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We often take for granted the very people that most deserve our gratitude! #trevifountain #italy #marriagemondays #married #ateam #memoriesmade #mywife #mybestfriend #stillinlove

Did you know we have a Youtube channel filled with helpful videos on several topics for your relationship? #marriage365 #marriagemondays

Missed #MarriageMondays yesterday but couldn’t NOT share this for the #married folk & those who will be one day! ✨This is pure GOLD.... #Repost @thisiscornelius (@get_repost)
There’s a growing voice that says marriage isn’t relevant anymore. I believe many are so turned off by the idea of marriage because it has been falsely displayed. This picture shows my wife and I laughing and having fun together, but that isn’t the full scope of marriage. There are some days that we’re very angry with one another. We’ve both said things to each other that we’ve regretted. We’ve done things that we wish we could take back. However, we have to choose to reconcile daily. We have to die daily to flesh and resist the urge to quit on one another. That isn’t always easy. We work together, live together, sleep together, eat together, and do everything else together. And there are times when being together so much causes arguments and tough disagreements because we want our own way. We both have VERY strong personalities, so that causes challenges at times that can only be solved through wise counsel and counseling. On top of all of that, my wife and I are TOTALLY DIFFERENT! She wakes up with a smile like she just swam in a pool of tulips, drunk from a river flowing with honey, and ate from the best vegan buffet of her dreams! I wake up expecting the world’s destruction. My wife sees the glass half full. I prefer to throw the whole glass away and start over! In total, marriage required work; it is work. It requires grace, mercy, and unconditional love. It requires communication, especially when you don’t want to. It requires confronting things you don’t want to talk about and exposing things you’ve tried to hide. It doesn’t have to be feared. You can have a great marriage despite what you’ve heard or seen in the relationships around you. BREAK THE CYCLE OF DYSFUNCTION AND DIVORCE. Be the change in your linage. Just know that marriage is God-ordained and relevant. And know that it’s possible to have a successful marriage.

Laugh together, love forever 💑💒 #marriagemondays #luxurywedding #mattandamanda #laughter #love

Marriage is like anything else worth having. It takes work, patience, and selflessness. You get out what you put in. I’m blessed to have @artanzadenson as my life partner, number one supporter, and friend.

How well do my hubby @mattyoakum and I know eachother? NEW VID UP! LINK IN BIO Missing this guy while I'm on the #joshleentour but I'll see u soon @mattyoakum 😘 #MarriageMondays

Cupcakes & Smiles & Forevers 💕 #MarriageMondays

#MarriageMondays This picture pretty much sums up our marriage 😂


Who's ready for an all new #marriagemondays post? #linkinbio ... Okay, so we are totally aware that today is Tuesday, 🙈 but for 3 weeks now on a Monday,  life has thrown us major curveballs, preventing us from getting out our #marriagemondays posts! So...even tho its a Tuesday, we are no longer letting that stop us (Oh...last night's "curveball" was our little nephew in the ER...so prayers for him please) .

So here we are...bringing you a new #marriage #mondays post. We have been thru so very much since September.  Life has been too raw for us to even post or update everyone.  Sometimes just doing life requires everything you have, to the point of setting aside anything that requires extra energy or focus. Thats the place we have been in.  Even now,  it is hard, but we press on and sharing what we have learned (and are still learning) seems to be the best way to move on to this next step of our journey .

So we as share our hearts with you, we hope it will encourage you and yours to press on together, in the good times and the bad...and to not give up!! Your marriage is worth it!

Allen & Carol

Marriage monday 👰 I love this picture, its from our first look. I love how he looked at me when he saw me for the first time 😍 Its so important how we view eachother not just on days like this but everyday and especially on hard days. Every marriage has days where we are tempted to view our spouse in a negative light. Its very easy to see their flaws when we are upset or when they are not acting the nicest. Something that has been huge for our marriage is always trying to think the best about the other person even if their behavior is not modelling that at the moment. We really try to seperate the behavior and try to see whats really going on. We used to fight alot and fuel eachothers anger but now we have really purposed to stop and to view eachother through the eyes of love. Gods love is powerful and it also changes things. I had a season where I really disected 1cor 13, well know as the love chapter...
Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things
Now this love is powerful and if we apply it to our lives it will change things. I have seen it first hand in my marriage. Its challenging but if we let it, it will change us too. Now I dont always apply this in the moment but my prayer is that this kind of love becomes my default ❤
What is something that has helped you love your spouse on the hard days?

Don't forget about yourself. You were a whole person before you got married with dreams, hobbies, and friends. Don't forget about that person. If all you do is worry about and care for your spouse that love will turn into resentment. Take some time and do you too. #marriagemondays #selfcare #youdonthavetobeunderthemALLthetime

Your bond in your relationship is only as strong as how much of your heart ❤️ you’ve invested into the relationship. If you invest 50% of your heart don’t expect to have a 100% bond with your significant other. 🤷🏾‍♂️ However, most can not invest 100% because of a lack of trust. What is more stunning is the lack of trust stems from PAST HURTS instead of a FUTURE HOPE! Trust is built in uncomfortable situations, on rainy days and when all hell has broken loose!!! Trust is built when you love with your whole heart! #marriage #marriagemondays #mondays #love #lovequotes #faith #hope #trust #soulmate #goals #relationshipgoals #marriagegoals #couples #couplegoals #faithliveshere

We often take for granted the very people that most deserve our gratitude! #trevifountain #italy #marriagemondays #married #ateam #memoriesmade #mywife #mybestfriend #stillinlove

Taking a walk and talking can be an easy way to connect with your spouse.

We’re Baaack Ladies & It’s #MarriageMondays! 🥂 Let’s Talk! ❤️💍🏳️‍🌈

We’re Baaack Ladies & It’s #MarriageMondays! 🥂 Let’s Talk! ❤️💍🏳️‍🌈

We’re Baaack Ladies & It’s #MarriageMondays! 🥂 Let’s Talk! ❤️💍🏳️‍🌈

Ashley & Bruce McIver one of our lovely couples who tied the knot in July 2017.
#MyleStoneEvents #ME #EngagementSeason 📷: @temilola.photo

Did you know we have a Youtube channel filled with helpful videos on several topics for your relationship? #marriage365 #marriagemondays

#MarriageMonday I love this quote, TAG your fav weirdo!

Pray that your husband’s relationship with God and His Word will bear fruit in his life. Pray that he will be a man of wisdom and understanding, fearing the Lord. #marriagemondays

#marriagemondays Work to understand the bigger picture. The smaller picture is “I don’t like the way they snore at night” or “I can’t stand the way she/he doesn’t clean after themselves” the bigger picture is “we are raising King’s and Queens and family structure is important” the bigger picture is “The enemy desires to split this family apart and create division and distraction in order to weaken Gods plan in family’s”. So when you are in a disagreement with your spouse or some type of quarrel, feel free to communicate your view. But don’t let the enemy get you looking away from the bigger picture so he can use that time to divide your family. #family #photos #firstchristmas #marriage #love #dream #couple #baad2017 #theweddingparty #marriagebeautiful #lebaneseweddings #wedding #party #weddingparty #celebration #bride #groom #bridesmaids #happy #happiness #unforgettable #forever #weddingdress #weddinggown #weddingcake #smiles #together #ceremony #romance

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