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Hi guys!!! I've finished all pre orders! They've all been dispatched! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO ORDERED!
Before I do any more pre orders I want to hear feedback from this one so I know everyone's happy with their MELLYs 💜
So I'll be doing weekly restocks for abit!
I'd love to hear what you guys wanna see next?? I also wanted to share this beach themed MEGA MELLY again as the weather here in the U.K. is LUSH today!
Hope everyone's having a FABULOUS weekend!!!! 💜💜💜
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The TASTIEST thing I have EVER made! Popcorn, marshmallows, melted chocolate & mini eggs. All rolled up into one bundle of deliciousness 🍿🍭🍥🍫
So naughty but OH SO GOOOOD!
@brontekingg & I just bought everything we loved & tried to make something out of it & this is what it turned out like!
The worst instructions/recipe ever because we just chucked everything in without weighing or having a structure!
Melt the marshmallows in a pan with a little bit of coconut oil. Add the popcorn. Stir. Spread out onto baking parchment. Melt chocolate. Smother all over. Add mini eggs & anything else yummy. Roll it up like a little sushi roll. EAT. DEMOLISH. GIVE YOURSELF A MEDAL 🏅

Absolutely ridiculously guuuuuud. Tag your sister/bestfriend/boyfriend/girlfriend & try recreating this bad boy your own way! 👅👀

YUM! Couldn't resist posting this homemade s'mores shot from last weekend - #CampfireKiss reairs tonight at 7pm/6pmC on @hallmarkchannel! #smores #marshmallows #sofun #yesplease

Out now for Easter: Mars' Marshmallow Mix! This mix features fun size Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel and 3 Musketeers Marshmallow. I've got my fingers crossed for Twix with Marshmallow next year. 😁🤞

Prairie Farms Peeps Flavored Milk! Available in Orange Crème, Strawberry Crème, and Chocolate Marshmallow! Found at: Walmart #thejunkfoodaisle

Fruity Pebbles Marshmallow Pin Wheels! 😮😍🍓🍌🍒 vc: @soyummy
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Konditoritjejen Emelie pysslar med olika sorters marshmallows och jag ska iaf prova en med nutellafyllning.. Kockarna å andra sidan håller på med äggspriment. En kaffe på detta, härliga måndag! #astar #astaryouare #astarumea #marshmallows

I visited my sister's family this weekend and so of course I spent some quality time with my niece baking these Spring Confetti Bars. The kids loved them before they even tasted them.

#spring #cookies #mandms #marshmallows #Easter

Lotso Sai likes eating #marshmallows ❣️ This bucket of #rainbow marshmallow balls is bought From the supermarket at #Bangkok😁🌈 Look pretty nice? 🌞 #為食 細粒仔 推介👍👍🌈 #彩色 #波波 #綿花糖 ❣️😍#泰美麗 點解#胡慧沖 冇推介 🤔🤔🤔細粒仔都係#thailandfans 🤣

Als marshmallow in de chocolade!😂🍫🍫🍫 Wat is het gekste dat jij ooit hebt gedaan?😱 #bztshow #chocolade #wens #marshmallows #vriendinnen

When life gives you lemons 🍋, make lemonade, or better yet try our Lemon meringue s'mores on @notonthehighstreet #lemonmeringue

🤗 Приглашаем Вас 1 и 2 апреля на ярмарку "Авторские штучки" в СКК за сладостями: 😍нежный воздушный зефир (лаванда, облепиха, карамельная груша, смородина, малина-абрикос, пряная вишня, клубника-мята, ваниль, эрл-грей), а также 😍любимые macaron (мёд-физалис, кокос, сливочная ваниль, шоколадный апельсин, лесная ягода, лайм-маракуйя), 😍веган-печенье без сахара (кунжутное, кокосовое и кукурузное), 😍наш знаменитый вишнёвый веган-Брауни и Брауни-чиз, 😍ароматные прянички, конфеты😍 и 😍хрустящее безе без яиц! Будет ещё вкусная карамель-веган на кокосовых сливках (шоколадная, ванильная, цитрусовая, пряная и солёная)😍по спец.цене!!! 😊 Ждём Вас (м. Парк Победы) пр.Юрия Гагарина д.8 с 11:00 до 19:00 - 1 этаж налево от входа. 😎Скидка у нас на ярмарке 10% по паролю "люблю готовить без глютена". 😃😃😃 А ещё 3 апреля (после 12:00) мы разыграем набор муссовых пирожных ☺️Для этого необходимо быть участником нашей группы в VK (более подробная информация в группе) 😎

Nanhe Nanhe Khushiyaan! 💜


These mini rice treats are too cute 🚗

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