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😂Any Dragonball fans? Haha TAG a friend!! #fitnerds

Thanks to everyone at #C2E2 for being one of the most INCREDIBLE cons I've ever been too! Everyone was so respectful and the cosplay was bananas! Stoked to shoot my vintage Gwen in the city tomorrow! Chicago is beautiful, I've never seen so many tulips! 🌷🌷🌷 Sorry the quality was nerfed on my last pic so I'll share it again on Gwensday! (📷: @nels._)

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Disney + Marvel = ???
Now THIS is a crossover I'd like to see happen!
Which Disney/Marvel mashup is your favorite?

Choose your favorite👌🏽via @bat_of_gotham_

Can't wait for this guy to return to our screens. Who's hyped?


#guardiansofthegalaxy Vol 2 opens TONIGHT! 🚀 Get down to the #ritz where we have a 6.30, 7.30, 8.30 or 9.15 session & you can revel in its weird & wonderful glory + the ritz bar will be open from 5pm for pre-groot drinks! 🍻
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At today's event characters had to be able to use Force Blast. The best match had to be unicorns going head to head. Haha 🦄🌈🦄🌈 What 400 point team would you have used?

I feel like doing a spam. I'm in a weird mood. I want to redo everything. I want to reorganize my bedroom and change the way I dress (but I have no money for new clothes so rip lmao) and I want to start posting more on my personal but I have nothing to post and I want to drop some of my friends and start talking to new people that I really like already and hang out with people I don't talk to as much as I should and I want to read more and get better marks and be that friend that people WANT to hang out with, instead of being a last option. I want to be able to tell people who are pissing me off to go away, I want to be able to start talking to new people without getting anxious and deciding against it, I want to stand up to people who try to take over in group projects and I want to go on adventures and limit my circle to people I like and see the internet friends I love so much IN PERSON. There's so much I want to do, but I'm a little sixteen-year-old girl in Canada who has nothing to do and no one to see
Other than all that up there lmao, I want to empty out my photos of screenshots so I can get rid of photos of people I'm kicking out of my life lmao and so that way there's less clutter (I also need to go through my Snapchat memories lololololol). I feel bad sometimes when I want to go and delete things, especially since people always tell me that they keep old photos for "memories of the good times", but I can't do that. All the good times are soured by the shit that people I'm cutting off have put me through, and I just can't look at these photos fondly and remember any good times, all my anger just bubbles back up. I need to just go through my camera roll and basically delete a bunch of photos, but if I get rid of all my screenshots first, then it's easier (and then I'll be able to post some new stuff without glaring at photos as I'm scrolling and looking for a text post lmao)

With collections of my other favorite comics complete, I've recently decided to track down every Groo comic ever published. They're not particularly rare or valuable, though the Marvel/Epic run is decades old at this point and finding them in good condition at an accurate price can be a challenge. I was able to mark a few dozen off my list recently thanks in part to a great sale at @timewarp_comics. Finding the time to read them... well, that's another challenge altogether.
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🕷Swung this guy into action. Thanks again, Eric!

And there's Deadpool.
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