Didn't forget to take a photo this time when I met @mikeshenderson again today and got my copy of Masks and Mobsters signed. He is a really nice guy and hoping come Heroescon this year I'll be early enough to get a commission spot while he is there. Now to figure out what to ask for if I do get a spot #imagecomics #masksandmobsters #mikehenderson #comicbookartist #gotmypicture #fcbd #awesomeday #suchaniceguy

I bought the first volume of #Birthright months ago on an @imagecomics buy one-get one sale but never got around to reading it. On a shopping trip this weekend with @stephaniealancaster though, while I was standing outside bonding with the other men while the women were inside looking at bras, I noticed it was on #ComiXology Unlimited and I gave the first volume a thorough reading. Stephanie was so inspired by my adamant fanboying that she decided to pick up the other trades on the way home.
Birthright seamlessly ties together a magical fantasy world enthralled in war and the real world and its familiar trappings. More so, the comic explores complex ideas of loss and family tragedy and does so with more depth than I've ever seen. Birthright is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics, and #JoshuaWilliamson (who wrote a few of my other Image Comics favs -- #Nailbiter, #Ghosted, and #MasksandMobsters) is becoming one of my favorite creators. Artist #AndreiBressan brings the narrative to life with his lively and exciting artwork. I can't recommend this one enough.

Comic and Manga haul from Soda City Comic Con with my sweet gf who also happened to buy me Postal Volume 1 and have the writer sign it. Although I didn't find the two specific comics I was looking for; I found plenty to add to the collection 📚 #imagecomics #darkhorsecomics #valiantcomics #iconcomics #20thcenturyboys #deadlyclass #fables #fatale #fearagent #harbinger #heartinabox #invincible #masksandmobsters #postal #powers #sexcriminalscomic #zero

Really enjoyed #masksandmobsters from #joshuawilliamson Great fun mash up of noir & superhero conventions

Tower kicking some robot ass. #MasksandMobsters

Fish guy don't like toxic waste or guys in cement galoshes in his ocean. #MasksandMobsters

Another repeater that I was actually thrilled with. #MasksandMobsters

Tearing it up down at the docks. #MasksandMobsters

Nothing like a fight in a cloud of PCP dust to get the adrenaline flowing. #MasksandMobsters

The image that kicked the whole thing off. #MasksandMobsters

Tower, bitches! #MasksandMobsters

Trolling through Masks & Mobster art from (I think?) before I was on IG. Still haven't brought myself to sell any pages from this series. Brace yoselves. #MasksandMobsters

Crossbones! In my top 3 characters from the series to draw. #MasksandMobsters

"I wear the chain I forged in life. I made it link by link...". The #MasksandMobsters Christmas issue where I went a little bananas with the art. Aside from the issue I wrote and drew myself, this was the most fun.

The infamous repeating panels issue of #MasksandMobsters. Ten straight pages of this. Kill me if I ever let Williamson talk me into this kind of crap again.

Sunday afternoon reading! #masksandmobsters #image

Today's haul. Everyone go out and get #MasksAndMobsters vol. 1!

dope series. just wish it was longer #masksandmobsters

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