Time to take off the 🎭! Do you! BE you! Because THAT’S who the person you’re dating is going to fall in love with. 💏 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 If you pretend to be ANYONE other than yourself, you’ve already screwed both of you. ✋🏽 Expectations will be created off of false identities and those expectations will set you both up for failure. Give yourselves both the gift of authenticity from the start. 💡🙏🏽 Trust me, I did this many times in my younger years. Comment below if you have experienced this before, or can relate. 👇🏾 .
For FULL Video check my YouTube channel [LINK in BIO] Search: Dont Do This - #1 Dating Mistake Single People Make. ☝🏾🎥 #iamweare #lovesvoice

Sumpahh pas buat video ni ngakak2 sndiri😂😂
I'am sorry ichi udh ngajakin goyang mana dia lagi hamil😂🙏
Terinspirasi dari @danangkowang 😂✌
#maskoffchallenge #explorevespalombok #danangkowang #vespa #vespapxseries

Go checc this out for my loco @scotty2hotty_35th #MaskOffChallenge

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