How many saw this exact view and feared for their life? Another World War II bunker.

The site of much gunfire during the battles that raged here on the island during World War II.

It feels like a cathedral. Nature touching the heart of anyone who is open to it. You have to have eyes to see these sights. Some....do not.

The Good Doctor
Fanart of Freddie Highmore's character on the show.
Digitally painted on #SamsunggalaxytabS3 using #autodesksketchbook #stillpracticing font added using #pixlr. #freddiehighmore #thegooddoctor #marshallese #art #rmi #marshallislands #fanart
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Dare to dream; dare to test your limits; dare to love; dare to allow yourself to live up to your full potential! I’m terrified of heights and as scared as I was up there, it felt oddly peaceful, not just because of the beckoning sea but because I was able to be afraid but not let it stop me 💕

P.S my next post will be in the Marshall Islands and I can’t wait to share my home with you guys! x

It’s been a min 🤗

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Forget how the World is, and make yourself a new one. Hope is not gone. There is still enough Hope left to save us all. Find what sets your heart on fire and do that. That is the answer. That is the key. Step away from all negativity. Show the 🌎 your ❤️ and know you are on the right path....your path. Believe it.

There are some of the most amazing views here. If you are open to it, and have an eye to see it, they can turn around even the deepest of anything negative you may be feeling. My goal is to keep my eye on sights like these and the ones I am sharing on this page, and live in those moments. There is real Magic here. A good place to plan and get a new life in motion with Hope.

Atoom noodles are back!

When I go out here on the island to capture these moments it seems to always turn into a pretty amazing adventure. When my eye is caught by these amazing views it is completely centering. It’s like I have stepped into some classic movie and it becomes my responsibility to bring something back from that moment. This is my World. This is how I make it better. These moments captured are my contribution to something more. My heart is on my sleeve.

Today I took an extra day off. I needed it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine, but some things here were really getting to me. On this tiny little island it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of personal interactions. Today I took a step back and fully remembered why I wanted to come back here to begin with. I sat here for a couple hours. I was mesmerized by the sound of the water. I could not take my eyes off my sparkling surroundings. I watched schools of fish pass my, and a few black tip sharks. The sun was comforting, and I felt content and happy in that moment. Life is good.

Loose yourself in nature. Be in awe of it.

Wow, I really needed this day and it has been great!

Choose a path and stick with it. You never know where it may lead you!!

I thought you needed a little Autumn Sunshine on this Monday morning. She’s doing a lot better, thank you guys for your prayers!!
Pc: @megosburnphoto

Finally did the He Mele No Lilo Dance hope you guys enjoy! And a special shoutout to
@ohhh_tee I know you’ve been waiting for this 😂😘

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Traditional #Marshallese #navigation charts at the national museum today on my orientation tour. A slowly dying skill. #ausvols4dev


By the end of my two years, I had truly become a part of my host family. Midway through my second year, there was a moment when almost-two-years-old Linis stuck his fingers in an open fan and promptly burst into tears; he looked around and then came to me for comfort, despite his parents also being nearby. I realized then how much I really was an equal, if unconventional, member of my family. Ultimately, the best part of my time in the Marshalls was the time I spent in that role: caring for my kids and helping them with their chores & homework, baking with my sister and my aunt, listening to my mama, and loving these beautiful people who were strangers two years ago but are now family forever. Leaving the island and my family not knowing when I would be able to return is one of the hardest things I have ever done. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Thanks for following along with me this week! I hope you learned something, enjoyed my photos, or maybe even thought about applying to teach in the Marshall Islands! (nudge, nudge) 🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭

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