiracles #hellpsyndromeawareness #masonthecomedian

Awesome to be able to team up with Team Impact and have Mason become the newest member of our Terp family! #Masonstrong

Welcome our newest Terp!Maryland signs top recruit Mason Mazzuca from @goteamimpact! #MasonStrong

Thasss mahhh boiiii👊🏼🤘🏼#masonstrong

Co. luv the kids!! #masonstrong #longliveMase

#MasonStrong : Today we walked for all the children who are fighting Childhood cancer, or who previous passed away from it. I love you Mason, we will always be here to support you! Keep fighting! You will pull through 💛 #GoGold4Mason

those we love don't go away. they walk beside us everyday.. unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear. #longliveloupe #masonstrong love you, I'll see you soon 💜👼🏼

Best barber around! Keep fighting Mason!!!! #masonstrong


Check out the awesome bookstore posted up between the North and West entrance of the Eagle Bank arena. #homegame #masonstrong

☡Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with #autism! #AutismAwareness☡

And Amen to this!
Via @autism_quotes

Its not about playing victim, seeking attention, pity....It's our life. Its about helping and sharing. Understanding. Its Not meant to be a good or bad thing. Listen or don't. We choose to tell our story(so you will see and hear it). We spread awareness and acceptance!

We do not want sympathy!
All we want is prayer! And if we help one person, we make a difference!

#masonsvoice #masonstrong

Oh my heart ❤️ this guy has tugged on parts of my heart I never knew existed. #masonwilliam #masonstrong #masonmyhero #chdlife #heartwarrior

Little man and his pumpkin! #masonstrong

Looking through old photos and found these. Walked around this house with a go pro and got some interesting shots. This huge house is in Breckenridge, CO and and mostly castle. We were there for 5 months! It’s always fun to do unique styles of stone.
#stonemason #masonstrong #rockwaller #trowandholden #rosetrowel #gallegosstone #tribblestone #homebuilder #masonry #stonework #howipayforcameras #breckenridgebuildingcenter

Where’s my baby?? This is a big boy! 😢 #20months #masonstrong

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