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New imagine!❤please dont think that i mean all MMers would be like that. But i thought it would be a cute idea i had that idea in the middle of the night haha. What do you think about it? @marcusandmartinus #MartinusImagine

Personally for @gunnarsenbaee Hope you love it❤😦omg guys Please tell me the truth: is it too long? #MartinusImagine #Cute #Martinus #Tinus #Banana

Part 14💭❤🙇soon is the end. Hope you like it❤❤ @marcusandmartinus #MartinusImagine

Part 12💖❤🔥Sweet brother love!😍 Hope you like it like it. #Imagine #MartinusImagine #Crush #Bae #Cute @marcusandmartinus and with @mac.and.tinus.imagines (follow this Kind and lovely Person! She deserves it and give her a lot love she is New!)💖💖❤🔥😉

Part 31! Hard and rough Time but with Tinus you get through all! Hope you love it💘💘 #MartinusImagine #Drama #Sweet @marcusandmartinus

Laaast Part💙did you like my Mini Story?👌👍 @marcusandmartinus #MartinusImagine

Part 11!!!❤💋🔥🔥🔥🔥its soooooo hot here😩i am DYING. Hope you love it❤🔥 #Imagine #MartinusImagine #Crush #Bae #Cute @marcusandmartinus

Part 2❤you wanted but as i said. With the condition that it wont be that long❤ @marcusandmartinus #MartinusImagine

Part 6💋💋🔥haha sweet. Hope you like it!😀 #Imagine #MartinusImagine @marcusandmartinus


(Imagine that this is you and Tinus!😻♥️) Warning!: IT IS NOT HIM OK?!?! I FOUND THE PICK ON @itsbaefeelings !!!

I decided... There will exist a Season 2!!! Feedback?❤❤❤ #MartinusImagine #Martinus #Tinus #Banana #Cute #Romantic #Drama @marcusandmartinus

Ok last part😂😂Hope you like it @dolan_mactinus ❤💋💖🤗(and pls don't be mad bc she got 3 parts, it's my fault...)
Again, thank you @x.mactinus_bae.x
❤❤❤I love you sooooo much😍💗 #marcusandmartinus #sad #romantic #martinusimagine #sadimagine #romanticimagine #happyend #cute #imagine #martinus #mmimagine

Part 2! Ok don't blame me, this is the longest personal imagine I did, hahah but it has one part left😛😂❤@dolan_mactinus
#marcusandmartinus #sad #martinusimagine #sadimagine #happyend #imagine #martinus #mmimagine

Part 1 of the personal imagine to @dolan_mactinus 💖💘 Hope you like it!❤💋
Tnx to @x.mactinus_bae.x who helped me with idea❤🙈🤗 She's too cute, she always helps me to smile again 😊🤗❤💖💗💋💞🙈
#marcusandmartinus #sad #martinusimagine #sadimagine #happyend #imagine #martinus #mmimagine

For @liah_gunnarsen ❤I experienced this in real! Well not the Kiss i mean the Thing with photos and the man😫 Hope you like it❤😙 #MartinusImagine #Martinus #Tinus #Banana #Cute #TrueStory

I am going to be really active now guys so show some love ❤
If you want an imagine, dm me and ask❤ Tell me your name, what type if story you want (cute,sad,happy) and Marcus or Martinus... Then wait until i post it ❤❤ @marcusandmartinus #mmimagine #imagine #martinusgunnarsen💍 #martinusimagine #macandtinus🍍🍌 #marcusgunnarsen💍 #marcusstories #mactinusfamily #macandtinus🍍🍌 #marcusandmartinus #mmer #mmerfamily

Personally for @dutch_mmer Hope you love it❤😏long but cute. #MartinusImagine #Tinus #Banana #Martinus #Romantic #Cute @marcusandmartinus

Personally for @klara_staffenova_ I hope you #likeitlikeit ❤️💋
Love is stronger💕
It was difficult. The relationship between you and Tinus was very difficult. You love him and he loves you. But that wasn't the problem. You together. That was it. You can't decide what to do, the one wants to cuddle but the other one needs distance, both were very jealous.
One day you were at his place. "Can we watch a Movie?" You asked cuddle near him. "No. I don't want." Tinus said, while looking at his phone, not cuddling back. "Oh Martinus! What is the problem? Should I leave?" "It would be better." You looked shocked and started to cry. "HOW COULD YOU SAY THIS?!" He was shocked too. "Klara, Honey I didn't mean it like this." You stand up, ready to leave. "Come on, let's talk about this! About us!" He grabbed your arm. It hurts. "Martinus let me go!" You cried. But he didn't let you go. "LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU ARE HURTING ME!!" You cried so hard. Suddenly he realized that he hurt you. "Babe, omg...", he cried too "It wasn't my purpose to hurt you! Please, let's talk!" You attracted your jacket. "There is nothing to talk about."
"But why?"
"Why? Because it's over. Me and you? History!" You left his place. Crying he sat down on the floor, pulling out his phone, calling his brother. "Ma-c?" "Omg Martinus! What happened?" He sobbed. "Klara broke up with me. I... I am such an asshole. Do you have any idea to get her back?"
Marcus sighed. "How many time did I told you: Don't be so rude! Are you sure you two earned another chance?" "ARE YOU SERIOUS MARCUS I FUCKING LOVE HER. We just had some difficulties at the beginning. But I'm sure we match."
"Mh... to be honest, in my opinion you two are the perfect couple, too. Let me think..."
#martinusimagine #littlesad #marcusandmartinus 💘

Personally for @greekmmer I hope you #likeitlikeit ❤️💋 this is not the sad imagine I planed but it's coming out soon!
Dangerous Love 💕
You and Martinus spend your holidays together. You were chilling in a wonderful house, with a big pool and an amazing property. You two had so much fun, relaxing, swimming, cooking, and in the evening watching the stars together. Sometimes he hold you and you are sitting in his lap and he was singing only for you. Today you two went to the beach. The sunny weather from the other days went away and it wasn't that good. So there weren't many people at the beach. But you two didn't care. You wanted to spent some time at the beach and today should be your day. Tinus was laying on a towel, enjoying the last few minutes with the sun. "Tinus come on! Let's go swimming." But he just wagged his hand. "Nat, babe pls... go out of sun... I wanna sleep." You rolled your eyes. "Well so Im going m y s e l f swimming." "No, if something happened,..."
But you didn't hear his words. Well Tinus could be the cutest boy on earth and sometimes he has this phases when he was unbearable. Well, you had these phases too and you loved him with all his edges.
You put your toe into the water. It was cold. But you had such an urge to go in and so you did. You walked into the cold blue water and started swimming. Far away. Swimming, swimming, swimming. But suddenly your feet touched an alga. You screamed. Iiiihe! You hate this feeling you tried to look at your feet, but it doesn't work and you suddenly swallowed water and you couldn't breathe. "T..iiia..nuuus!!! Heelp!" You tried to scream, "...!" But you got so into panic you couldn't keep yourself over water. The last thing you saw was Martinus running into the water. But he was too late. You sunk into the darkness. Still slapping around you, helpless. Your lungs burned and there were bubbles and cold, dark water around you. Just a few seconds without breath and then everything went black.
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Part 2 today? What about 50 comments? 💘

Personally for @marcusmartinus_france_romania I hope you #likeitlikeit ... I wasn't creative enough to write it very romantic... sorry 😐❤️💋
Nightmare 💕
There he was standing. Holding the other girl tight, kissing her passionately. His hand slowly went under her shirt, feeling her body move under his hands. You stood there crying. Martinus, your Martinus cheated on you. It hurts. It hurts so damn much. It felt like falling into a deep, black hole without a ground. Suddenly Martinus noticed you're crying. He turned around. "Babe!" "Don't call me like that, cheater!" But he just shrugged his shoulders. "Come on Delia. Look at you. She gave me all I want. And you gave me nothing. So... well this is the end of us And for me, this is our happy ending." With this words he turned around, kissing her again. You go down on your knees. And then you screamed. You screamed all your pain away. "Delia! Delia Babe!" A voice from far away yelled your name. "Delia! Sweetie wake up!" And suddenly you did. With a scream you woke up. You looked into Martinus shocked face over you. And you started to cry. He came into your bed and hugged you. You cried into his chest, making his shirt wet. He stroke over your hair. "Shht ... it's okay. It's all okay. I'm here. It was just a dream. Just a bad dream." And after a while you calmed down, in Martinus strong arms. It was 2:00 in the night. "Tinus, I don't wanna sleep. I'm afraid." He nodded and picked you up. He carried you downstairs to the couch and gave you the remote. He walked to the kitchen and came back with a cup of hot milk and honey. Thankful you took it. He spread a blanket above you and cuddled near you. There were no words needed. Just proximity, love and warmth. While the TV was quietly talking, Tinus said: "Whatever you dreamed Babe. Don't care. You screamed my name and called me a cheater. So whatever it was, trust me it will never happen. Never. I promise. You are my everything and you know that. You give me all I ever wanted and all I ever need. I love you. I love you so much." He kissed your forehead. And while he wispernd those words to you, you slowly felt asleep in his arms.
#martinusimagine #marcusandmartinus #mmer

She asked for dirty but I didn't have any idea.. 😂
Hope you like it Jenna and sorry for late. ❤
Personality for:@mactinusstory
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After the last Part had FUCKING 133 COMMENTS! I Made the last Part! If you liked the story write "Goals❤🙇‍♀️" in the comments. Love you all and Thanks for the support during the Imagine Story! #MartinusImagine #End #LoveYouAll #Cute #Goals @marcusandmartinus

Part 32! Bring this to 30 comments and you will her the last Part Today!💖💖💖🙇‍♀️Hope you like it! #MartinusImagine #LoveYouHannah❤💋 #MarcusImagine #Cute @marcusandmartinus

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