“Best under $20 hair buy” thanks to @refinery29! The Spotlight chronicle is a 2018 beauty innovative award winner! Grab a packet for just $10 and see what all the hype is about 🌟 #StudioMuse

Soft blonde love ✨ Created by @kascutsmyhair #StudioMuse

Just enough pop of brightness around her face for some fuuuuunn 🥳 Created by @madalynreinholz02 #StudioMuse

Ok but why are all of my clients literal models????? 🎨 balayage on Hannah ✨ styled with @hottoolspro 1.25in curling iron and @davinesofficial Oi oil & Dry texture spray 💕

Before and after closeup. I could not have achieved these results without @davinesnorthamerica @davinescolor #maskwithvibrachrom #centuryoflight #davines

When a client says chop it, this is how you chop it 🙌🏼 Created by @tinadeakhair #StudioMuse

We’re loving this violet melt 😈 Created by @tinadeakhair #StudioMuse

Beautiful Becca wanted to blend her natural grey and add in a fun pop of color. Mission accomplished. 🙌 #donewithdavines

#davinesformula lowlights overtop of a level 9 bleach and tone...#maskwithvibrachrom 30g 5,0 + 27g 5,1 + 3g 6,22 + 5volume...tone; #anewcolour 1part Violet + 1part blue + 1part 000 + cream base + 5 volume.. #hairbrained_official #behindthechair #davinesnorthamerica #davinesofficial @behindthechair_com @hairbrained_official @davinesnorthamerica @davinesofficial @pureformsalon #pureformsalon

Brian perfecting that honey blonde 💯💯
Cut and Color by Brian

Тонирование красителями Давинес это ещё питание и восстановление волос, благодаря экологичным и насыщенным составам. #maskwithvibrachrom #цирюльнянакирова7 #студияgoodhairday #davinesofficial

Love me some color melding 💁🏼‍♀️💓 #davines #maskwithvibrachrom

Nailed it! This beauty asked another stylist for her natural salt & pepper and got blonde. The blonde was pretty but not what she wanted. The pic with the fringe was the goal. #colorcorrection #DonewithDavines #DavinesFormula
1: 30g 9,1, 45g 10vol
2: 30g 7,1, 45g 10vol
3: 30g 10,01, 60g 5vol
@davinescolor #MaskwithVibrachrom #usa #utahhairstylist #SLCHairstylist #DavinesSalon #goinggreygracefully

Jammer jammer jammer (!!) dat ik jullie de before foto niet kan laten zien. I know... het gaat nog steeds weleens mis en ik vergeet het nog te vaak!
Deze lieve klant kwam binnen met net iets te warm geverfd haar dat eigenlijk een beetje richting een roodtint ging. Met een mooie mix van koele kleuren hebben we het haar geverfd en getoned om uiteindelijk bij deze bijzondere kleur uit te komen. WE LOVE IT! 😍
Wat vinden jullie ervan?

Todo o charme de uma ruiva por @erikarodrigues e @leandrofreitaz ♥️ Hoje estamos funcionando normalmente, que tal aproveitar o feriado pra fazer uma mudança radical? 👩🏻‍🦰 #casalindaflor #beauty #ruiva #redhead #maskwithvibrachrom

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