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"As a school owner myself, I carefully choose the events I put my guys on for two reasons.

First, I want to make sure that they're sanctioned, well-run, controlled events or tournaments.

It’s for the safety of my guys.

Second, I want my men to be associated with good, reputable brands.

I won’t put my fighters on a few shows just because of the fact that their reputation precedes them – in a bad way.

I don't want my guys to be put in a bad spot.

I don't want my guys to chase their money.

They fight in reputable brands just to make sure that they’re well-controlled.

One time, I've turned up for a fight and gone, "Where's the doctor?" "Well, we don't have a doctor." You're running an event and you don't have a medical team?

That's crazy!

Over the years, I’ve learned that there are certain things that should fall into place to make a good event.

There should be a medical team, financial backing and insurance in place.

There should be no criminal element involved.

It’s all those little things that have to be in line before I’ll put my guys on a show.

After all, they’re the ones putting their life and future on the line.

So if you're running an event, you've got to have good sponsors, a good venue, good entertainment, good lighting and easy access

There's a lot of little bits that go together

And most importantly, you've got to have a good team to make it work

Is it worthwhile for local martial arts schools to run events and tournaments?


I would suggest that everyone look at running something local that they can support.

This will help grow your team and get your name out into the community.

That's the smart way to play it and leverage your school’s marketing." Inspired by Episode 37 – How To Host Martial Arts Events & Tournaments

Check out the full podcast episode here 👉 martialartsmedia.com/37

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Svi snimci na kojima Osensei vežba aikido su nastali krajem 50ih i početkom 60ih godina prošlog veka. Osensi je tada uveliko bio u svojim sedamdesetim godinama. Ova izjava Kobayashi senseija daje nam povod za razmišljanje, da li je aikido oduvek izgledao kao što ga vidimo na tim snimcima...#motivationmonday
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