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#Yokwe #Marshallese #MarshallIslands #RMI

Marcus can speak a language that I can't even understand. He is reciting the first vision... its insane! #marshallese #missionary #differentlanguage #WEIRD

They sail into the wind better than most. #marshallese #outrigger #sailing #canoes @mec

Few of the sessions from back home. Shots by the ocean. Something for you to miss the islands. 😁😛#marshallislands #likatu #Marshallese

So much love in one picture. #majuro #rmi #marshallese #children

A famous actor stopped by the job site today. #thelandofeb #marshallese #hawaiifilm


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Morinaga Caramels are back in stock!

Fresh Sundays.

To get some of the best ramen in the world, you could travel to New York and visit Momofuku. You could go to CA or even Hawaii tracking down Sun Noodle ramen. Or, my fellow foodie on a budget, you could head down to Tangs and get a Sun Noodle ramen kit and all the fixings. Then you could still afford your Netflix and Crunchyroll accounts. #winning

From the first time I was told you were my sisters boyfriends "cousin" which really you guys were best friends, to the time I finally got to see you inside my house. How weird was our first time meeting.. All I could remember is me whispering to my sister on how cute you were and that you had beautiful green eyes. I was so shy that all I could do was stare at you from a couch away without saying one word. It came to the end of the night where you left with the boys along with my phone number my sister gave you. A few hours later I received a phone call that I didn't want to answer since I didnt know what I could possibly be talking to you about but I'm so glad I did. Two days later we went on our first date to see Meet the Fockers. Talking , laughing, questions answered and holding hands summed up our first date. Then came a week later and you asked me out on your 16th birthday. You thought you were slick for that move,but I'll tell you that I'm sure it was your best birthday gift you've ever got 😂I know it was so soon for us to become girlfriend and boyfriend but I'm so glad it all worked out that way. Through out the days, weeks, months and years we got to know one another really good,learned a lot from each other and loved one another. We've gone through a lot and what most grown couples would go through at a young age being together but through all that we conquered and kept us going. Thank you for all the good times we've had even the bad. It made us stronger and able to go through whatever obstacles we encounter.. We both have done wrong for each other but we managed to surpass it all. 13 years later and here we are still holding it down. Thank you for everything you do for me and the love you give and have for me and our sweet boys.Your my bestfriend, my partner, and my soulmate. Happy anniversary hunnae. 7 years today being married with many more to come. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ happy anniversary and cheers to us. #throwback #costarica #earthtostanleyswopes #coupleswhotravel #traveling #anniversary #happyanniversary #wedding #loveatfirstsight #iloveyou #instacouple

From the reading room - Marshall Island Stick Chart

This navigational stick chart, a 'rebbelib', represents the Marshall Island group. The shells indicate islands and the intersection of sticks indicate currents and wave patterns. (Gift from E. Alison Kay, 2008) #stickchart #navigation #marshallislands #hhs #Marshallese #map #ocean

#marshallese earrings I bought while I was in the #CookIslands and my coolest of #coolest skirt. A #gift from @mereia_carling
Perfect for this beautiful #cloudy #rainy #suva #weather
#wiwt #outfit #colours

Lime shrimp habanero?!

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