I'm very very proud of you Marshall. 💖 You are such a strong person! Congrats on being 10 years sober!!


What a beautiful man. ❤

Kinda rare

A lot of truth is said in jest --- tbh this is one of the wisest eminem quotes ever imo bc every time somebody makes a sarcastic joke about me or something else and hits my insecurities this comes to my mind lol and I'm like ok bich we done

What's your favourite song by 50cent?

I'm so proud of him. 🙏❤ @eminem i love you so much.

I am not over all these cute new selfies 😩

Ayye new pic ❤❤

Selfiequeen lmao♡♡

Rihanna with @hermusicofficial at #coachella 💕✨

I’m so sorry for being so inactive.... but I’m back !! -
Updates in my life: my phone broke and I couldn’t use it for a while, I got Beyoncé & Jay Z tickets!!! 🔥, I saw Eminem has been active on his instagram & Twitter :3, I attempted to watch Eminem’s non existent Coachella live but literlly refreshed my twitter feed every minute hoping for videos & searched up ‘ #eminem ‘ to see the insta stories on him lol, ALSO 50 & DRE WENT UP ON STAGE WITH HIM & HE RAPPED TUPACS VERSE & HE DID SNOOP DOGG’S VERSE TOO AND CHANGED DEATH ROW INTO “aftermath is the label that pays me” I C O N I C 🔥🔥 I’m so jealous I couldn’t be there... I hope he live streams weekend 2 or releases California tour dates..
Anyways I’m gonna try and be as active as I can. As some of you may know I’m a HUGE #marshanna fan.. AND YES RIHANNA WAS AT EMINEMS SET WATCHING HIM!! But anyways I write fanfictions about them on Wattpad along with a celebrity group chat fan fiction so if your interested check me out on wattpad @ fentymathers

Eminem performing at #Coachella. credits:@eminem_magic 💕

Let's be real all you bitches wanna look like me


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