Hi Em
Im E
Perhaps a Stan perhaps i stand
I am a fan of Marshall thats the fire man you “march through the swamp, you gave hope and we gonna mosh through the marsh smoking dope
Take us right through the doors
C’mon” don’t lose hope fuck trump he ain’t no pope, he muted the man
but i Literally i wish i could spit lyrically man
Next to you on top of liberty damn
And deliver me to the top of Italy
And scream “i don’t give a fuck” i can
Till i have haters say “really b” im mad
But what really be bugging me
Is trump, but its your Birthday Slim lets go curse his day kill him today, win, revive on monday, dim, make em feel stupid dumb, hit him with a car bump, kill him go dump and shoved his thump up his rare ass trunk,
I go crunk cuz i learned from the best of his chemical perks in his works “i wanna be just like you”
But I wont stand it i demand that trump stops his command to imprison any common man for coming into the land “illegally” don’t make me laugh silly me, your orange im brown with a crown and a frown that turns upside down when i see the unfair bounty count,
Well get ready you fucking dummy cunt cuz i am the bumble bee the stinger bee im with the hitting G O A T the rabbit G gona hurt you, break you for candy, trump your the piñata b, and we gona drop you to your knees
Till your begging out no please,
But what happen to that energy when you signed a lease to help the less and piss on the weak every week i should pen you with every tweet grab a key lock your mouth and tie your hands with a melting rubber band motherfucker trump you a deadman like rabbit said with your “fucking wristband or bandana” having you stupid like a monkey without a banana now say goodbye Orange ima chop you up and put you in Storage.
Haha Happy Birthday Marshall you know i love you! @eminem @eminemjournal - 📷 @chino_reezy IG
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Happy Birthday Eminem😍❤️😘🙌🔥🔥🇺🇸🎂🎉🎉🎉🎊
I think Marshallam always grateful to his mom. Eminem became a 46 year old!

Honestly where do I begin? @eminem you're my favourite artist/rapper.You give me hope,strength and overall you have a big impact on me.When I decided to start to get more into your music I was very much surprised,amazed and in awe of your artistry but also the way you convey yourself overall as a person.You will always be a legend in my eyes and let nobody take your legacy away.You earned that shit fair and square.To end off this caption I wish you a dope happy birthday to the iconic Marshall Mathers AKA Slim Shady.May you have a fucking kickass day and may you always be so outspoken and honest.
PS You don't even look 46. #happybirthday #eminemfan #eminem #slimshady #marshallmathers #marshallbrucemathers #legend #rolemodel #rapgod #detroit #shadyrecords #em #king #stanfamily #stan #stan4life #stanfans #boss #best #eminem4ever #eminemstan #eminemforever #rap #hiphop #music #rapper

I’m a feminist😱 I know right we aren’t supposed to say it out loud but I’m all for equality of the sexes. Note: Feminism is NOT female supremacy. There’s just one conflict I have with myself...my obsession with Marshall Mathers aka #eminem (Brisbane concert here I come). I have loved Em’s music since I was 13 b4 I fully understood gender inequality, I’m not even in2 rap, more heavy metal/rock but he speaks to my soul. I don’t condone misogynistic slurs, I don’t condone violence, but I do like his music. So how do I explain this conflict of interest with my musical taste & my morals? Music is an expression, an outlet and it doesn’t have to align or influence with our morals, it just has to bring rhythm to our soul and reflect our experiences. Lots of artist sing some pretty horrible things, it doesn’t mean we have to act on it. Music is a narrative and I am able to identify it just as that, sometimes it’s just fun, sometimes it’s deep and sometimes it’s shit. The thing that led me to Eminem was an outlet for my rage, he had no father🙋‍♀️, his mother had an addiction🙋‍♀️, he had a dream of becoming better than those before him🙋‍♀️ and he had been thru shit no child should🙋‍♀️. He expresses emotions in the form of lyrics/music, he isn’t out there with weapons hurting ppl and telling us to, he is expressing his rage in a positive manner, it’s not great for those it’s geared towards as he has a platform and I understand it may hurt them. But I see his music for what it is; words on a page, not advice to live by. I know that writing our feelings down is a positive outlet, along with listening to music we feel has shared experience can help us feel not so alone, and Eminem does that, he shows positive ways to get hard emotions out and makes me feel less alone, I may not agree with everything he says but there is no rule that says I have to, so unless he is instructing humans to create inequality I will continue to like his music and still be a feminist. Write it down, sing it out and let go. Gem💎 #happy #inspiration #mentalhealth #love #recovery #me #motivation #instagood #music #eminem #feminism #feminist #marshallmathers #slimshady

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Be a king ? Think not. Why be a king when you can be a God.

Happy birthday @eminem . Thanks for being there for me. Your songs are always there for me when there's nobody else. That shit helps when I'm depressed. It's the only way to escape this mess and make the best of this situation, I guess. I even got a tattoo of your name across the chest. Yes, I'm just like you in a way because I've been trying to do well on this earth but it's been hell on this earth since I fell on this earth. And since birth I've been cursed, with this curse to just curse. Sometimes I go berzerk all night long. Ever since you came along from the day the song called "Hi! My Name Is" dropped, everyone knows god sent you to piss the world off. I am in the car right now in the parking lot, circling, screaming, "I don't give a fuck!" with my windows down and my system up. Stop, here comes my favorite lyrics "I'm the bad guy who makes fun of people that die in plane crashes and laughs as long as it ain't happened to him." Slim Shady, I been crazy. Brain dead like Jim Brady. Hotter than a set of twin babies. Because of you I am not afraid to take a stand. You can do anything you set your mind to, man. I know you hate Donald. So, "Fack Trump" I can understand. There's no need to draw the line of sand. Only you've got the balls to say anything in front of all that's why I'm your biggest fan. This is Stan.
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I was in 7th grade,sick of the way this damn world worked and things were going i decided to end it all but just then i heard not afraid and i wanted to hear more of this guy,i didn't even know how did he look was he white,black,asian ? It didn't matter i just wanted to hear more of him because something about the things he said made me feel that he is in the same place as me.
And that day forward doesn't matter if im sad or happy or no matter what i feel,your music has been therapeutic and always will be.
I know you probably will never read this,and there are millions other posts like these,but just know someone out there prays for your well being and would not think twice to give his life for you because you saved mine.
Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration,my hero,the greatest MC of all time and one of the finest musicians to ever live @eminem i hope i get to hug you once in my lifetime that is my greatest wish,InshaAllah ☝️
Some might find this crazy and I don't blame you, everyone cannot understand.

#eminem #marshallmathers

Сегодня свой 46-й день рождения празднует американский рэпер, музыкальный продюсер, композитор и актёр — Эминем.
#happybirthdayeminem #marshallmathers #eminem @eminem

Sometimes I feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism. 》Eminem 
Happy birthday to
Slim Shady and
Marshall Mathers

#marshallmathers #eminem #slimshady

Happy birthday god 🙏🙏 Ap to khud hi god ho apko or koi blessing kese de skta hai😊
Bs apne ap KO salamat rakhna
Baki to merre pas shabd hi nahi hai apko bayan. Karne k lie #nowordstodescribe
Love you sir 🙏🙏#inspiration

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Happy birthday, Marshie 💕💕❤
We love you 😽
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“You’ve got enemies? Good, that means you actually stood up for something.” – Eminem "Happy Birthday to The Rap God" 🎂❤✌
#rapgod #eminem #marshallmathers

Hoje é aniversário do maior rapper de todos os tempos, Odiado por alguns, amado e idolatrado por milhões. Eminem e o segundo artista que mais vendeu discos nos Estados Unidos, em 2003 foi o primeiro artista de hip-hop a ganhar um Oscar. sim, ele ganhou um Oscar, com o filme 8 Mile que conta um pouco de sua história. No Brasil já vendeu mais de 600.000 discos, tem incríveis 151 prêmios, tem que respeitar esse homem. Cada cd, música e diss que ele escreve, me faz amar ele cada vez mais, tenho orgulho em dizer que  Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Slim Shady e Eminem é meu ídolo. Em uma de suas músicas ele diz "quando eu morrer o hip-hop não será o mesmo", Mais difícil pra nós "stans" que acompanhamos sua carreira vai ser aceitar que um dia ele não estará mais entre nós. ❤ #Eminem #slimshady #marshallmathers

Let's do this💪🏽💪🏽 you can send in as many things you want!! .
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Happy birthday to the greatest @eminem
"You have been a revival in all my relapse and taken me to a recovery phase anyday"
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