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La Girl
Strobe Lite Strobing Powder
IDR 115
This product is a game changer ya girlies, highlight ini bisa give you that wam-bam in your face highlight that looked like you have drenched metal on your cheekbones. Bisa di build up to create that super highlight look atau use with a light hand biar lebih natural dan bisa dipakai everyday
#maryalielagirl #lagirlstrobelite #lagirlstrobingpowder #lagirlstrobelitemurah

La Girl
Pro Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer
IDR 100
Maryalie lagi suka super fabulous drugstore find ya, jadi banyak post yang affordable back to back.
Jadi primer satu ini pore-filling and smoothing primer ya, sama seperti Benefit Porefessional dan Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Jadi lebih silicone-based, skin kamu jadi seperti velvet!
Must banget ya
#maryalielagirl #lagirlproprimer #lagirlproprepprimer #juallagirlprimer #juallagirlproprepprimer #juallagirlproprimer

La Girl
Pro Coverage Long-Wearing Illuminating Foundation
IDR 125
Super good yet affordable foundation girls! Ini di rave sama Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru), jadi ini agak illuminating ya, kalau yang oily harus pakai primer yang oil control atau matte ya.
Banyak yang bilang ini similar to Make Up Forever HD Foundation (their old packaging super similar sama packagingnya La Girl)
#maryalielagirl #lagirlfoundation #lagirlfoundationmurah #juallagirlfoundation

La Girl
Glide Gel Eyeliner
IDR 60
#maryalielagirl #juallagirl #lagirleyeliner

La Girl
Matte Flat Finish Pigmented Gloss
IDR 70
Not super matte ya girlies, semi-matte yet so pigmented dan cover your natural lip color
#maryalielagirl #lagirlmatte #lagirlmattepigmentgloss #lagirlmattepigmantedmurah

LA Girl
Endless Auto Lip Liner
IDR 60
Sebelum pakai liquid lipstick atau lipstick in general, use lip liner before ya girls, supaya any of your lip color stay longer dan biar waktu fade tetap bagus
Bisa buat create fuller looking lips
#maryalielagirl #juallagirl #juallagirlendlessautolipliner #lagirlendlessautolipliner

LA Colors
Pout Lipgloss Matte
IDR 50
Buat yang pingin nyoba-nyoba crazy colors, ini super cheap ya!
Qualitynya juga bagus, still cover and the colors are so pretty
Not fully drying matte, lebih semi matte
#maryalielagirl #juallacolors #lacolorsmurah #lacolorspoutlipgloss #lacolorspoutlipglossmatte #lacolorsmatte

LA Girls
Pro Conceal
HD High-Definition Concealer
75k #maryalielagirl #juallagirl #jualproconceal

LA Girl
Strobe Lite Powder
Strobe Lite Strobing Powder highlights your facial features by creating more depth and dimension where light usually hits. The soft and silky powder adds a fresh glow to highlight cheeks, brighten eyes, sculpt nose, and enhance pout. Strobe Lite can be applied alone or over makeup for a perfect glowing complexion. Powder is paraben and fragrance free and available in 12 shades.
#maryalielagirl #juallagirl #jualstrobelitepowder #jualstrobelite

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