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Hemmabygge 😉 #teddybear #marsipanfigur

Marsipanfigurer i julens tecken! 🎅🏽🐷🍊 #marsipanfigur #dekoration #tomte #gris #tårtdekoration

Tester nye former🐘. Denne var veldig enkel å bruke👍😀 Trykket marsipanen i forma, 10 min i frysa så var det bare å vrenge den ut av forma😊 #silikonformer#marsipanfigur#elefant#såenkelt#allekanbake

Klart man ser att det är en handbollsmålvakt! 😅😜✌
#födelsedagstårta #marsipanfigur

Done at work today. A few quick roses and a baby. Yes the letter looks weird. Because I made them in that way that you read them looking at the baby as seen on above picture. So yeah the letters look upside down, they are not 😛 and the picture below is flipped so the letter looks like the are in wrong order (it says I.B)


This little fisherman and his dog I made for my son's birthday cake about three years ago, and since then it have stood in my cabinet to dry because he refused to throw them away. The stones are made out of chocolate by the way. But now I think it's time to throw it away anyhow. He's a big boy now and won't mind I think.
And.... It would not be good for teeth or stummach to eat them. *lol* 😂
#marzipan #marzipanfigure #marsipan #marsipanfigur #fisherman

Idag fyller min lille son fem år! Det har firats med en Pokémon-tårta, tillsammans med familj och kusiner.

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