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At these azorean fields, colors and scents. The best land in the world is here.

From Venezuela to the Azores.
And there they live happily, always.

Unfocused love at a paradise they call Azores.
And soon enough me and my camera are back to capture more amazing people in these wonder landscapes.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, today and always. ❤️

The greatest blessing in life is to be able to witness such affection, this close from people.
In this moment there is nothing else, but me to capture it.

No wonder it is said that Lisbon has such a special light.


Since I can remember, I've been dreaming I'm floating, on water, in space, or just floating. Floating while I sleep, inside a reality where there is no sound, no evil, no conflict. The energy is contagious, the soul is purified.

This past week I went to the movies to see "The Shape of Water". It immediately took me to what I've been dreaming all these years, and automatically I connected everything to this week's theme.

Communicating is so easy, so simple... even in silence. Everything is possible.

I like the silence. I kind of grew up in "silence". This kind of only child syndrome than allowed me to be so creative, to compose stories always in my own silence. [There’s six of us, friends and photographers, doing a '52 weeks’ project together. We'll publish every week, and you can keep up with us through the hashtag #52sisterhood or  #52sisterhoodchallenge.]

Cold and rain. Happiness inside four warm walls.
Beautiful #fbf with the babe @barbara_ines for @tezenisofficial

S. Miguel! Vou voltar e de 16 a 19 de fevereiro estou disponível para fotografar!
Condições especiais!

Para mais informações enviem mensagem privada ou e-mail para marta.cabral.photo@gmail.com

Vagas muito limitadas! ❤️

I love my life. I've got the most ridiculously beautiful friends, with the same smile, same jokes, same laughter.
Specially when they want me to take their photos, for some special reason, just like @vanessaspcorreia did.
I miss photoshoots like this.
I miss my friends always.
Damn, I do feel so homesick.

Random treasure spots in Paris. I can't believe how beautiful it looks now with snow. Someday I'll be that lucky, to visit a white Paris.

They're young, wild, free, in love and the best thing about this is that they're lucky for all that.
This whole bundle of happiness that I come across many times it's what makes my life as a photographer worth living. It's contagious. It's holly.

A rush. A glance. A touch. A dance.

It all comes together at this point. And now it all makes sense. So this is love.

For @niacarvalho

It's not only about lovers. It's about being each other's best friend, their companion. It's about trust and loyalty.
Being each other's shadows, even if the world is falling apart. They still know they are not alone in this journey. How wonderful is that feeling?
By the way... Valentine's Day is almost here. I'm just saying.

Cherish happy moments, always.
Just like these two, in this exact moment.

Afternoons in Paris.


Que me quebrem em mil pedaços. Este é o meu pesadelo.
Tal como o vidro, tenho alma frágil mas também é resistente e na minha bolha entra quem eu deixo.

No entanto esta é apenas uma representação de um dos meus medos mas não me deixo consumir por nenhum deles. Aliás, nunca tinha pensado neste assunto a não ser quando surgiu o tema desta semana. [Somos seis, amigas e fotógrafas, a fazer um '52 semanas' em conjunto. Publicaremos semanalmente nas nossas redes sociais, e podem seguir-nos através da hashtag #52sisterhood ou #52sisterhoodchallenge.]

I swear Istanbul has the same light as Lisbon. That foggy, soft light that makes every shadow look like a masterpiece.
Just that. Light.

Em breve, novidades para este mês! ❤️

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